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ROBOTECH: Angel of the Southern Cross

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LT Marie "Angel" Crystal of the Tactical Armored Space Corps standing by her Block II AJACS Veritech. LT Crystal was one of the stalwart Aces of the RDF's stand against the Masters.

Original Sketch, ink and Colors in PS CS4
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Adobe Photoshop CS4 Windows
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This a Masterpiece of Robotech Art! it Captures the Feeling if an Anime Cel! The Colors are Cool,Right,and Well done! LT.Crystal Looks Tought,Sexy,and Ready to Kick some Tail! This is Well Done,the Artist should Take Some Pride in doing such a Superb Job with this Art Work! Hope to See More Awesome Work from this Artist! Hopefully,some Southern Cross Fans or Website will Want to feature this Artwork on iIt's Front page! LeElf,You did a First rate,Top Notch Job with this Pic! Keep up the Superb Work! Anyone Who Hates on this Pic is either Jealous or Blind! Keep up the Superb Work! Dan
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I like it, but I would watch your proportions. Like her arms are a bit too short and hands too small along with a few other things. Some of which may be on purpose since your doing a manga style.

I like the ship too. Maybe add a bit more shadow and highlights to give it a more three dimensional depth.

One other thing, make sure the ship and the girl are standing on the same plane. it will give it more weight, especially the ship.

It's pretty good though... and I need ten more words so umm have fun <img src="e.deviantart.net/emoticons/s/s…" width="15" height="15" alt=":)" title=":) (Smile)"/>
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I always wondered how the AGACS fared against the Invid.
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this is a Robotech Masterpiece,IMHO!
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Must have been interesting drawing a mecha with no curves whatsoever! All the curves were on the pilot. :)
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I had a jet, they gave me a space helicopter...

I'm still a badass.
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I've already commented on this pic but coming back I gotta say Marie compliments that AGAC while the AGAC compliments her.  Just Like Roy and Rick compliment Skull 1 and Dana compliments her VHT - 2 Spartas Hovertank, Marie and the AGAC are two of a kind.  Better than her Logan.
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AGACs don't get enough love. Thank for drawing art of one.
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
I agree, AGACS are often overlooked! Glad I could give some love to them.
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Very nice pic; the linework is clean and crisp, and the color work likewise is very good.
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Ehehe, The AGAC!!! one of my top three favorite Robotech Mecha.

1) gotta love the old VF-1 series of veritechs

2 Hell, how many times do I have to preach it, Khyron's Officer's Pod is BADASSSSSS to da MAX!!!!!

3) Love the AGAC, in some cases it was better than the Hovertank. Though the Hovertank ain't no slouch.

Still wanting to see a drawing of Azonia learning how to operate loverboy Khyron's Officer's Pod. :)

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Maaaaaan havent thought about this show in years!
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
Yes it is an old gem in the rough. Unfortunately it gets a bad rap from today's anime elites...
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Do you remember petition ?

Robotech Masters/Southern Cross Merchandise Petition

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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
I did not know there was a petition. Thanks for informing me!
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I'm guessing that aircraft transforms into a giant robot...
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
ummm, yes.
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Beautiful! Thank you for paying tribute to the Robotech Saga!
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
It is my pleasure! Thanks for the support!
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No problem :D
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Very Nice :) I really enjoy your art and am glad you spread the love around the Robotech Sagas.
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks Moon! Thanks for your continued support!
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finally some love for the AJACS
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LeElfHobbyist Digital Artist
Indeed...one of my favorites.
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