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Ooooh you guys. YOU GUYS.
Attending the LeakyCon (in fact I'm sitting in its midst right now) has reminded me of how much I love and gain from fandom. Everyone is so lovely and adept at in-depth discussion and geekery, it's simply amazing. 8DD

In short, I need to be more involved in fandom and EVERYTHING again. Fuck 'adult' life. XDD

Bad news: I spilled water all over my wacom pen last month and it pretty much destroyed the pressure sensitivity, which sucks big time and makes drawing with it really unintuitive. D8 I need to get a new pen, but they're like £60!! Sheeeet.

Good news: I won a Wacom Inkling in a small drawing contest the other day! 8D it'll get send to me in a few weeks and I'm really excited. It won't be able to replace an actual tablet pen, but for random sketchings I bet it'll be amaaaaaazeballs!

Lastly:! I'm determined to be more active again and SKEEEETCH SKETCH SKETCH
You guys!

I'm so sorry, sometimes I don't log in soon enough to notice those requests for my drawings to be added to groups. I swear I'd approve most of them, but a lot of times they're already timed out once I see them. .___. lol. I'll log in more often now though, so I won't miss them that much anymore.
How long are they up for anyway, like 2 weeks?

PS: I still don't get the Llama Badges thing.  °_°

PPS: Is that "Add a drawing" feature in comments not working for anyone else?

Testing HTML: ~~* Commissions Website *~~

Edit: HA, BEAT YOU, DA!1 Quotation marks, who would've thought...
Commissions are open again! (So sorry everyone who as asked over the past months D8 I was so busy with work and college)
Slightly new site layout, too! It somehow took me forevere to put up a new page, I blame the weather. XDD Nothing changed apart from that, though. :D

The site is here:…

If you'd like a slot, tell me on here or via DA note or just e-mail straight away: arts (AT) leelaking (DOT) com

And now, bedtime!
*tries out hearts* >_> ♥ ♥ (edit: IT WORKED OMG YAY! XDDD)
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Wait. What's up with those llama badges? Do they serve any purpose? XD It says they were an April Fool's joke originally and then caught on. So do you just collect them? What do they DO? O-O
Someone enlighten me! XD *out of the loop*
Wheee, back in Germany! XD Liverpool was all sorts of awesome and the people were really nice. 8D I got to do some game-y stuff! It was fun!
My 2nd summer in a row that I somehow managed to flee from the sun, ahahaha.
I'd love to do another work experience (maybe 6 months) this time, I wonder where that would take me. @_@ WRITING APPLICATIONS IS AGONY.
...and how was your summer? XDDD
I haven't been on DA forever! D; *hugs it* I still got a bunch of unposted art flying around here, I just need to find it. XD;

And omg you guise, all those awesome looking Christmas movies coming up! @_@ I'm happy beyond words that Disney is doing 2D animation again, I hope it's going to be a huge success.
Mkay 8DDDD

PS: Gonna start up commissions again soon. 8DD
PPS: OMG, I've been on DA for SEVEN YEARS? O_O... *feels old*
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Hey guys,

sooo XD here's the thing, I'll have an internship from July 22nd till October 21 (pretty much 3 months straight) as a concept artist in Liverpool (which is yaaaaaay),
BUT I haven't been able to find a room so far! 8D;;;;
So if you live in Liverpool or know someone who does or have any good websites which I should check... that would really help. 8D;;; IT'S ONLY 3 WEEKS AWAY AND I'M GETTING ANXIOUS YOU GUYS.
I'm constantly checking for shared flats on gumtree, and craigslist, but no real luck so far. D8 Many people don't want to take someone for only 3 months. T_T
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The site is here:…
Just e-mail to:
arts [AT]
if you want one. 8D Or post here first and then e-mail or note the details. XD I'm gonna take a few, depending on the size of the commissions (I might open them up again later if it turns out most of them were sketches, lolz)

Please note that I don't do gaia (also pony island, etc) breedables/adoptables LINEART anymore , but anything else related to those sites (like fanart of your avatar or pets) is still fine!


