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Hello everybody, long time no see...
I hope you have a few minutes to waste on me, because I would like to say a few things.
In case you care but got no time, read only the bold parts :3

First of all, even though I have been completely absent since forever, I noticed today that the number of my watchers somehow had reached over 3300,
and this number seems to be growing. 
I have no idea what you people are doing here still, but

THAK YOU so SO very much for liking and appreciating my art, and for showing it to me by watching, commenting, and favoriting them!

I hope it does not sound empty when I say I am super grateful, and very happy to see all these. If i could, i would go give a hug to all of you.

Also thank you very veery much for everygbody who wished me a happy birthday, it was indeeed very happy :3

And i would like to mention my newest watchers here, too, Thank you for watching and commenting, even though you probably noticed that i have not been around lately.
There are a few reasons to why i am so dead here. Mostly, the lack of time...
A few weeks ago, I got accepted to an art university, and before that i had been practicing, and getting ready for the application exams.
Since university started i have not been able to come online on here, or draw anything at all, since it got super busy and hectic all of a sudden.
This is my first time on DA since i got accepted actually. 

For this reason, I will have to close commissions too. I knew art university would be tough, it requires the "full person" if that makes sense. It takes all my time, and we have so many tasks,
that whenever i have a little free time, i don't really want to draw anymore, since thats what i do, that is what im obligated to do 24/7.

Now, don't get me wrog, i'm happy that i got to attend this university, and I want to be good, and do all my tasks properly.
It is not being too rough, I can keep up with it, and it's not too much, simply, i don't want to feel burnt out, or too exhausted, so whenever i can, i put the pencil down, so i wont start hating it.
Besides all these, I have started a new hobby, which i also have no time for, at all XD I record videogames and edit short videos of the recorded footage, but im a complete beginner at it,
therefore it takes a LOT of time, and i nearly never have time for it, but when i do, i love doing it instead of drawing all the time. 


However, I do work a lot for university, we have a lot of projects going on at the same time (over 10 projects right now)
and even though I can not draw and post anything similar to what i used to upload here, I would like to ask this question: 

Would any of you be interested in seeing my university projects? It would include everything, from WIP pics to finished stuff too.

You would see a lot of self portaits first, since one of our biggest projects is to draw self portaits in 8-10 different styles :D 

Please let me know how you feel about this, or if you are interested, If I find that people would like to see it, I will start uploading art here again, that i do for university.

That's all for now, tthank you very much for reading it, Have a nice rest of the day X3 
I was tagged by :iconxxusashikajackarooxx:
Thank you so much, xXUsashikaJackarooXx for tagging me, I always love to do these, and to read other people's journals, I'm sorry i'm so late with it X3


1)Write the rules in your journal entry if you are tagged. Got it!

2)Write 13 things about yourself! Wait so, I have to say 13 things AND answer 13 questions?

3)Answer 13 questions made by the person who tagged you, and make your own 13 questions. Alright, I guess I'm saying 13 thing, answer 13 questions AND ask 13 new questions.

4)Tag 13 deviants. Make sure they know they are tagged. No I will not.

5)Don't say "You're tagged if you read this".

6) It is forbidden not to tag anyone. (Ignore this if you want) I'm ignoring the hell out of it, thank you ^w^

7)No tagging back!

Questions by Trigger-Sweety-Bunny for me:

1) Let's go first with the classic favorites: Favorite Food or Snack, Pet, Color and Music Genre?
Favorite food: Beef stew
Favorite snack: IDK
Favorite pet: I love them all~
Favorite color: Blue, green, purple, pink, black, lots of colors :3
Favorite music genre: Modern Classical. Let me leave a couple of links here, in case you would like to hear how epic it can be: (I was lucky to be there on these concerts and see these live on stage Heart)

2) Any artist you admire? Which one?
Lots of the of course, though I'm not sure if it's about artists only from DA, or it can be from anywhere.
So this time I will say 
Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio, italian painter, was active at the end of the 16th and the beginning of the 17th century.
His paintings have a special atmosphere, strong light-shadow/brightness-darkness contrast, spectacular lights, and flawless human anatomy and poses. Truly admirable.

