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Playing Dungeons and Dragons.

By leelastarsky
Teddy Lupin in his late teens, playing Dungeons and Dragons with Harry and Ginny.

digital art.
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Which one is going to point out "Hey, anyone noticed how that Elminster fellow is a lot like Dumbledore's chocolate card?"
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This is pretty cool! I can actually imagine the characters of Harry Potter doing this
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OMG that's so awesome!
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Never thought I'd see a fanart of Harry playing D&D, but this is a great one.  While they could possibly look a little older than they look here due to their very stressful school-day adventures, Harry and Ginny look great, and it seems they and Teddy are really into Forgotten Realms.  Not that I've ever played, sadly, I've only done one session of 4e, and I had to go on the adventure in the DM guide because I forgot to bring a campaign that I thought of. XP  And, I don't see much art where Teddy looks like he has normal hair (then again, I don't search Teddy much at all, but I have seen him with sky blue hair in one comic), so good job with that.  All in all, a great piece!
haha harry looks sort of hot here...
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Very beautiful!
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Wow,if Wizard's chess is that amazing imagine Wizard Dungeons and Dragons.
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If wizard D&D is anything wizard chess then it would be a very dangerous game in deed.
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Very much agreed.
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Very nice. But one question, why would wizards play D&D?
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Watch Harry role a dwarven fighter when he isn't the DM...

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woah.. they look amazing! their faces seems so real! :D great job!
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That'd be so awesome if hat happened. :)
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If Wizard Chess is any indication, Wizard D&D has to be exceptionally bad-ass.
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Ridiculously gorgeous
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if the dragon figures move then you'd never get me to play the game.
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