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Lollipop Chainsaw- Juliet- digital painting

This is not a game wallpaper btw,
I think some people might not realize that this is a DRAWING!
I have spent over a week painstakingly drawing this in Adobe Photoshop, every detail you see is drawn by hand, this is just the kind of detail I allways strive to create with all my work. :D

(I take no credit for the design of this character, all rights are held by the companies involved in the Lollipop Chainsaw game on PS3 and 360)
Hope you like her! ^_^

All drawn in Adobe Photoshop CS2.
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nice 1920x1080 please lol  aww come on Suda51 we need a sequel to this game!!!
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Yeah, definitely needs a sequel. :)
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This isn't a 3d model?0.0
She looks so freakin good:love:
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Thanks!! :D it's 2D, just patiently drawn to look as real as I can manage.
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Well you did a terrific job!:D
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Thanks Aish! :)
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I love the movement in this one of the hair and pose. The pose is brilliant and again, the colouring is superb. The little details are brilliant as well. :love:
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Thanks! Yeah I'm particularly proud of the way the pose turned out,
this one had the right amount of everything when completed. :)
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Hehe you're welcome~ You should be proud! =)
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WOW Julie is looking great :)
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I just love Juliet! :)
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that sounds like an interesting game.
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It is, it's very fun, and also quite rude. ^_^
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This looks great!! It totally looks like a 3-D model!! I can't believe this is just coloring!! Amazing!!

I keep seeing cosplays of this... XD Too bad I'm frightened of zombie games... XD
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Thanks! glad you like it! yeah I used some very 3D renders as reference material,
so with my own drawing, I managed to reproduce a very 3dimensional result. :)

For a zombie game, LC is more "comedy" than scary, though it does have some cartoonish gore, but mostly you will see
colorful rainbows and stars shooting out of zombies, rather than blood. :P
MYT-Designs's avatar
O.o Oh my god... XD But still.. Zombie freak me out so much... I can't... XD But that's quite interesting really.. XD A cheerleader with a cute chainsaw killing zombies.. Who would have thought... XD
Lee99's avatar
:P well, isn't this kind of crazy thing quite normal for Japanese game designers? lol
Chromattix's avatar
A chainsaw with a pink heart in it - that that's something I've never seen :lol: Great idea, almost comical how such a "cheerleader" type can be found wielding a chainsaw - the most brutal and masculine of all tools, as her choice of weapon :chainsaw: Cool idea!
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Yeah it's crazy alright :P probably one of the reasons why I love the character so much, and the game is totally nuts,
you seen her talking head boyfriend? he get's bitten by a zombie, and to save him she preforms a special ritual and lops off his head, and thus keeping him alive as a talking head, hanging off her belt, he's pretty funny. :D
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