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We are a group to english and spanish people <3

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Well, this chapter was great, Gai sensei is awesome, but it's also a sad chapter.

Gai-sensei opened the 9 gates of chakra to defeat Madara, that makes Lee proud of him, well we have still hope that you will not die Gai-sensei.

Lee is very proud of his teacher, but Gaara remembers this technique and what it means Gai for Lee, and immediately feels sorry for Lee, Gaara tries to say something to Lee, but Lee interrupts him telling he is not sad but very proud of his master. so cute leegaa moment

What a masculine expression has Lee in the last panel. <3333

And now the end of the moment was when Minato asks Lee to protect and support hes uke..I mean Gaara.


A cute LeeGaa moment!! ENjoy it!! We Love LeeGaa. Gai-sensei please!!



Happy Valentine's Day! we wish that all your dreams come true this day!


Now, we gonna feature a selection of the best fanarts of all times, with a theme in particular 'the best kiss'...Enjoy!

Sand can get hot too LeeGaa by Glay:thumb244387772: LeeGaa- The first kiss by Psycho-Lee Contest_LeexGaara_onepage_ by Ravenniia:thumb145275591: LeeGaara - butterfly garden by Ravenniia Infatuated by Rhapsodii-kun Lee and Gaara Making out by XxSandDemon666xX no touchy gaara by Yaoi-gaalee-FC
The new chapter of Naruto had some comedy, but more importantly (a moment with our beloved Lee) he noticed Gaara's sand in the sky

And he calls him with his cute "Gaara-kun" :heart:

Omg maybe a scene with these two characters is comming, these two had a great development together in the first part of Naruto (one of the reasons why the LeeGaara is so popular) but they have not had more scenes together u__u

and hahahaha Lee has now a gourd like his uke...

Maybe a fight toghether between those two...PLEASE KISHIMOTO PLEASE!!

We need more LeeGaa :heart:


14 days left till the deadline. A new folder has been created in the gallery for the Contest. It is labeled "Valentine's Contest 2014." Please submit your artwork there. Remember the artwork is Valentine's themed LeeGaa. We are counting on you all to make this contest work. Also we need donations for prizes. Whether it be points or artworks. Send us a message if you would like to make a donation. Winner's will be announced on February 15th. Good luck Everyone! And Happy February! :blowkiss: