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leech monster cave subspecies tidbits


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1 custom lux leech slot open

taking 2 custom lux leeches! 100 USD each (extra info here - https://www.deviantart.com/occultic/journal/Leech-monster-redesigns-closed-846436290) if you have trait items you can apply them to your custom, comment if interested! slots: claimed claimed

Official and Mod journals

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september DTE [CLOSED]


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Luxury class leech monster flatsale - OPEN


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LM - Leech Pops

Prompt Submissions

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Gunslinging Bun


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Definitely Not Piss

npc art

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[Comm] walk the plank

AU art

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[LeechMonsters] Opi redesign!

Leech refsheets

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Ozzy Leech MYO

Officialized myos

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Felted plush YLH! (Open)


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Leech Monster rejoice! (ych commission)


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Leeches up for sale/trade/swap-open

Long list of leeches i'm either reselling, trading or swaping, i'm wanting to heavily down size this year prefered is resell or trading (mainly for one off designs or art (i'll be super picky on art offers) please dm if you are interested: CS i'm also interested in is chams, grems, danities https://leechmonsters.com/character/F-1826 - 65$ / lux swap / trade https://leechmonsters.com/character/T-1530 - trade / art https://leechmonsters.com/character/O-1611 - trade / art https://leechmonsters.com/character/O-1274 - swaps /trade https://leechmonsters.com/character/O-1074 - trade / swaps / art https://leechmonsters.com/character/O-1004 - 25$ https://leechmonsters.com/character/F-741 - swaps / trade https://leechmonsters.com/character/F-1714 - 70$/ trade / swaps https://leechmonsters.com/character/F-1757 - trade / swaps

Trading Selling and Seeking Journals

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Undertale-styled Sprite Commissions | open

If you wish to be pinged for any future reopenings, comment here! https://www.deviantart.com/comments/1/833265864/4918272211 You can check progress on my trello! trello.com/b/zqaoUfnm/owed-art A still one is 300-500/3-5€ depending on complexity! A simple animated one is 500-1000/5-10€ (5+ frames depending on complexity)! A complex animated one is 1000-1500:points:/10-15€ (5+ frames depending on complexity) You can order multiple! I am picky for complex animated sprites and prefer simple designs for them. Payment is to be sent before I start the commission, unless otherwise specified (such as if I am unsure if I can do a

Other Journals

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all past art events

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DTE3: Hot Boy

2020 July DTE

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