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Wood Chrome Finish 1.2d

version 1.2d (09/2004)

My first skin. It was in the WA dbase for long time already, but my first time here (first submission).

New Features:

Auto-Layouts, Notifier, Shade mode & Playlist docking, Better lcd color control,
Update checker, Optional CD Album art on Notifier.

Other Features:
Classic red wood & chrome look, Resizable shade mode, 2 Player modes, All Chrome and Wood/Chrome,
Customizable LCD Color with Morph function, Easy access Preset EQs & one programmable EQ preset button,
4 custom visualizations, Color Themes.
© 2004 - 2021 leechbite
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You made really great skins, bro; I'll fav it and watch you right now. :thumbsup:

PS Do you speak German (a bit, at least)? Cause some names of the color-schemes made me believe that...

I absolutely love it. Nice work.
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Hi there

This is one of the most beauty WA-Skins-Modern I've seen so far! The variations and combinations of them are really countless. The best - it's very useful also!!! Indeed a rare combination; congrats my friend - a masterpiece in progress :!:

:clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap: :clap:

Keep on keeping on ;-)
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im using this skin right now and i love it but 1 question how do i add a song to my library? this has had me stumped for soooo long
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thank you for using Wood Chrome. :) you can add a song the library by clicking on the "Library" button on the bottom of the Media Library and choose "Add media to library" from the menu.
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o thnx a lot man ur skin owns
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:XD: My new favorite skin. I thought I'd wait forever for a kewl ass skin; thanks for the excellent work!
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i dont use winamp, but i love the chrome :) good job!
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I've been using this skin for a few days now, I had downloaded it from another site previously and for some reason overlooked it. There's a lot to like here, and I feel it's only fair of me to give the designer some appreciation and feedback.

This skin is one of the most innovative, featurewise, that I've seen to date. I absolutely love the colour-shifting LCD background with full control over its rate of mutation and the ability to randomize it. I'm no fan of wood looks, but the skin provides for me with an "all-chrome" option, which all work decently with the shared colour themes. The rightclick menu for basic quick skin feature controls is very handy; I only wish that the "CFG" button toggled the full Skin Options window rather than the rightclick quick options menu. This is also one of the very few skins I've seen that is compatible with Winamp's Skin Browser Skin Options Menu button, though I don't think anyone actually uses it, it's nice to see the thoroughness and attention to detail. The EQ skinning is nice and the preset buttons are a welcome innovation, and while it's approaching redundancy, the little hidden drawer in the Main window's Full mode is genius; it's intuitive, responsive, and compact. I also dig the seizure-looking Headbanger visualization, it's great.

As far as downsides, unfortunately, every skin has them, and the one that comes to my mind quickest for this skin is the lack of contrast in the colours for the LCD display information. This wouldn't be a problem normally, but I love the cycling colours, and as they cycle (in a sort of HSB wheel rotation or randomly, both of which I really like), about 70% of the time the songticker, timer, and other data is obscured completely. Perhaps a bold-text or interactively contrasting text colour option could fix this. I use most skins mainly in their Stickmodes, and again I must lament the lack of a collapsible, Stickmoded Playlist Editor, something not a whole hell of a lot of Modern skins have anymore, but a trend I'd love to see reversed. The only other bitch I have about this fine skin is the contrast of the buttons in the Stickmoded Main window. I run my desktop at 1152x864, and only two or three of all the nice colour themes provides enough contrast to be able to make out the titles of the three EQ, PL, and TH buttons at a glance, and several render doing so impossible until I change the scaling of the window to a size where the stickmode then takes up too much screen real estate. But again, the skin is very well designed, very easy-to-use, and quite innovative.

I congratulate the designer on making a full-featured Modern skin that is as stable as anything I've ever used, does cool things no other skin can claim to, and in doing so still doesn't suck up the resources that some skins half as pretty do. I very much look forward to the future work to come from the author, and keep my fingers crossed that it'll have fully-Stickmoded Playlist Editor and possibly even EQ windows. Great job, keep up the good work.

* * * * *
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wow! thanks alot for the nice words. :) i will update this skin in the future and i will surely consider most of your suggestions. it wont updated though for a long time cause im busy working on another skin. thanks again.
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slapshock.. "im sick and tired of all this games" hehe..
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good to see some filipinos here. ayos! :D
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Very good update,this skin is very complete and perfectly coded.
I like the eq presets buttons feature.
It's not the style of skins i use,but it is a great skin that everyone must try.
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