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Happy Owl-oween

...this was either gonna be really funny or really might be both! :slow:

Happy Halloween to all my friends on dA!!! :iconpumpkinlaplz:

this idea came from a conversation with my son about what owls would dress up as to go trick or treating :giggle:

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OMG! Mummy-Owl is the greatest! ROFL! I love this. So cute and original. You and your son should collaborate more often. :aww:
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Mummy Owl is my favorite too! He made me giggle while I painted him :giggle:
I know we should do more together :aww: he enjoys it!
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Thank you! :iconpumpkinglomp: I'm glad you enjoyed it! :giggle:
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This is so adorable and imaginative! I just love that little skeleton owl ^_^
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Thanks so much, Annie! :tighthug: I think he's a bit scared of the 'vampire' owl....those wax lips are terrifying! :lol: :iconpumpkinlaplz:
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Lee Anne they are adorably goofy! I love them. My favorite one is the mummy, he looks like he had a younger sister help him and she got him all tangled up instead. Very very cute.:love:
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:aww: Thanks so much, Tammara! I love the mummy one, too! He made me laugh while I was painting him! I think you are exactly right about his sister! :giggle: :iconpumpkinlaplz:
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:XD: So adorable! :heart: :iconpumpkinglomp:
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haha! Hoot who hooty hoot hootoo!
Human translation: that is very funny!
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hoot hooty who who who! which means "I'm glad you enjoyed it!" :iconbarnowllaplz:
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Haha, this is sweet! I thought about „The Legend of the Guardians“ when I saw these were owls. ^^ Pretty nice.
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That movie is the whole reason my son and I had the conversation about Owls and costumes! :lol: So it was kinda responsible for the idea, too ;)
Thanks so much! :iconpumpkinglomp:
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Really? Haha, great! ^^ Do you like the movie? I really liked it, it was very well done. It was also very sad though and maybe a little too hard for children.

You are very welcome!!!! :hug: (laughs about the great Halloween-Emoticon)
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The movie was wonderful, my son, who is 9, is reading the books! He loves them! The movie was a bit dark....I wouldn't take very young children to see it..but my son loved it :hug:
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I see. Sadly I haven’t read the books yet. But I am sure they are really nice. :) Glad your son liked it. I also would not take too young children to see the movie, it was indeed somehow a little bit dark. But your son was old enough. ^^
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