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ROBOTECH: Quadronno Combat Ace

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One of many Quadronno Combat pilots preparing for a sortie against the Battlefortress.
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KrauserlolsHobbyist General Artist
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Always glad to see some good old school mech Art.

The Pilot gives me some 80/90's anime design while the mech gives me some Gundam vides. A pretty cool sleek, light weight mech, Look like she is probably a skirmisher or a scout.

Love the details on how the upper area is segmented as it opens and the little details on the padding. Gives you a good idea on how the cockpit opens up.

Also the little green trim on her mech's right arm to show it also has a green line like her left. Really good attention to detail, don't think i didn't noticed ;D

A few details tough:
- The middle section sees a little too small to house the pilot. Maybe the pilot can sit down inside? but then the chest area seems too small for that and its probably not the backpack as that's probably a separate part.
- The Mech fist on her right looks flat.
- Why is the "Bicep" area on her right arm segmented while left one is completely slim?

Just tiny details that i noticed. Still looks great and hope to see more of your art, its gonna be a treat if this is anything to go by <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/b/b…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
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666markofthebeast666Hobbyist Digital Artist
Absolutely stunning! I LOVE it! Will we get to see more of this brave Zentradi warrior?
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This is really nice, I hope you do more.  Also do you have a name for her?  Did she survive the first war?  Maybe she starred a family.
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"The difference between us, my dear, is this:  I make this look GOOD." 
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Ah, it's her again. The pilot's expression is very intersting! :) Great job on the details in the scene.
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Again, nice.
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BrentOGaraHobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah! The only really well-designed alien mecha I've ever seen. You've done her justice here, I like your shading style.
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psiandcoStudent Writer
call me crazy but;
I had this one really weird dream way back in '86. I was a paramedic working along side a female partner. We didn't care about each other or anything. It was just a job. We were rescuing people from the debris of the as the final macross war raged overhead.
When a female warrior mecha, (a *quinlau* or something) blows up our ambulance. that is when I am grabed up in the giant metal hand, and loaded into a cylinder packed with gel. a sort of "gravity" couch. A passing Veritech sprays a few rounds in passing, damaging the gravity couch cylinder I am inside.

The Zentradi Pilot realizes that she can't return to the all female ship with her prisoner (Me) like this. I have to be transported some other way, between two soft yet snug cushions...
She opens the armor and places my unconscious body into her cleavage before resealing it and taking off.

When she returns to the all female carrier ship, her commanders inquire if she had captured a specimen micronian as she was ordered to. The pilot opens her top enough to reveal me trapped in her bust. Horrified at the prospect of protoculture contamination the Zentradi quickly have the pilot shrunk down and placed into the bare prison cell with me. Her new assignment is to learn about protoculture from me, once I awake.
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Who is she? I hope you dod more.
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DirgeGUNincHobbyist General Artist
YAY! finally a Robotech/SFDMacross piece in this group! thank you d00d/d00dette. Very sic^^
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VonEyEzineHobbyist Digital Artist
bitch is bad!
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MorganWolframStudent Writer
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Morgan!
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MorganWolframStudent Writer
You're welcome :D
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Whats here name?
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
I haven't settled on one yet!
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One of my favorite mecha from the series, probably because of the beautiful pilots.
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
mine too...
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Huh, seems like the dimensions of that cockpit would make it rather cramped around the head when it closed...
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
yup, power armor is cramped.
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Slick-AdventuresStudent Digital Artist
I think I faved this on my other account :)
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Slick!
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Slick-AdventuresStudent Digital Artist
you're welcome :)
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CaptRedJackHobbyist Artisan Crafter
love those things
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