3) If you are an artist, tablet, mouse or pencil? If you don't use any of these, which are your all time favorite tools?
I don't know if I am. Nowadays, the word "artist" is ruined by those, who believe that a one color painted canvas is just as great of an art as the Mona Lisa.
There's no need anymore for realistic paintings, since we have photography, and filmography. Therefore, artists started to make unusual art pieces, that could not be done by a camera.
But the most of this modern art turned into this tragedy, where art no longer requiers talent, and where art is not what is on your canvas, but the way how you can sell nothing for as much money as possible.
However, talent finds a new way to show itself to the world, but since it's no longer needed in the old/traditional way (in art galleries, and such), it satisfies the needs of the newer generations in the pop culture,
and appears in, for example, movies and video games, giving a complex, combined artistic experience, showing off the values of art, story writing, music, acting, and much more.
I'm sorry for rambling, I could talk about the negative examples of modern art forever. But if you are reading this, my dear watcher, feel free to tell your opinion about it, I'm curious.
Keep in mind however, that I'm not saying, every modern art is bad, no, I'm simply saying, that I see many examples, where talent disappeared from art, which makes me sad.
But the point is, even if I'm not an artist, I still would like to do something with my talent. This is why I'm here, on DA :3
I prefer both tablet and pencil, and every other kinds of traditional techniques too, but mouse, not really.

4) What inspired your username?
Originally the number plate of my first car, but I made a typo in it, and now it's really close to my IRL name hehe ^w^

5) If you are an artist, do you draw as a hobby, or do you want to take your creations to a proffessional level and make it your career?
  (not only drawing, also could be writing or any other form of art) Or Do you prefer it as a hobby?
Again, am I? XD Jokes aside, I have already made this my career, I've been working as a professinal artist, and I still get my income from making art, however, it never stopped being my hobby.

6) What inspired you to create? Where do you find your inspiration and will to draw,write,etc..?
It's an interesting question, because to be honest, I can't tell examples of what inspires me. Everything in the whole world in a way, but nothing at the same time.
By this, i mean, I'm always inspired to draw more, or make more art, just by myself, I don't have to wait for something to inspire me. 
You guys see that the drawings I post here are inspired by FNAF mostly, but otherwise, I "can't" find inspiration, because it's always in me, always a lot more than I could ever use, I could never run out of it.

7) Are you more active during day or night? What do you do most of your time when you are active?
I'm definitely not a morning person, but it depends on my mood, sometimes I can be very active any time, and sometimes, there is nothing on the whole world that could make me do something.

8) Have you ever thought about meeting people over the world?
Yes I have, not only thought, but already met with someone from DA, from another country, and i do plan to meet with all my friends some day :3

9) Any character you have gotten attached to or love a lot?
Fictional character? None. I like reality more.

10) All time favorite series? (can be any movie, tv series, cartoon, anime or books)
A sitcom called "Married... with Children "

11) Horoscope sign and do you think you match your sign?
Libra, and I never read or look up what it says, because I used to do it sometimes, and it was either never accurate, or could have been told about literally anyone on this world, so I'm not sure if I match with it XD

12) Spiritual Animal Totem and why you consider said animal fits you the most?
My spiritual animal is a chair... But a certain bird fits me the most ;3 Heart

13) What is your biggest dream for the future? Do you think you can make it come true? Whatever it is, I am rooting for you to not leave it just as a dream ^^
  So good luck on it, I wish for you the best regards Hug 
I kinda want to say it's private, and I have other dreams in my life too, but... X3 Seeing gold94chica in real life HeartHeartHeart
And of course, I definitely believe it can come true eventually :3 Thank you very much X3 Hug

Now i think it's time for me to tag people, so here they are:

:iconnigthmarewolf: and :iconmirage-epoque:

And since i think xXUsashikaJackarooXx 's questions were great, let's say these are my questions too. 

Thank you if you read it all, I hope you enjoyed reading it ^w^ 

Hi everybody!

Before the facts, I would like to say, sorry for all the late replies and comments,
I haven't been around here lately, because I had to take care of several IRL things, 
but I'm doing great, and I will do my best to be here from now, or at least check on here more often. 
Thanks to all of you, who are still watching me, I appreciate it a lot, and soon I will post a longer journal,
in which I will explain why I was away from DA for so long to those who would like to know, and also some new artworks.
But first, I wanted to start with something short and quick to read, so I chose to do this 13 tags, I hope you will enjoy reading it.

