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Royal prince

another Prince

I posted it, deleted it, now I post it again =v=" Sorry, I still don't know how to fix it to look better :icontuzkidanceplz:

For those who may think that it looks familiar, it's Taylor Kitsch, in my version :D

btw, did you watch Battle Ship movie? :la: It's EPIC!! Must see!!! :woohoo:
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hello may i please use your image for a book project...i will definitely give you is absolutely beautiful...
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It looks like Chris Evans!
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No I haven't watched Battle Ship yet. Don't have the time for movies these days with my little one year old munchkin :D But really. . . That guy is hot! No, your colouring is making him hotter! :D:D:D
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Handsome O_O
and I've watched Battle Ship. Cool film :D
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Heh I will be queen :D Yey my future is lost :D
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:iconsoaparthurplz: so...beautiful so...wonderful!!!! agh!!!!! i especially love the flow of the hair! amazing! my respects to your awesome artistic ability
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hahah, I love your icon :iconcggejehey: :rofl:
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>u< tee hee thank you so much!!! likewise *U* very awesome icon
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AWESOME! GORGEOUS!! May I make a suggestion? Do another "young royalty" picture--only, this time, make it a "Young King," or a young Crown Prince, who has just been invested into office. Let his hair be long, rich, thick, and curly (whatever the color), and let his robes be resplendent with color and detail. Let whatever shirt he wears have LOTS (and I mean LOTS!) of ruffles and lace, and let him be wearing appropriate jewelry. You might even want to make him look like a J-rocker, since musicians such as Gackt, Klaha, and especially Kamijo, have based their stage outfits on French and English designs (especially French) from the 17th and 18th centuries. Think about it, please!
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it's sound like a request huh? :dance: the idea is nice, I'll think about it ^^
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Great you paint as well?
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If I didn't paint it, then WTH did I do? :omg:
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I so apologize. That question was supposed to go to somebody else. Sorry.
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I think he is really something. There's no fixing it to look "better" only more amazing. He's already amazing tho.
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hih, thank you, dear :love:
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you're very welcome ^^
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I love google. Now I know who is Taylor Kitsch XD
Beautiful drawing also :)
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:rofl: you should know him, cuz he's tooo hot :iconnosebleedfaintplz:
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That's what google tell me :D
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