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I collect mugs, seriously. They're adorable.

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Fight Club; Snatch; most Disney/Pixar movies
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Cartoons and documentaries; Community's up there too
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The Strokes; Arctic Monkeys; Muse
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Misery; Invisible Monsters; The Little Prince
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Chuck Palahniuk; Stephen King
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The one where you press buttons to move and stuff
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You; My cat; Psyduck; Food; Being not bored; Mugs


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Haha, yes, just like that! :P It was okay though, I mean as long as the bride and groom enjoyed it, right?

Ooh, where to? That sucks to hear, how long does she have to do that? Heh, good luck with the house hunt. I'll have to start looking for apartments to move into next summer, here's hoping I don't end up on the streets!

I've just been doing school stuff, and I just joined an honors society so hopefully I can get some scholarships from that. -_- I worked at the Renaissance Faire during September and now I ended up working at a fancy hair salon. I visited my family over the summer again too, I can't wait to go for Christmas~ Oh, I've got a baby niece and baby cousin now. They're both about ten months old now, give or take. So that's some noteworthy things!
Oh wow, I thought you'd never ask haha! The bridesmaiding process was fun, but being in the wedding was just okay for me. I don't get very enthusiastic about weddings themselves, just the planning of them. For some reason. The venetian table was also a little disappointing? I'm just a fatty though.

What've you been up to for the past year? ;3
commented on 's profile
Lol these comments. But hey, think of all the views they're giving you!

Really like your cosplays and all that. Don't even pay attention to whoever's shitting on you for it.  I would only suggest making Garnet's skin a little more red next time!
Well, I mean, I like watching giant robots fight giant monsters. xD I didn't see the ending, though, me and another friend were falling asleep when there were only like ten minutes left. Maybe someday I'll watch it the whole thing.

Hah, nice. :P Thanks. I had no idea I was actually supposed to go until the day of, which was also when we had no car to drive to the museum. No professors were available to take me, and I don't know the trains or buses around there since we live in a different town. I also had a math test later that day, no way he would've accepted being at an art show as a good excuse to miss it. :P Well, I got the highest grade in the class and still got my prize, so it all turned out okay. Oh no, how is she doing now? :c Super awesome times are always good, but you don't have to talk about them if you don't want to. ;P Cold's suck, but I'm glad it was still worth it, haha. I'm going to be a bridesmaid in a wedding in October, but I'm mostly excited for the venetian table. >_>
Yeah, it was pretty good. Lots of likeable apes. And I noticed after it ended that I was wearing my space monkey shirt, so that was a nice coincidence. Haha, I didn't know they were American and English. I actually really liked Pacific Rim, as much as people complain about the lack of character development and whatnot. xD

Yeah, I wanted to go see it in theaters and then everyone went without me. My sister still talks about how they went to "the big fancy theater with the nice seats" and I'm like "cool...I've still never been there". I did get to see it about a month ago though, I liked it. :P Hm, well I got my visa to study in the US, so I'm doing this fine arts thing. I did pretty good in my first semester, if I do say so myself! One of my paintings was put in an art show and I won an "honorable mention" award and got $50. I didn't show up to receive my award though, so the professor was pissed at me. Oh, and my parents are back in Chile now, so no more trips to Panama, haha. :P What about you, what's been going on for the past however long it's been?