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ROBOTECH: Valkyrie Recovery

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Following the devastation of Macross Island and it's subsequent transportation to the outskirts of the Solar system the SDF-1 battled stranded Zentraedi for several days in and around the new "moon" of Pluto. In the course of these battles priceless Valkyries and their trained pilots were lost, destroyed, damaged, and disabled in a variety of ways. Here Vandy 1 (BuNo 199832) of VX-9, piloted by 3rd LT Justin Black, awaits recovery by a EVRP-1 "Spider Bug" in Pluto's orbit. LT Black and the VF-1J known as Vandy 1 were caught up in the opening rounds of the 1st Robotech War while preparing to test the prototype "Armored Valkyrie" upgrade from Armor-10 in earth orbit following the launch festivities for the SDF-1. Unfortunately the arrival of the Zentraedi forces under Breetai in Lunar orbit cut short the planned testing and Vandy 1 scrambled from the parade grounds with the bulk of the Robotech Defense Forces in an effort to buy time for the SDF-1 to launch.

Valkyrie 199832 was later found and recovered when it's Emergency Locator Transmitter (ELT) was picked up by Communications on the SDF-1. A period of "recovery" followed the defeat of the last stranded Zentraedi Battle Pod where any and every resource could be taken aboard the SDF-1 for the long arduous trip home. Valkyries and their pilots were the highest priority for recovery, followed by the 70,000 civilians and massive quantities of food, frozen sea water, fish, and building materials for housing the new space population.

Following an extensive refit in the Robotech Engineering Maintenance Department Valkyrie 199832 was rapidly returned to duty, in a hastily applied flat white scheme and assigned to SGT Rick Hunter. Now designated Skull 23, Hunter's new VF-1J was later to fulfill it's intended purpose and ultimately became the first VF-1J to test the "Armored Valkyrie" in combat on the day of the Miss Macross Contest.

3rd LT Justin Black unduly survived his extended survival scenario and was quickly reassigned to a new mecha in Ghost Squadron where he distinguished himself in combat.

Original Digital sketch and ink in PS CS4. Time to complete: a long time...

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There is another one of those poor tan Valkyries.... 
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The description sounds so complete and so... official! It's your own description, or it's from somewhere?
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
All my own description.  Thanks.  I take great pride in my back stories ;)
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Awesome then! Sounds really technical and official, as if from one of these many manuals and books related to ROBOTECH!
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DapperManProfessional General Artist
Very nice perspective view of the Valkyrie. Great job showing some of its innards after it has fallen apart.  Love the background story, too!
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master-ninjabearHobbyist Artist

waste not, want not

B-) (Cool) 

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Nice work.
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Great background story!
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great concept

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