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[In between the cover of another perfect wonder
Where it's sooo white as snooww
Running through the field where all my tracks will be concealed
And there's nooowhere to goo

Heeey ohhh]

The above lyrics probably have nothing to do with snow. Who cares.

"Reward" drawing for :iconsarru-san: for being nice and commenting on a lot of my stuff. I like comments.

(Go look at his drawings. Now. D:<)
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Yay, it's finished. And I beat sarru to it! :D

Sarru, she ttly draws your characters better than you. U jelly? You should be jelly >:]

It came out totally awesome amazing, do more like it~
Sarru-san's avatar
You draw jackets and shirts in general better then I do. >3>;;
And pine trees...
This is really cool Angelic!
Wth man? And ad just popped up on DA and is blocking the freaking comment box.
Oh, it went awa.....GODDAMMIT IT'S BACK AGAIN!!
Anywho...yeah...this is great, and I love the Cactuar crossing sign.
Leedamu's avatar
I totally do.
Thaanks~ And I love the sign too. I want it in my room.
Sarru-san's avatar
I see =0 n' stuff.