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Lineart tutorial

a tutorial for you :iconlalalaplz:

Finished picture: [link] :iconlainloveplz:
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Do you use Cintiq?
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No, I use wacome intuos :)
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Ah, well then, do you have any tips to get used to it? I mean, I still struggle while drawing on tablet but looking at the screen. 
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I know I'm late, but I figured I'll try to answer this anyway (if not for you, than for anyone else who stumbles upon this). It takes time, patience, and practice. Use your tablet more, and you'll get the hang of it. Here are a few things you can try that worked for me:

1. do not look at the tablet while you're drawing. look at the screen. it might seem counter intuitive, but looking at the tablet won't get you very far; it has no screen.

2. keep the tablet straight in line with your computer screen. If you keep the tablet at an angle (like with paper and pencil) it will make it harder to deal with the gap between the screen and tablet. Even if it's not what you're used to, it will help make it easier to adjust to the tablet.

3. replace your mouse/trackpad with your tablet. the more you use it, the easier it will get, so use it more.

4. practice, practice, practice. This might seem like old advice, but it's true. the more you practice, the better you'll get, so don't be afraid to put in the time.

Good luck to you and anyone else reading this. :)

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Hello. Did you use stabilizer with the pen tool with tablet? 
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Sorry for the random reply, but yes, using stabilizer has to do the trick. It works tons.
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ah, I use tablet.
But in this tutorial, I also make a part for those who dont have tablet can use it :) You can use mouse also
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My lines never look neat. They are always cracked :(
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then it may be the problem with your pen talbet '_'
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Hmmm. Maybe. Also it is hard to snap two different lines. There is always a gap between them. I didnt know that pen tablet would matter that much.
Thanks for posting a tutorial! Do you use a tablet when you draw? I'm wondering if I should get one myself..
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cho em hỏi chị dùng Tablet loại nào vậy? :)
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mình nghĩ là chị dung dùng wacom :3
cơ mà wacom có đắt ko nhỉ
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Thanks for sharing, your tuts are really helpfull.
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chị ơi chị vẽ pen sao mà tài vậy ^^
nhưng mà chị ơi em chỉnh thông số cúng như trên mà ko đi nét đc giống như chị :(
cơ mà em dùng chuột :)
chị dùng tablet lọai nào vậy chị? dùng tablet tốt hơn dùng chuột nhiều ko ạ? =))
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trước khi có chuột thì chị cũng đã vật lộn với pen 1 thời gian nên dùng cũng khá nhanh ^^
có tablet dĩ nhiên là tốt hơn dùng chuột rồi em, như xài viết trên giấy ấy mà :D
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Chị ơi chị vẽ = pen sao mà tài vậy =) em chỉnh thông số như trên mà nét ko tài nào đi giống chị đc X(
cơ mà em dùng chuột, bảng vẽ đi có hơn nhiều ko ạ ? :D
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dung vẽ cái này = chuột hay là = bàn vẽ vậy T_T
leejun35's avatar
= bảng vẽ đó :D
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i learned so much from reading your tutorials, thanks so much for posting them!
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I just have another question; I have my size setting on 25 but my lines are much thicker compared to your thinner and smoother lines. How exactly do you use such a big size but get a thinner result? I'm sorry if I'm drowning you in questions xD. I just very much admire your art and I want to, one day, draw as well as you :la:
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What are the Advanced Settings on your Pen tool? I'm trying to get my brush like how you have it but I think some of the settings are different because the outcome differs from yours :x
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advanced setting? ak, I just leave it at the default :XD:
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