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Anunaki has landed! And it's here to take your computer resources away! :D
Boasting with 4 unique player modes and endless features, this just might be the skin for you.


v1.1 : Updated (03/08/05) - bug fixes and now has 40+ color themes.

This is dedicated to Lexie, Jethro and Judd and sa lahat ng pinoy na Winampers! :)
© 2005 - 2021 leechbite
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I've always liked this skin, especially in party mode, though I haven't been using for the simple reason that it doesn't fill my widescreen; I have a 16:10 aspect ratio (resolution of 1680x1050) and was never able to make it wide enough.. tried everything..
If that could be fixed, would be great..
Congrats for the originality of the skin, anyway.. oh, BTW, the version for cPro, can that be updated with the same color themes? That would be the BEST!
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This is a way super hot skin for WinAmp! I have been using this skin for a small chunk of time now, and absolutely love it. Plus I rather enjoy that it came stock with a lot of different colors to choose from. I normally use this skin in "normal mode", but in a pinch, to open up space on my desktop, I love the looks of "stick mode"! Oh and I love the little accents that you applied to this skin, mainly those small pulsing lights next to the information screen, that pulse with the music, makes me think I've got a full blown disco-tech on my desktop. I downloaded this skin directly from WinAmp, didn't know I could have grabbed it here!
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Great work! :)
Good work, I love the party mode, but I have a huge problem with that:
I want the party mode on my second monitor so I can keep working on my first monitor, however: party monitor ALWAYS starts on my first monitor and won't budge at all. You should work on that in a next release, because the skin is now not usable for me :(
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once all my other projects are done, im gonna work on an update for this.

thanks to all the support! :-)
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Yes! I finally found it!
I love this skin. I forgot it's name and I couldn't find it for what felt like forever, and now I finally have it's glory back. THANK YOU! :D
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serious quality work :clap:
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Very nice man :D i like the skins that let me hide it up at the top with out makeing it go bye bye :D very nice job
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this is the best skin ever!!! thanx for making it :D
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love the skin leechbite, been using it for a long time and only recently noticed the DA color theme!
By the way, if you dont mind telling, whats the font you used for the titles and the clock?
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Great work. This one has style. I now have 2 skins by you. Wood Chrome and this one. Keep it up and I'll keep using them.
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great skin dude, I'm loving the colours and the lights.
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damn your skins are awsome, i'll jsut have to watch you :D
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how do you get the notifier+cd cover to work? :confused:
I've had this skin for ages and yet I have never seen it... or is it because it only works with audio cd's?
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WOAH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :clap: :hug:
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Thisone also is fantasic :clap:

The otherone I'd already faved, I've seen; so I have to fav this :lol:
Fantastic job ! What effects and what a marvellous code work on winamp !
I think Winamp5 has just been created for this skin ... :)
It goes to my top favorites with "Drone".
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I just found your skin and I want to say it is flat out the best work on Winamp skinning in 6 years.
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fantastic job. On the machines where you've got resources to spare this is what you need.

also, not to be contrued as informative, but, on a previous install there was a persistant memory leak that built up over several hours; I was never able to pinpoint a specific function that was the culprit.
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Almost an oldie, but still one of my favorites and currently in use. The winshade mode rocks. :thumbsup: :thumbsup:
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excellent skin, love the party mode, especially easy nav after a bruski or two ;)
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