Tagged by 

13 Facts about me:

1. I collect skulls, and sometimes other bones too, I have deer, boar, dog, fox and other skulls, that I found in the forest, near where I live.
2. My hair is so long, it reaches my knees, and weighs around 1 kilogram/2.2 pounds.
3. My hobby is to go to shoe shops, and take photos of very ugly shoes. 
4. I learned sculpting and ceramics for 7 years.
5. I love cooking ^w^
6. I love playing video games, for example, Witcher, Assassin's Creed, Fallout, and many other games :3
7. I learned digital painting, and making animations in a self taught way.
8. I can't get a sunburn. My skin gets very dark very easily, but I'm unable to get a sunburn.
9. I love peaceful, quiet, relaxing walks in nature.
10. My real name is the hungarian version of a french name, and is pretty rare.
11. I love rain and storms, when there's one, I usually sit outside and enjoy it, and I love falling asleep while listening to a storm.
12. This year, I got to see the Sistine Chapel, which was a big dream/goal for me for a very long time.
13. I rarely drink anything, and not much, I'm fine without drinking any water for 3 or 4 days, without my feeling any damage on my health.

I hope these facts were new, and I did not repeat myself.
Thank you everybody for reading it, these were real facts this time.
I hope you liked it~


Big thanks to my title manager :iconnigthmarewolf: for the amazing title :)
She helped me even tho i asked for a title in the last minute. I'm sure it's not easy to figure out a title in such a short time...

I got tagged by :iconodrios: a really long time ago, and now that i got out of sickness, and i feel a lot better, i would like to do it quickly.
So, these were Odrios 's questions for me:

1. what is the best thing what happened in the last 2 years?
  • So many wonderful things happened to me in the last 2 years, but of course, the best one... Well, every moment i spent with gold94chica Heart Heart Heart 
2. what brought you to DA?
3 do you like it to let somebody else decide for you?
  • Not at all. I make my decisions. 
4. hard life or boring life?
  • You mean, if i could choose one, which one i would want? Of course hard life. I don't want to be bored all the time, and i like to fight for everything, to feel like i actually deserve it. So hard life.
5. do you have somebody special in your life?
  • Yes i have. Guess who...                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  goldchair02 by Leda456
6. what is the meaning of life (serious question)?
  • Life does not have a meaning on it's own. Therefore there's no point to try to find it. Instead, go and give a meaning to your own life. With other words, the meaning of life is to give it a meaning.  
7. have you ever thought about an carrer as REAL artist?
  • Well i... I already work as a real artist.... So yes, i definitely thought about it XD
8. would you prever digital or classical art?
  • Both. 
9. did you ever raged so much that you destroyed something?
  • Yes i did. 
10. do you like me XD?
  • Haha, yes of course bro :D
11. are those questions boring?
  • No, actually these questions are pretty good i think.
12. have you ever done something against the law and didnt regret it?
  • Yes, i stole a dog. No regrets. Long story...
13. do you wanna met an famous star?
  • Yes, i would love to meet VY Canis Majoris, the biggest knows start in our Universe. 

Let's say that my questions are the same, and i would like to tag some people now:

:iconnigthmarewolf: :iconmirage-epoque: :iconmrotterson: :iconantrazehn:

Sorry that i made you read some random things about me again,i tried to keep it short this time,
and it took me like 30 minutes to make.
 I hope you like it. 

Big big thanks for the title to my title manager :iconnigthmarewolf:

Dear everybody!

Since so many of you asked about my persona, 
in this journal, I would like to tell you the story of how I became a chair.
At the beginning i was thinking a lot about what should I include, and which artworks shouldn’t be 
in this journal, but at the end I decided to put all of them here. 

Click on the pictures for bigger size/better quality, and don't forget to check out the mentioned artists, fav their art, watch and support them!

I hope you’ll enjoy my story~


A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away...

