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Borderlands Character Design

Done for a class assignment where I had to pick an existing IP and design a sequel for it.

I picked Borderlands and designed a character in that style. She's a post-apocalyptic assassin class focusing more on melee combat.



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I like your idea a lot
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how much would you charge for a character design for me
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well done. Very clean, I love it.
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Does she have a name?
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I was gonna agree with the comment below, id be very interested in cosplayer her too :)
xXxEleanorxXx's avatar
I love it. I would like cosplay her, she must be in the game. Nice job (:
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Is it alright if i use this to practice on 3d sculpting?
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Wow! How did I miss this?! O.O

I've been replaying Borderlands and she would have been an amazing
stand-in for Gaige in B2. :D
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That's pretty awesome! You are very skilled.

I was thinking up a design for my own Borderlands character; an old western gunslinger, brought back to life, due to the increased iridium deposits, after countless years of mummification.
Do you think I should post my sketches and design, too?
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This is a really great design! I am currently working on a design with my wife for original Borderlands cosplay outfits. This has been a great inspiration.
So cool
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You should work for gearbox :D (Big Grin)
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this is so awesome!
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this is awesome im not sure if it matters but i think the siren tattoos are on the wrong side.
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Cool character design :D
she looks like she could be roland's daughter... and cosidering roland X ilith is canon, it would be cool to see her as the siren for 3...
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