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8D <3


Laters! <3

DDDD: Spam on DA? + update

Wed Feb 6, 2008, 6:49 PM


what's up with the all the spam mail I've gotten in Notes lately? o_O I came back from busybusybusy Uni starter weeks and what do I see? XDDD Like 10 Notes going "OMG ILU LOOK AT DIS~" and then some links to scam sites. XD WHUT IS THIS, DEVIANTART.
I get enough spam in my normal inbox already. All those viagra e-mails make me feel very insecure about my p33n and I don't even HAVE one. LOLOLOLOLOL D: spam sucks.

Remember guys, in order to get the 222,222 kiriban gift art, you have to be the FIRST one to post a link to a screenshot of it on my main page comments =) (so right below the ID)
Congrats, :iconlightfairy:! 8D

Next kiriban gift art at 300,000! XD


Subscription by the ever-awesome :iconkristadarkangel: O_____O THANK YOU SO MUCH! <333

Domain: (nothing to see here 8D; )


Tue Jul 17, 2007, 4:38 PM

(can it even be called "new" anymore? XDDD I'm like the last person on Earth to see it, lawlz.)
I'll talk about it a little now, so this is a...


...for the movie (and, of course, possibly the 5th book XD)

Sooooo. All in all, my all-around impression afterwards was: Good entertainment; not extraordinarily impressive (though some scenes were, of course), but mostly really well done visual-wise.
Of course they cut out a lot DDD8 I mean, I guess they're BOUND to with such a book, but I'm still of the opinion that they should also do a long version for fans who are willing to sit long enough (which would be the majority, I believe).
Probably not the people sitting next to me in the cinema, though. >_> They were so ANNOYING. T_T Always making idiotic comments and asking things like "who's this?... and who's this? Dude, this guy BLABLABLAH." Gaaah. Seriously annoying.

Random thoughts about  some characters (new and old):
-Sirius: Not grumpy enough with Harry! XDDD I thought he was a little too caring. 8D;;;
-Neville: OMG, I love him! X) He's become so precious, I wanna pinch his cheek every time I see him XDDD
-Umbridge: She was perfectly evil, hands down! XDDD I think the actress fit the role very well (though it would've been cool if she'd worn that giant bow on her head XDDDD)
-Tonks: Don't have a lot of negative stuff to say about her, BECAUSE SHE WAS BARELY THERE. XDDD Sure, the hair's a little off (and I hated that let's-tell-the-stupid-viewers-she-doesn't-want-to-be-called-Nymphadora-
and-can-change-her-hair-at-the-same-time-scene XD), but she doesn't seem all THAT young to me (though I guess the actress tried really hard to make her seem younger XD lolz)
-Bellatrix: Even though I kind of didn't like Helena Bonham Carter at all in Fight Club, she's perfect as Bellatrix XDDD I don't have to like Bellatrix!
-Dumbledore: I think Gambon tried to act a little calmer this time 8D;;; I still think he doesn't look like the real Dumbledore, though D; also, did you notice he has MANBOOBS?? (sorry, I had to tell you this XDDD *can't get the image out of her head*)
-Luna: Well! XD I heard a lot about her and I gotta say that I do like the actress. X) I was also positively surprised that her hair was really long and wavy, just like I imagined it, hee! One thing that came to my mind though was that she wasn't nearly crazy enough. O_O Or is that just me? I mean, my craziness standards are probably unnaturally high with me being a weirdo myself and stuff. 8D;
-Grawp: ...he was actually less ugly than I thought he would be! XD
-Hermione: generally okay, but she just gets blonder by the minute. o-O and omfg, DOES EACH OF HER SHIRTS HAVE TO BE PINK? (I didn't even care about her pink dress much back then, but to ALWAYS have her wear pink even though she's not overly girly in the books... XD; )
-Snape: I don't know if it was like that with the last movies, I can just recall this one: I CANNOT look at Snape without wanting to break into hysterical laughter. I JUST CAN'T. It's not that Alan Rickman portrays him badly, he's PERFECT, but... I don't know either. XD;;;; Snape is kinda like your grumpy/sulky aunt that comes to visit you to tell you how ugly your curtains are. Or something. Kind of difficult to handle, but not really evil! XDDD
-Ron: I love Rupert Grint, he's awesome. ;O
-Fred&George: Damn, stop cutting your hair, everyone! XDDDD

