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It's May 25, so it's party time, for my beloved Gayan hero Zino's birthday's today! ♥

What day could be better to write a few words about home, friendship, love and magic here?

First of all: I met the sweet Gayans last year on February 11 for the first time, and I fell in love eternally right from the beginning - I fell in love with Gaya, with the wonderful landscapes and lovely houses, I fell in love with the Gayans - yes, including the Snurks, you can bet! - and most of all I fell deeply in love with Zino, just from that moment on he pushes the doors to Boos workshop open! ♥ I don't know exactly what happened there, but that was love on first sight. Something like that never happened in my life before. And the more I got to know Zino, the worse it became - and it's still going on. A life without Zino may be possible, somehow, but it's worthless.

Having said this - yes, Gaya is my new home, and I made a lot of new friends there. But that doesn't mean everything else vanishes! I sure didn't move completely. On the contrary - new friends mean more friends, not other friends! ^^ Because what is life about? It isn't about fandoms. It's about friends! Everywhere I go I meet people - some become friends, in some cases close friends!, others not. And I have the best friends in the world! And - yes! - there are a few lovely characters I fell deeply in love with; I have to admit, more than one!

♥ There's Eddy Spenser from the Filmation's Ghostbusters, who I know since I was a child but this strong feelings came years later,
♥ there's Nick Comstock from »Parker Lewis Can't Lose« - I'm really enchanted by Nick and you guess right: It's him where my name comes from (one part of it),
♥ there's Kowalski from the Madagascar penguins - hell, yes, I'm in love with a penguin!,
♥ there's my beloved second Doctor Who (Patrick Troughton) - he's so adorable!,
♥ there's Sergeant John Benton from U.N.I.T. (Doctor Who) I lost my heart to,

♥ and now there's Zino! This was deep love on first sight for the very first time!

Everyone is someone really special to me (and I'm sure I've forgotten someone…), and I can't imagine my life missing only one of them! ♥

More than that: My friends became close friends, too! Well, Eddy and Zino spend a lot of time together! ^^ That's the real magic of friendship.

That's what life is all about.

I'd like to dedicate this to a close friend of mine who had made strange experiences in the past with other people who have abandoned lovely fandoms to engage in something else. I think she was afraid as I got in contact with Gaya for the first time (in fact, she's to blame ^^) because she feared that I now could spend my time in Gaya instead of with our beloved Ghostbuster boys. You can be sure, honey, you'll never have to fear about something like that! To say it with Queen: Friends will be friends will be friends - right to the end! It always is addition, not exchange!

And for the strange persons I mentioned in my dedication, I hope you'll think about this sometimes. Not only for the real people in your life but for the lovely characters from books and tv shows and so on you work with as well; it hurts to lose a friend! So think about it if you fell in love with a new fandom! To turn your back on old friends is abominable, in real life just as well as in fictional worlds. How would you feel if you didn't something wrong, and a good friend of yours vanishes without saying goodbye?

Well, what else is left to say by now than:
To The Rescue! and Let's Go Ghostbusters! ^^
Hey everyone!

I'm sure everybody knows what I mean. There are many wonderful and nice people out there, many interests that may become hobbies and a lot of great things to enjoy that come your way in life. But there's only one real deep passion, only one place you feel like beeing home and a few people you really call your family from the bottom of your heart.

For me, my passion is the FILMATION Ghostbusters (or: Ghost Busters; I love both shows from the bottom of my heart), my home is Ghost Command, and my family are Jake, Eddy and Tracy, their fathers, Futura, my beloved Ghostbuggy, the Skelevision, the Shock Clock…
And I deeply lost my heart to Eddy (yes, in my version he's spelled with a »y«, like the Italian version ^^) Spenser jr. ♥ I don't know how it happened but I would do everything for him. Yeah, I would beg, steal and lie, fight, kill and die for him if necessary.

Yeah, that's me! This fandom is my passion since I was 11 1/2 years old (in 1989 when the cartoon first came to Germany) and it's getting stronger and stronger. It is my life, my love, my family. By the way: That's one good reason why I now added another big aspect to my fandom. You'll see it in my gallery: The Filmation's Ghostbuster Cosplay!

At this point I likewise want to say thank you to my cosplay partner and friend Lemmy (PotionsTeddy on DeviantArt) who shares my passion in her own way and Ringo, a dear friend of mine who's open minded and interested in almost everything. ^^ You are my family, too! ♥

By the way: I can't stand the stupid rivalry of Real Ghostbusters-Fans and Filmations Ghostbusters-Fans! I never met a Filmation Ghostbusters-Fan who cast the Real Ghostbusters in a negative light. But I did it sometimes the other way round. What's the point of that? No one needs to like every idea. I'm not a big Real Ghostbusters-Fan! Nevertheless it goes without saying for me that I treat the show and their fans with respect. Indeed, I really do enjoy crossover works, especially because these little masterpieces show that both fandoms can exist together in peace and harmony. Let's face it: It's much more fun to work together than a stupid hostility. Or not?

So Let's Go Ghostbusters!