At end of the year 2015, I made a few new friends here on DeviantArt. 
I started to go to live streams, and talk to my new friends, and met more and more new awesome people...

sheezy93 aka Sidra was my first friend here on DA, and we talked a lot, almost every day, about everything, and got to know each other very well.
I went to watch her live streams often, and when she started to draw funny doodles, I didn’t have a character who could represent me.
In December, we decided to draw and post a picture of Us, dancing on a fabulous party.
On December 29. 2015. we both posted our artworks:

Sidra ‘s artwork:                                                My artwork:              

The Fabulous Of Party by sheezy93      The fabulous glitter dance party by Leda456

As you can see, back in December I didn’t have my own persona, and Marionette (my favorite character from FNAF) represented me.
So me and Sidra started to design a persona for me together. I have a green owl mask, with a white heart shaped face, which I made for the Carnevale of Venice.
I showed it to her, and we decided to go with that. We even had an idea that my own character could be a cyborg, a “clockwork-owl”, since I love watches so much.
We were in the middle of developing new ideas in January, when everything turned upside down...
Before I became a chair, my half-done owl persona looked like this:
A3 by Leda456

I met with some other awesome people, like drinkyourvegetable aka Drink and IgarashiDemetri5580 aka Ganta
(tho I only started to talk with Ganta months later).

And on a livestream, at the end of January 2016, something happened...

People started to sit on each other’s head, during the live stream, and I was totally lost, and didn’t understand why they do it.
Then, just for fun, someone said something like “why don’t you sit on leda, like on a chair” or something similar, sadly I can’t remember exactly who was it or what did they say.
And we had a lot of fun, sittin on other’s heads, then Sidra suddenly started to draw it, and we came up with funny ideas.
In those days around the end of January, I got close to another best friend of mine here on DA. 
She was NigthmareWolf aka Wolfie , who I spent a lot of time with, and she took a very important step in helping me become a chair,
because she was the first who posted an artwork of me, and after those chair jokes, the following drawings got posted on DeviantArt by my friends: 
I also posted the second fabulous party, which I made for Sidra ’s contest.
As you can see, while I drew the chair there, I was still a bit unsure about who represents me on this picture:

Wolfie‘s drawing, posted on January 24.     Sidra’s drawing, posted on January 28.               My drawing, posted on January 29.
Epic-Fab Fight by NigthmareWolf      Sitting On Another Heads by sheezy93      The even more fabulous glitter dance party by Leda456

These were the first artworks where I showed up as a chair.

After these, I went to live streams whenever I could, had fun with friends, met lots of new people and
and i always told them, that i'm a chair, or my friends told it to other people instead of me.
And after a while I didn’t care about designing my own owl persona anymore.

I met with another awesome person, Mirage-Epoque aka Bootman, who posted these drawings on DA of me:

This one on February 28.                                                                   And this on April 15.
Coming Soon October 11 by Mirage-Epoque''Draw me like one of your...'' by Mirage-Epoque

In one month, from january 28. to february 28. I completely fell in love with the idea of me being a chair. 
I found it very unique and funny. And during the these months, my new friends were always there with me, and we all had lots of fun.
With Bootman, we realized how similar we are, and got really close to each other in a short period of time too.

Then, on March 13. I posted a late birthday present for my dear Wolfie:

The most fabulous glitter birthday party by Leda456

While Puppet is still on the picture, at this point I completely left my puppet-self behind.

This was my first artwork, where I drew myself as a chair, without wanting to be anyone else, 
or having any doubts about who I am, tho in the process I still wasn’t sure about it,
(I even told this to you in the description,) since I wanted to be somehow “alive”.
This dream of mine came true, when Sidra started to draw me on her drawings and doodles. 
I got eyes, mouth, sometimes nose and even rainbow colored hair.
The following drawings are good examples for this: 

posted on DA on March 25.                                                         and on April 8.

Chicken Leggy Fwiends by sheezy93I Shall Save Princess Ramon by sheezy93

I also got close with YoshikageRa aka Ramon or Minna, a really awesome friend of mine and 
gold94chica aka Gold who I got shipped with by our friends, and Gold and me usually showed up together on doddles, like on this one above.
Later i met with Rori-de-Gerbera , aka Shpoon, who was Wolfie’s friend, and she also started to appear on group pictures. 

Happy litte fabulous plushies by NigthmareWolf   Livestream Buddies by sheezy93   The Ultimate Fabulous Glitter Forest Party by Leda456
The pictures above were made by:
Wolfie, she submitted it to DA on April 7.             Sidra, she submitted it to DA on April 15.                          Me, I submitted it to DA on Apil 23.  

