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red man

By lee-337
Illustrations, Conceptual, Painting
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© 2008 - 2021 lee-337
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I was sure it was Kil'Jaeden for a moment, but i guess not ^^
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Jesus, look at the detail...
BelRhaza4017's avatar
powerful; awesome feel to the element of fire
Hakkyou-no-Yami's avatar
I think I'm looking at the King of Hell it self or atleast one it's High Generals.....

very Excellent job on it.
Adrianohq's avatar
wooooo..really fantastic
razen-sketch's avatar
its so dynamic
love it !
a-thammasak's avatar
Oh WoW It's amazing work!!
FrozenCerberus's avatar
i love it it is so awesome!
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that is fucking awesome! WOW!
Vasthor's avatar
fantastic demon art =)
but u need a random name creator uheeauhaeuheaeauheaueahaeuh
swankyjunk's avatar
Holy mother of all that is METAL! Words cannot express the sheer, unadulterated awesome of this picture! Smile my friend, for the Gods of Rock have bestowed upon you the HEAVIEST of metal artistry skills. Because there are two paths you can go. Audio metal, and visual metal. And this, my friend, is the HEAVIEST of visual metal.
Magnetohydrodynamic's avatar
Well yeah, he is red.
I can see your progress in these pictures, you are constantly getting better.
Dude your work is awesome,your style really suits my taste down to the wire,I'm definitely faving this!Keep it up
Valkyrie93's avatar
this is amazing :):) it reminds me of World of Warcraft!!!
Holy Inferno's Awesomeness! This image Rocks!
Now, who wants bigger image size!
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Talk about eyecatching.
Cyberborg's avatar
Holy #^&*%$# man, that is AWESOME!!!
jvgce's avatar
extreme work man......:)
tremorfireheart's avatar
its looking pretty good. the thumbnail size i didn't get so well but the bigger size really let me see what was going on.
psangoesdown's avatar
32 favs??? your art is bigger than 32 fav
tndrhrtd37's avatar
BGWorX's avatar
That is just gloriously bad@$$!! Holy geez dude my words would never be able to do this magnificent picture justice. Your talent is far beyond greatness :wow:
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