I think the scene I liked most was Fred&George's goodbye X) Destruction AND sparklies, what would you want more?
I thought the ministry stuff was a little disappointing. Too short, too short! The prophecy-scene was long enough I guess, but the fight in front of the veil... not really. I also had to laugh when the Order's members appeared like THOOPER SPARKLY powerrangers to save the day (except they didn't 8D; ). I thought Sirius' death and Dumbledore vs. Voldy was kinda anti-climatic, though it had some stunning special effects.
Oh, one more thing that I thought was funny: When Harry was having Voldemort-spasms on the floor of the Ministry in the end, what the hell were those scenes in which Voldemort just stood there posing in front of what looked like the Windows Media Player visualisation swirlies? XDDDDDD It made me LOL 'cause it looked so cheap and... fashion show-like *sporfle*.

Errrrrrrr. XDDD I think... I forgot like half of what I originally wanted to say 8D;;; Well, that's my memory for ya!

Sneaky peek:


Subscription by the ever-awesome :iconkristadarkangel: O_____O THANK YOU SO MUCH! <333


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~~~O_O~~~ *FLAIL*

Sun Jul 15, 2007, 7:04 PM


Sneak peeks of current WIPs! 8DDD




Domain: (nothing to see here 8D; )
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My DA journal is now being moved to my LJ. XD;;; Since DA is so evil and doesn't even let people use HTML codes without a subscription. ;_;

Le_Journal can be found here:

...complete with doodles/previews, pointless rants and any random stuff I can possibly think of. 8D

Yaaaaay, I saw GoF! I wrote a rather short first impression, to be seen here:…

Attention, of course it contains spoilers. XDD Doood. 8D;;; I'll grab like 2-3 hours of sleep now, seeya! <3
Okay, so I came back to Livejournal. 8D;;;… <--- I've never fully been there before, I registered like 3-4 years ago and then returned about once a year to make a nonsense post. 8D;
Also, I'm SO EXCITED for GoF! 8D Imma see it on Tuesday! This TUEEEEESDAY~~~~~ at night O-O This means I'll have to take a cab back, BUT OH WELL. I can't wait. Too bad Tuesday is my day off and not Wednesday. D; So I'll probably be back home around 3am and get up at... 7am? Fun. D;
Also, the quizzes idea really got me. XDD Creating quizzes should be fun! What do you guys suggest I should do quizzes about? Any new ideas?
My list so far:

-Which of my (TLK?) characters are you?
-Which of the random things in my room are you?
-Which kind of sock are you? (who wouldn't want to know? D; )
-Which Harry Potter girl/boy are you?
-Which disgustingly cute fantasy creature are you?

...yeah, that's about it so far. XDDD Sounds pretty retarded to me, BUT THAT'S JUST MY INFLUENCE. 8D~
Can you tell I'm bored? But I have stuff to finish, so I'm bored AND busy. T_T I hate it when that happens.
Anyway, <3
Nooooooo. DDDDD;

Subscription ends --> journal header/preview pics/randomiconandhtmlstuff gone. D8 HORROR.

Oh well. Back to the roots, I guess. XD;
D00ds! O-O I actually got my my very own domain,! Don't bother looking, there's nothing there yet. X); I have no idea what to put there... o-o already moved my commishes page, but this can't be all. XDD Hmm~

Did you see the online live stream of the GoF world premiere in London today? OoO T'was pretty funkay! I didn't recognize the actress playing Myrtle AT ALL. 8D;; Oh, and Stanislav Ianevski looks so much nicer with longer hair now. :0 And omg, Rupert is the coolest kid on the block. </random ranting>