I mentioned earlier, that my friends shipped me with Gold , Sidra was a big fan of our ship, and even drew us together
as a couple, and posted it on DA. Shpoon posted a drawing of me too, and Ramon made an amazing icon, which i still use, and he also drew two pics of me.                      
At that time, I posted a short animation too, of a galloping chair, showing how I imagined the movements of my chair persona.

Galloping chair -animated by Leda456      Gold x Chair as best couple ever by sheezy93      <da:thumb id="605043122"/>   Dinner at Grandampharos' by YoshikageRa      Creepy Chair --- Mares by Rori-de-Gerbera

Mine, posted on April 13.             Sidra, posted on April 22.                      Ramon, posted on April 24, July 18, and November 4.          Shpoon, posted on May 16.    
At the end of April, I became a chair, there were no doubts in me, but back then, I was an inanimate object in my own style
and I used photos of real chairs as my ID pic, even tho some people drew me with a face on their artworks.

Base by Leda456Black by Leda456Kek by Leda456

Later I started to draw doodles of myself as a chair, and after a while I added the face on the backrest too.
I also met with Jimmycovato22, who made 4 drawings of me and my friends:
June 9.                                            July 2.                                                 July 19.                                              October 7.

How to Talk to people who are awesome by Shadowyasasbi4ever44      Ghair:Thank you by Shadowyasasbi4ever44      Happy bday Sheezy93 by Shadowyasasbi4ever44      Weight In Gold by Jimmycovato22

As more and more people started to make drawings of me, I noticed that even tho everyone draws the brown, average kitchen chair,
each person draws it in a different way. And i realized that this is what i love the most in being a chair.
I’m like the  most common, average, normal everyday thing on earth, but every single person who drew me, 
gave me a piece of themselves. Everybody put something to it, and made it special, and unique. 
There were no 2 artworks where I looked the same. It was amazing to see how other people imagine me, when they want to draw me and the only thing I say is “I’m a chair”.
And everybody nailed it. I never felt disappointment, whenever I saw a chair drawing, made for me, that always made my day, and melt my heart.
I love every single one of them, because everyone showed me something new with their artworks. Some people asked for a ref sheet, but I always refused to show one. 

I studied each style and drawing for many hours, I love to notice the details like how people draw my crossbeams, what the shape of the backrest is like, what color the artist used for the chair, ect...

The following artworks are from Drink, one of my best friends on DA, who posted these drawings on July 17.
and a collab art which was her idea, for Sidra’s birthday, posted on July 20.

Chibi Gold and Chair by drinkyourvegetable      Contest Prize - The Most Fabulous Chair by drinkyourvegetable      Collab - Happy Birthday to our Favorite Pink bunny by drinkyourvegetable

One artwork, however stood out from the rest. I never expected to ever get anything like that, it just brought me to my knees, when i first saw it. 
It was the most adorable artwork i’ve ever seen. It wasn’t a simple drawing, more than that. It was an animation. 
Since i love animations, and i myself work for an animation studio too, this really melted my heart.

This wonderful gift was made by thezhadowhorse , who submitted it to DA on July 1.

just a little GIFT by thezhadowhorse

And as I got more and more watchers and friends, I got to see and study more and more styles and drawings, and more and more people.

That’s how I got to know LucasIsles, and these two awesome and wonderful drawings, posted on
July 18. and August 5. I also received a gift from CyanGlitch , on July 21. one from Nuclear-0-Cookie , on September 22. and one from alexeigribanov , on September 2.

        Chair Sketch by Nuclear-0-Cookie   

And as time flew, we started to make fun of how evil I am, in our skype group, and slowly, an evil version of my chair was formed. 
The first drawing of evil chair has been submitted to DA on August 5 by Sidra.
(I finished the design of Evil Chair only on October 30, and those who visited my page between Oc 31 and Nov 1. Could see it as my ID pic.)

