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Just because you asked me many times..

:bulletgreen::bulletorange: Personal answers for personal questions:

How old are you?
twenty three (23)

Where do you live?
I live in Oradea, Romania.

Do you have any pets?
Yes I do! I have a 7 year old cat and his name is Fritzi

What is your favourite color, number(s) and country?
Well, my favourite color is: :bulletgreen: green, my favourite number(s) are 3, 7 and 9,
and my favourite country is England where I hope I will move some day.

:bulletgreen::bulletorange: Photography-related answers for photography-related questions:

How and when did you started photography?
I started photography in 2010's summer.
I can still remember the day, I was with my best friend and model, Renata.
We were taking pictures in a lovely park.
I used my sister's Fujifilm (: until I got my personal camera in 2011.
It was a lovely gift from my love.

What camera do you use? And what lenses?
I use a Olympus E-520 I.S. at the moment, but I want to change it
to the latest Canon or Olympus (I love Olympus more then Canon)
I have the basic 14-42 mm and a 40-150mm lenses but I want to buy some macro lenses too

How do you find inspiration?
I find inspiration in songs I listen on my way to everywhere, in movies, people.. in everything.
but sometimes it just comes from nowhere (:

What do you like to photograph?
Peoples, nature, little animals, anything
Usualy I try to create what I have in my mind, what I saw somewhere,
what I find beautiful and lovely or personal.

What kind of light do you use?
I prefer to use natural light.
Nothing's better then a picture with natural light!

Styling/Make up/etc?
I don't realy use make ups because i don't like them.
They are unnatural for me, but in the feature I want to use make up in some special projects.
But anyway, I prefer natural make up, soft colors.

How do you edit your pictures?
With Adobe Photoshop CS3, PhotoScape and sometimes with my camera.  

How long does it take to edit one photograph?
It depends. From 5 to 10 min to 1 hour or so.
Sometimes I just "prepare" the pictures for editing, I "clean" them and make everything as I want.
Later, I can start with colors and all kind of details.
Ideas may come in a longer period of time I don't like to be in a hurry.

Did you take any photography classes?
Yes, one time, but when I get there I already know what
they were teaching so i was going just for fun there (:

Do you think you are talented?
Honestly? I really think I have potential and talent.
But there are times when I deny the fact that I ever said that I am talented ^_^
(if you know what I mean)

Who are your models?
My 2 models are my best photography friends. They are so natural,
and they know any time what I want to show and create in the picture.
I just love them!

Do you allow your pictures to be published as books covers, CD covers, posters, etc?
Yes, I do allow. In 2010 I was published for the first time in a French magazine.
Then in 2012 I sold my first pictures for a German company. (I still sell my pictures to them)
E-mail me for questions and details.

I hope you enjoyed to read this, I tried to make it simple but not boring (:

[this page will be updated from time to time and more information will be added]
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Renata its so pretty, i love her eyes! (and freckles)
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very interesting :)
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thank you very much for these "FAQ" (in reality for the answers, small interesting things)