Apart from that... yah. 8D I'm pretty busy right now (I'm studying now at two universities at a time, also getting there takes up pretty much time 8D; ). I love it though! X) Universities are great (all the jerks and bullies from school are gone! 8D), especially not having to study Bachelor/Master, but Magistra (which will unfortunately be changed into Bachelor/Master now in Germany, but I still got the last Magistra opportunity! It leaves you more choice of your subjects and everything is generally more calm, not as pressure-school-like X)).
The only disadvantage is that it's so friggen expensive >_>;; FREE EDUCATION FOR ALL!!!1111 *random banner waving* Yah. 8D

One of my friends sent me a postcard. On it was a sock puppet wearing gold underwear and it said "fancy pants". XDD I love it. <3

This randomness again leads me to: WHAT TO PUT ON LEELAKIN.COM? D;


Edit: OH NOEZ! XDD *almost forgot* :iconshayfifearts: tagged me! And as far as I understood this game (might've got it wrong though o_O), I gotta list 20 facts you never wanted to know about me. XDDD (and I get to tag 3 other people after!) Okay, here we go:

1) My father's a pastor. >.> But I'm atheist. 8D;
2) My fav ice cream flavour is Zuppa Inglese/Zabaione with chocolate chunks! X)
3) I imitated primates and tigers when I was little XD
4) Clowns scare me. T_T (yes, those that look harmless are even worse than the one from Stephen King's "it" O_O)
5) I have absolutely NO short-term memory. XDD Nada.
6) I speak German, English, French and Latin and wanna learn Italian, Japanese and eventually Swedish within the next few years x)
7) I love christmas, glittery stuff and am generally a hopeless romantic (even though I like to deny it sometimes)
8) I've been an X-Files fan for half of my life now. XD
9) I have a thing for earrings/piercings (belly button)/wristbands O-O But I also lose those a lot, so buying lots of them is kinda justified. XD;
10) My favourite brands of clothing are United Colors of Benetton and Esprit
11) I've got lotsa Disney plushies. 8D;; (My huge Stitch and Tigger, purchased in EuroDisney Paris, being my favourites <3)
12) I have a weird humour and most people can't laugh about the things that make me laugh. XD;;
13) I despise the words 'patriotism' and 'justice' (way too overused by a certain politician *cough*)
14) I just love traveling and want to see all of the world <3
15) McDonald's makes me sick. XDD But I like Burger King's salads.
16) I have an absurd addiction with White Chocolate Mocha
17) I'm way too childish for my age (but so what XDDD)
18) I have a thing for Keanu Reeves and generally darker type boys. ;O
19) I've been wanting to write a book for years, but I just can't think of anything interesting enough yet. XD
20) Ultimate fact of doom: I think I'm allergic to liquorice. o-o;; (At least my tongue uses to get numb when I eat more than a small piece of it D; I have no idea which ingredient causes this, though)

I tag:

:iconlightfairy: :iconjammycat: and :iconninnytreetops: !

Hummmmm o_O

Wed Oct 19, 2005, 3:52 PM
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On a random note... is it just me or does Melanie C's new song "The first day of my life" sound suspiciously like "Hey Jude" by the Beatles? O-O;;; I mean... I'm not THAT much of a Beatles freak, yet I thought it was pretty blatant. Haven't found anything about it on google though... XD;;; I think I'm paranoid.
(Yes, I'm aware that this was VERY random 8D;;; )

Edit: OH. MY. GOD. O________O More randomness ahead. XD;;;

So it's just about 1am here and I was randomly switching through channels on German television... and there it said "Lord of the Rings" in pretty crappy old writing. I was like WTF, because obviously, it couldn't be the hollywood movie with Elijah Wood and stuff, cause THAT one would be aired prime time (and its title is a lot shinier XDDD) So I kept watching, the intro (you know, with the off-voice) was really crappy as well, you could only see shadows of humans cast onto a wall, showing the dark Lord and how Smeagol turned into gollum and so on. XDDD
And THEN O_O *dundunnn* IT TURNED INTO AN ANIMATED MOVIE!!1 I almost fell out of my chair. XD;;; Animated LotRmovieomgwtf??!1bbq
So O_O THE TV GUIDE SAYS IT'S FROM 1977! OMGSOCOOL. Frodo is so cuuuute <3 I love the animations. 8D

...okay, so maybe you guys already knew there was a movie like this. XD;;; But it caught me totally off guard, SO COOL! <3 *gonna watch it till 3am*

And: Whoa, I swear Peter Jackson or whatever his name is watched that movie! XDD Some scenes from both films are so ALIKE!

