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Ron Weasley?

I saw some pictures of the 4th HP movie and it seems that Ron took over Rupert Grint's new haircut... which I think is funky. X) Or uh... yeah. o-o Maybe I'm mistaken and he's gonna have it cut again, whatever. XDD I just liked it.
Nothing more than a sketch because I just returned from a looong car travel to Italy, quite exhausting (and I caught a bad cold D; *whine*)

So, uh... XDDD yush. (I didn't show much creativity filling up the bg space XD)
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it's so cute!i love his hair!
ugh, i sound like a fangirl!
i still love it, fangirl or not!
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OMIGOODNESS I <3 this. Exactly as I pictured him in the books (I'm not necesarily against Rupert, but I pictured him different in the books). :D
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the blue eyes scare me(I'm sorry, red hair + blue eyes never did it for me) but this is a really good pic *thumbs up*
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let me correct myself, I like red hair + blue eyes but not when the blue eyes are TOO blue. That goes for anyone with any hair color lol.

This pic, the eyes were too blue for me but it was still a lovely pic :)
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That's one cute Ron Weasley :aww:
Very good.
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OMG! He looks so cute! But then again, I love long hair, so Ron's haircut in the 4th movie was my favourite. That's how I imagine him now.

Great job!

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*drools all over keyboard* :L
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He is totally HOT! <3<3
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OMG, how do you get ron so perfect everytime you draw him??
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I love and I mean LOVE this pic. It is the best Ron around. XD So... I was wondering.. if I could use this Ron as my avatar on "The White Ferret" a Harry Potter RPG. [link] . I play Ron on this site and, as I said would like to use it. If you say yes, I would credit you in my signature, and anything else you want. I can't put text in the picture and would have to crop him to 150x200.

Please let me know. I wont use him without your permission.
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Sorry for the late reply XDDD Yes yes, you may do it like that <3
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^^ THANKS SO MUCH! You have no idea how happy that makes me! I was willing to wait as long as it took. YOU RULE! <333333
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Love it ! Need to add it to my favorite's! I love Rupert !
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Haha, I love his new hairstyle, so shaggy. It looks nice on him though, and I love how you drew him!! >.<
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Indeed, I like semi-long hair on guys XDDD SUPER SHORT HAIR IS NO FUN
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