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Mehh, I suppose I should submit stuff every once in a while. Stupid moving out of the country. This is just my other drawing without the background. I like this one because you can see the colors better, but I have no idea what a good background would be so you could still see the colors. Bleh, I'll never get around to thinking of anything. Ideas would be nice.

I told myself not to look at the calendar, but I did anyways. Already there's only two weeks left. Ugh.
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Awww, sorry the move is happening so fast D:

To tell you the truth, as cool as it looked when it was all sunset-y, I liked this way better too. What if you like...did the tops of buildings and stuff in the background, like greyish silhouettes, and they faded to white at the bottom? And a greyish fadey wall behind them so you know what they're sitting on? I dunno, it looks good in my head, but you know how eloquent I am when it comes to describing ideas >.>