To any Germans/people with German television: It's on ARD! X)

Such coolness. 8D <3


Alieeeens~o: Beauxbatonses~

Stay tunedededed. 8)

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yes, ONE DAY I'll list iconses here. And forget about a billion people. ;_;
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Cool random stuffness!

Fri Sep 23, 2005, 8:32 PM
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Okay, so I stole one of those quiz thingers again. 8D *thought it was funny* This one was stolen from adyst ! XDD

(name of first pet + street you live on):
Speedy Spreeweg (whoa, that actually fits XDDDDD)

(grandmother's/father's first name + favorite snack):
Karin Keks (Okay, now THIS is scary. D; )

(first word you see on your left + favorite restaurant):
Scrabble TresAmigos (Cool, I always thought Scrabble would make a nice first name. Except not. 8D;;;;;;; )

(silliest childhood nickname + first town where you partied):
Lulelei Braunschweig (eh. XD; )

(first initial + first three letters of your last name):
Jroe (I must admit, this is kinda catchy. XDD)

(favorite animal + name of high school):
Gerbil Rothenburg (XD...)

(last snack food you ate + your favorite drink):
Croissant Baileys (HAHA XDDD That's sick.)

(middle name + city where you were born):
I DO NOT HAVE A MIDDLE NAME. T_T And Braunschweig again. XD;

(favorite candy + favorite musician's last name):
Keks Vox (ooooooh. XDD)

(name of [opposite sex] friend + cell phone company you use):
Martin Mycellphonebroke. XD; (alliteration nonetheless! *so professional* 8D; )

(first 3 letters of your last name + last 3 letters of mother's maiden name /+/ first 3 letters of your pet's name + first 3 letters of the town you live in)
Roeber Taobra (And this is why I'm not a Star Wars fan. It's just too complicated and makes my name odd. XD)


And it's still cold. 8D;Alieeeens~o: Beauxbatonses~

Stay tunedededed. 8)

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yes, ONE DAY I'll list iconses here. And forget about a billion people. ;_;
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Devious Journal Entry

Thu Sep 22, 2005, 6:55 AM
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Ohmegawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwd. *hyperventilatingwheeeeeze*

Today, I was accepted by my Universities of choice. 8D And I mean~ I already lost hope, because they only take 20 students A YEAR for this subject! (media sciences, media technology and law) *wheeze* So, YAY! And I got the job I applied for, as well! X) DOUBLE YAY OMG.
This means whole new timetable O________O so excited/restless/hyperventilating right now. XDDDD Umgumgumgsldjkflksdf.

Okay, I'll work on that one Harry Potter drawing now. 8D;;; PROMISED!


And it's still cold. 8D;Alieeeens~o: Beauxbatonses~

Stay tunedededed. 8)

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yes, ONE DAY I'll list iconses here. And forget about a billion people. ;_;
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  • Watching: X-Files all da way, foo'!1 XDDDD


Thu Aug 25, 2005, 5:38 AM
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Edit: I'm off to London peepuls, see you in september!1 <3


I'm back for a few days (3 or 4 or so 8D;;; DON'T MAKE ME USE MY BRAIN), stopping by to say hloo! 8> <3 I've gotten lotsa messages and stuff, so sorry if I'm kinda slow at replying and might not manage it all till I'm off again on... o_o Somedaynextweek. I'm so informed. 8D; *blabbs*

WELL!~ The past weeks were really cool, can you believe we got to be in the very VERY first row of the U2 concert in Munich? The first row in front of the stage, 75.000 people behind us! I still have that red plastic wristband around my arm, I daren't remove it. 8>; Cause you can't remove it unless you cut it through. D8 *weep* Munich was very cool in general, as was Austria! Lotsa sports and good food. Ooooooh, I did a real-life acryl drawing of Tai, I'll upload some shots of it later on. X) Kami also did one of her character Rusty, if you put the drawings next to each other they merge as one! So sweet. X>
I also got me new jeans with a pink skull sewed to one of the back pockets (wheee!1) and a "Nightmare before christmas" shirt. <3

