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How to draw hair

Hi everyone! This is my second hair tutorial.
This time is how to draw hair in paint tool SAI. I've find out that the brush in SAI is more easier to draw hair than in Photoshop :la:

I've tried to made it simple for you. I hope it can be help you for you :hug:
Feel free to ask me if you have question :D

And this is the fisnished painting:

Comments and fav are more than welcome :love: :heart:
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omg!!! thank you so much!! wery helpfull
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If I can't do this then I may be the worst artist ever
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Thanks! I used this tutorial here: :3
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Still dont get how you do the details...
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Sorry but is that supposed to be Bill Kaulitz? Because it just looks like him. lol
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Yeah, it's him B-)
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Its so clear to me now! :D (Big Grin) :happybounce: 
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This is awsome ^.^ Thank you for the tips,I hope I'll get my drawings done a lot better than before ^^
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Beautiful tutorial! Thanks!
I have a question also for the realistc face painted look:  I used a tutorial but the painting look was simply passing the brush over the photo, this didnt give the results I wish, the image still looks too similar the original photo... how do you create painted realistic look like this that looks less photo and more painting?
Do you have tutorials or tips? Thank you :)
This is wonderful ahhhh Clap 
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Senpai, you are awesome!la in love Thank you for such a helpful and detailed tutorial!
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Awesome! Thanks :)
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this is very helpful I have a hard time sometimes with adding detail on hair.
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This really helped me, thank you! :D
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I've been wondering how to draw hair, you made a simple tutorial that will help me sooo much. Thank you!!!
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This was so simple but helpful thank you I used it for my latest image thank you
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omg it's really helpful! thank you so much!
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is that bill kaulitz
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