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ROBOTECH: The Beauty of Micronization

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Miriya Parino, Finest Combat Ace of the Zentraedi undergoes the mirconization process so she can infiltrate the SDF-1 and search out her "nemesis" Max Sterling.   Micronization was a protoculture intensive procedure reserved for only the most important of missions.

Always wanted to do this piece, but had a heck of a time figuring out how to do it tastefully without departing from the way the scene was depicted in the OS.
Original Sketch and Coloring in Manga Studio 5
time:  Approx 8 hours
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Miriya Parina Sterling. Once a very well known ace pilot of the Zentradi Forces. She is agile and very skilled. From what I remember this character is that she had a rival named Maximillian Sterling who is a pilot of the Veritech Fighters. In the Robotech anime series, these 2 pilots are in a dogfight inside the SDF-1. Not to mention, Miriya is responsible for killing Roy Fokker, Rick Hunter's closest friend & former Veritech Skull Squadron pilot. Eventually, Miriya requested Azonia to become a Micronian spy to investigate the humans until Max came Miriya and getting married together. Whoa! Indeed.
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My only criticism is that she looks a little tall.  Maybe you could make her shorter.   


See what I did there? :D
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Underfoot-JessicaHobbyist General Artist
Something I always loved about the Zentradi & Meltlandi was their balance of elegance & brutality. She can shoot down ships all day in space& in the air, then she can land on the ground, exit her armor, & crush our infantry under her boots like bugs! Or squish some civilians for shits& giggles if  likes.:heart:
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It is definitely a more graceful depiction of the event than shown in canon, for various reasons, most of them good. :)  My friends were always amused that the Meltran sizing chambers had a conveniently located center bar which the normal Zentran chambers didn't seem to require. ;)
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SpikesLittleSisterHobbyist General Artist
Excellent work! :-)
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks SLS!
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SpikesLittleSisterHobbyist General Artist
You're welcome! :-)
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Oa La La!  I though it was a shower scene.  Thank goodness they were separated at the time or you would get a free show.
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anime1999Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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Wonderful work LeElf!!
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I remember her being curvier in the cloning chamber, not so slim
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All I can say is...Max, you lucky man!  She was worth almost being killed for.
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
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BroadshoreHobbyist Traditional Artist
Looks good man! Good to see you back on your Macross work.
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Broadshore...I do tend to fixate on the Southern Cross,  mostly because that IP needs the most help!
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Beautiful work
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