Aaaaaaand I took so many pictures of random stuffs that I shall post on my photo account (link down there somewhere 8D; ), but first I must post all those other pics~... ah, so much to do and such little time. D8

I guess there was other stuff I wanted to write, but I can't remember anything for beans, as usual. 8>
I had lasagna and now I'm full. 8D

[/everything you never wanted to know about me]

Luff yers, Imma be back fully again in september! <3 *loves upon tablet* I missed mah bebeh. D8 Mebbe I should draw something. Or speak proper English. BUT NAH~!1 <3

Oh look! 8D A quiz thinger I stole from :iconsquet: , who can't remember where she stole it from:


Do you wear black eyeliner?: Hmmmnope. XD Too lazy to even try.
Do you own any black clothing?: Yes, a bit o-o I mean, who doesn't? Like 10% of my clothing is black, black fits everything <3
Do you think about death often?: No o-o Life's too short to think about death! Your own, at least XD;
Do you want to die? Not that I know of 8D;
Are you a social outcast?: Eh, wouldn't say really. XDDD I have few but closer friends
Are you pale?: Nope -@ I mean, I'm white but I tan pretty quickly
Do you like Hot Topic?: No idea. 8D;;; Whatisit?
Total YES: 1 (2?)/7

--Skater Punk--

Can you skateboard?: Hell no. I remember a painful incident at a mall~ but lets not get into detail. 8D;;;;;;
Do you wear Vans?: No idea. Again, what are they? XD;;; Skater shoes? I always like having a pair of skater shoes, they're comfy :0 I got Osiris', though.
Do you do stupid stuff with your friends?: Yep
Do you get in trouble? Not a lot. 8D;
Do you listen to the bands: Punk bands? Yes
Do you have any piercings?: Assuming that the ears don't count, yes. 8D;;; Belly button! (which is right now decorated with an original Playboy Accessoir piercing, y0. XDDDDD)
Total YES: 3 (4?)/6


Do you like the color pink?: Yeah, why not. 8D;
Do you shop at Abercrombie and Fitch: We don't have those here, neener 8D Dunno what the European versions of those would be.
Are the A&F models hot?: Same as above. D8
Rock music is bad, right?: NOOOOOOOOO. This question is pure IMPERTINENCE. D8
Do you want to be in a sorority/fraternity?: Nah, but I'm not sure whether they have those here, anyway 8D;
Are you totally anal about matching your clothes? Naw. D8 all my clothing fits with each other in some way! Okay, so I made that up. 8D;
Do you take a lot of time to get ready in the morning? Neh, it takes me enough time to find all of my stuff XD;
Are/were you a cheerleader? Nuuu! I don't even wear skirts. XDDD I don't like my knees. *random information*
Total YES: 1 (and 2 ?'s)/8, although I'd like to say -100000/8 because of the evil Rock question. >->


Is your hair long?: Ya betcha. XDD Not quite reaching my behind yet, though
Are you a vegetarian?: Naw. -@ I don't eat a lot of meat, though and really like salad XDDDDDD
Do you own a tye dye shirt?: No 8D;;; I actually don't like those at all.
Do you want peace?: Of course. >_> Only idiots want war. (Lets all sing: What is it good for? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!!1 XDDD)
Do you want to save the animals: Yes. ;-; SAVE THE POODLES!
Total YES: 3/5


Are you from the ghetto?: I don't think there's a ghetto within a 100 miles radius here XDDD
Do you like hip-hop?: Hmmmyes, I like some of it! Some German stuff (my brother is a German rapper! XD), I also like a lot of Eminem's stuff 0-O
Was Tupac truly the greatest rapper in the world?: I know him but I wouldn't say he's the best just because he died a tragic death XD; *shrug*
What do you like afros?: Hahahaha, yes! XD I wouldn't wear one, but they're funky, don'tcha think? But what the heck have afros to do with Hip-hop? o-o;
Total: 2/4


