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ROBOTECH: Meltran Gnerl Ace

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Kazianna Hesh, a leading Meltran Gnerl Pilot next to her craft.  

Manga Studio Sketch, color, and ink.

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this is a Top Notch Piece of Robotech Art! it Captures that Glamor girl Poster Look like You'd see in a Recruiters Office! the Lady & Fighter are Both Fine Looking,as is the Background! Another Robotech Masterpiece,IMHO! Hope the artist will Grace us with More awesome artworks! this is Too Cool & very Inspiring! hope to see more & Really like this one. i could a Pic like this Hanging in the Office of some Command type. Keep up the Superb Work. anyone Doesn't Say anything nice, they're Either Blind or Jealous of the Superb Work Displayed here! Stay Cool & Keep up the Awesome Work! Dan
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for posting a Critique!
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No Problem. You do Great Work!
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wolffkatStudent General Artist
I am a fan of Robotech and also Macross, this art is really awesome!!!!
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Wolff!  Hard to believe its been a year since I lasted submitted any art...
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RoyalKnightVHobbyist General Artist
Very nice! Always a pleasure to see Robotech fanart, it's getting rarer and rarer.
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Royal, your appreciation is welcome!
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666markofthebeast666Hobbyist Digital Artist
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wolffkatStudent General Artist
Love this graphic of Miriya Parina Sterling, Macross City. Excellent.
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Awesome. Love the colors and the style. For some reason I always assumed the Light area of the Gnerl was a cockpit, but the rivets are a nice touch, very retro.
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Awesome artwork!  I don't see the Gnerl in enough art.  You have really done a great job of capturing Mikimoto's style.

You are asking for critiques so here goes...
If there is a critique I have then I suppose it would be odd for a full sized Meltran/Female Zentradi to have painted nails.  The rivets on the "canopy" area are interesting & look nice though I don't see them on the original artwork, I chalk it up to artistic license.  I like how the shadows make it look like the fighter & the pilot are not just floating in front of the background without having to draw an actual background setting.

Thanks for sharing your artwork.
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In addition to what everyone else has said, I appreciate that you colored the Gnerl with Meltran purple.  A lot of people seem to forget that not all Zentraedi ships are green.
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Another piece of art that captures the love.  A gorgeous babe and a dangerous craft.  The fantasy of being the micronian that shows her the true meaning of human culture...  All of this and more makes this an enjoyable image.
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Super Work Displayed Here!
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Arena!
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No Problem.
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very nice
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I have always liked the fighter design.
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One more Meltran babe who likes to live in the fast lane. And I even like the name. ;)  good to see the tri-thruster fighter get a little love, it gets left out a lot. 
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks for the comment Zeon!  Glad you like it.
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RoberdigiorgeProfessional Interface Designer
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Kazianna Hesh--in the books, didn't she become Breetai's lover and the mother of his child, Drannin?
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