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Funkrush Final

Finnished vector from the previous sketches, some of you preffer the actual sketches but it had to be worked up in vector for different applications of the illustration.
I started this with a few sketches then scanned them in and used them as a refference in adobe illustrator. All the flourishes have been researched and redrawn in illustrator, so no brushes (not that theres anything wrong with that, I just like to have more control).
This is the longest i've worked on this sort of thing, mainly because it was a commision from wirestyle for

Some of you have mentioned that this kind of illustration is similar to what si scott does, I've never been dishonest about this as I mentioned him the first time I submitted something in this style. Having said that I am keen to develop away from it.

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Love it, amazing work! <3
hey my name is Kevin Karakashian,
i like your work, we are starting up a new clothing line "2KO'D" clothing if you would like to sell your pictures or work as an artist send me some more of your pictures and we will look over them.. you will be paid generously for your designs. email me more designs at

For more info just message me back!
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Found this through Smashing Magazine. Very inspiring and elaborate! Gorgeous even!
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man its amazing! awesome typography!
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yes, it does resemble elements of si scott's work. But you have to derive inspiration from somewhere, like everyone. So wonderful job done!
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si scott is such a great influence - on me too (although you couldnt tell at all by my work).

your style is a lot looser than his IMO, he works really tight with the swirls. hes also a bit more abstract than this... would i mistake this for his work? no, but i can certainly see that the person who made it had to of seen si scotts work because it looks influenced by it.

never be ashamed of being influenced by someone, nothing in this world will ever be original.
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really look like siscott!
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that's awsome
brilliant work
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I so want this on a shirt. :wow:
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I love your work! Alsmost as good as si scott! :)
Wish you well and looking forward to see your developement!
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I just bought a tee shirt from there right now.
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wow, its cool' ya!
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nice work. like this style.
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great work! really nice flow, this is really rare
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that's a very cool stuff....:thumbsup::thumbsup:
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If I could use a drooling emote, I would. Oh wait. :drool:

:+fav: and also +props.
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