Do you cry often?: Nope x> *is pretty happy in general*
Do you have an acoustic guitar? No. D8 But they're cool.
Are you emotional?: Yah XDD
Do you like emo music?: Could you specify that? D8 Oh well, not in particular, I guess *shrug*
Do you write your own songs? Nu-uh XD
Is your hair dyed ?: Hmmm, I have my hair a bit lit up by light brown strands and stuff, but it's really decent
Are you a music freak?: Yesh, music all da way! 8D <3
Do you love fo-hawks/emotional hair: EMOTIONAL HAIR? O-O... I'll just say yes. xD;
Total YES: 3.5/8


Do you watch yourself win the football game in your head?: Football? You mean like SPORTS? No. XD
Do you play any sports?: Not regularly, just when I feel like it.
How important are they to you?: Can be fun, but there are things way more important
Do you pick on the geeky kids?: I AM the geeky kid XD;
Do you like football?: No. Not a clue. XD
Were you considered a bully by anyone: No XDDD But I like imitating Turkish/German bullies! It's fun!
Total YES: ca. 1/6


Do you wear glasses?: No, but I guess I could use light ones XD;
Do you get good grades?: Kinda D8 BUT THAT SAYS NOTHING 8D;
Do you use an inhaler?: No. XDD
Do you stick pens and calculators into your shirt pockets?: I don't even have shirt pockets. ;_; *weep*
Does your mom buy your clothes? : No, and I don't even wanna start imagining what I'd look like if she did XDDDDDDDD
Are you on the computer a lot?: Oh yes 8D;
Do you ever get picked on?: Naw, not really. Pick on me and be picked on! XDD Or so! *didn't really make sense*
Total YES: 2/7

So... this totally didn't tell me who I am. XDDD BUT STEREOTYPES ARE STUPID ANYWAY, SO FORGET THOSE!!1


And it's still cold. 8D;Alieeeens~o: Beauxbatonses~

Stay tunedededed. 8)

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yes, ONE DAY I'll list iconses here. And forget about a billion people. ;_;
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Raise your voice! XDD

Mon Aug 1, 2005, 2:58 AM
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Okay, I'm probably one of the last people to hear about this, as usual... XD;;;  But for those of you who haven't yet, I'd love it if you took a few minutes to learn about the injustice that one of the Co-founders of DA, Jark, has experienced only recently.

Links to check out: www.termite-of-justice.blogspo… and…
(there are many more, I'm sure you'll find numerous by clicking through the comments)

On August 7th is "YELLOW DAY", a day to support Jark! You can show your support for him and the right values by submitting solely yellow work that day. =)
I've changed my avatar into :iconleelakin: for this period of time. X)

Be yellow, support a more community based DA, we are the people! XDDD

Edit: Another interesting page on this: I feel so sorry for him. ;_;

Mkay, that was my rant on that subject. XDD Next one:
I'll be on vacation for pretty much all of August, (So I must submit something yellow before or after XD;; Yellow Day is also my birthday! 8D) with little to no internet at all. XD
This month's gonna be great, I can't wait. XDD First I'm off to a U2 concert in Munich with :iconkamidog: , a week later my dad's gonna pick us up and we'll stay for a week in a Robinson Club in Austria, then back to my friend's (off to an amusement park with the best rollercoaster in Germany! *evil grin* >8D~). I'm 4 days at home after that to post-celebrate my birthday with my other friends, then I'm off to London (I hope no other attacks will happen x-x;; my parents wouldn't let me fly) with yet another few friends. =D Fun fun fun!

So~ X) In case we don't see each other again before September, have a nice August! <3333 X)

Oh, I forgot to mention... I bought a domain together with a friend. 8> It can be found at, but don't bother looking at it yet, we're still working on it. X) It'll contain lots of funky/random stuff, like a webcomic, an oekaki, forums, a freaky German course, Disco Finger (you'll love that guy once you know him ;O) and lots of other stuff. X) Just be patient with us!


And it's still cold. 8D;Alieeeens~o: Beauxbatonses~

Stay tunedededed. 8)

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yes, ONE DAY I'll list iconses here. And forget about a billion people. ;_;
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