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...again. Funny Fat People. Epic win for funny!
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uhh what a flame we got below, I'm glad I'm not part of it. From weight to Jesus... screw gravity :P :D
damn i hate fat people
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lol, wow. What a conversation. I see valid points presented and congratulate ~xRyuzakix the winner, for the reserve shown, points presented, and overall burns issued.

~Mortaliz4369 wins points for being passionate. You have my respect for that, even if I don't agree with all of your views.
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Fat people are not funny. They are people just like everyone else and deserve to live life without your ridicule.
LeeeRoooy-Jeeennkins's avatar ridicule. I'm just pointing out funnies. Look at the Vanilla Coke one - also funny. Nobody's flipping out that I'm making fun of/'hating' cross-dressers or funny poses. It's just a joke - something to make people laugh and feel happy...sorry if you don't appreciate it. I'm not forcing you to look at my stuff or read it.
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You don't make fun of minorities do you? Its not OK to make fun of a black person for being black but it is OK to make fun of them if they happen to be a size 20. Any time you laugh at someone for their size you may as well laugh at them for their skin color too.
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...mucho take it easy, dude/dudette.
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You good sir, are a retard. You can't choose the color of your skin. You can't choose who you are attracted too. But you have the ability to controll the amount of food that you eat.

You can excercize, you can eat well, you can choose to be lazy.

Don't go comparing something you can't help to something you have almost full controll over. You uneducated retard.
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It is a proven fact that most people who are overweight are predisposed to being overweight it is genetic just like skin color. The pain that overweight people are put through is no less real than that of minorities. And it is much more accepted as OK to do to them. You as an example of people who think it is OK.
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Bro. Only 1% of people in the world have a medical condition or medication that makes them fat. The genetics thing is false. Your an idoit.

Being fat is more then usually caused by a shitty diet and a lack of excercise. The reason people dislike fat people is because they look disgusting and astecially un appealing. Thems the facts.

Get over it.
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Calling someone an idiot is very childish as is holding on to this form of hate. Those people are not un appealing to everyone 35% of men prefer a larger woman and in the past it has been even more so. You get over being a childish mean brat.
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Your getting angry because you know that those statistics you tried to pass off as truth, were fake.

In the past, being fat ment you were rich. It was the same as having a long beard. And being pale. The fatter, paler and, if you were a man, the longer the beard, the richer you were and the more people respected you.

You don't really do much research before trying to pass everything off as fact, do you? Your coming off as an unintelligent, man. And by the way. Calling you an idoit is rightly justified. It's not a swear and I only use it to call someone who I believe, is actually acting like one.

Try not acting so butthurt.
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poor poor bike hehe
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