Black by Leda456Evil Chair by sheezy93    A2 by Leda456

I started to draw evil chair too. Back then, I drew faces on chair, but i never posted them on DA, only showed a few doodles to my closest friends. 
Then I had a photo of a black chair as my ID pic for a while.Even though I never posted a drawing of myself with a face on DA before I reactivated my account,
I uploaded a quick sketch to stash, also on July 20, when I posted Sidra’s birthday gift too. This was the first drawing I showed to people of my persona’s face.
Then 10 days later, I posted another artwork, on July 30. Here my chair persona hugs Bootman, and already had a face.
This drawing had a “pair” (at least I like to call it this way, because these pics are similar), made by Bootman, posted on September 23.

                                                                            Mine,                                                                                 Bootman

Happy Birthday Sidra! by Leda456      Touching-dem-abs by Leda456      Snowdrops by Leda456      Wreath of Galanthus nivalis by Mirage-Epoque

Later, in our group chat, xX-CathTheHedgie-Xx aka Cath, BrandonBunny75 aka Brandon, and Catcoalatte aka Cat, 
along with my other friends also helped me developing, designing, the look of my Chair and Evil Chair persona.
I also met with MrOtterson aka Nate, a really great friend of mine, who also drew me in his unique style, twice!
He posted one on October 11. on my Birthday, and one on October 30.
Wolfie also posted a Birthday present for me on October 12.

            For An Awesome Person by NigthmareWolf

I also showed up on some of Sidra’s following drawings:
Posted on September 2.                       September 30.                                   October 31.

gift bday to Gold by sheezy93   Romanic-night by sheezy93   Evil Halloween by sheezy93

There was a short period, when my account was deactivated, but after 2 weeks I came back, and posted a picture of my finished persona, a group picture and a pic of myself IRL. 
The tea party image, submitted on September 22 is the artwork which I considere the first pic of me on DA with a face. 
When I posted it, the character design was all done, and uploaded to DA. 
The finished ID pic was a vector art of me. I tried to make my eyes look as similar to my IRL eyes as possible, I wanted them to bee cartoony but still realistic in some way.

The polite argument on a Fabulous tea party by Leda456Chair ID by Leda456 A1 by Leda456

If you take a look at the loser above on the right, you can see the similarities (yes, that’s me).

When I reactivated, I also wrote about my relationship with gold94chica .

goldchair01 by Leda456            goldchair02 by Leda456

He is one of the greatest reasons of why I love being a chair. He found it unique too, and when he called me his chair,
I felt like I never ever want to be anything else. 
Just his chair~

Heart Heart Heart 

Check out this adorable drawing by AnimatedGamer890 ,posted on september 24:

Because of people who liked this idea, and found it special, I love being a chair more and more with each day.

But the biggest reason why I love it so much, is because I did NOT design this character for myself.
My friends gave it to me, and all of them showed me how they see me, throught their artworks.
By drawing me, they gave me a part of their world, and it was, and it will always be the most amazing experience to see myself in different styles from different artists. 
This is why I never gave a ref sheet or any instructions. I didn’t want to see how others copy my design. I wanted to see how they imagine me, what shapes they draw, what colors they choose... 
I will always refuse to show a ref sheet for my persona. These artworks above together are my ref sheet. Especially those that were made by other artists, not by me.
Becoming a chair was the most amazing thing I ever got from my friends, and that’s why I want to keep it and stay as a chair forever.
I never knew this is what I was missing from my life, I never knew how much i needed this, but I need it and love it,
and I would never trade it for anything else on this world. 

I’m a chair, and I’m proud of it!


Well, i believe i included every drawing that has been posted on DA. If not, and you drew a pic of me, but I didn’t put it here, it’s not because I don’t like it, but because I’m blind,
and unable to notice it in my own favorites folder. So if you can’t see your drawing of me here, let me know, and i will fix my mistake.
Also, these were only the drawings that are on DA. I got lots of drawings in private.
And yes, i do have a favorite one.
A favorite for the rest of my
But no one will ever see that.
That one is only mine.


Sorry for the incredibly long journal, if you read it all, respect! Also, thank you so much for reading it, I hope you enjoyed it :3


But now, i’m gonna tag some people.
The point is to know the story of other artists’ personas, 
so please, if i tag you, make a journal, and tell us about your persona, let the world know your story!
Also, tag other people, so they can tell their stories too!

:iconmrotterson: :iconbrandonbunny75: :iconcatcoalatte: :icondrinkyourvegetable: :iconigarashidemetri5580: :icongold94chica: :iconjimmycovato22:
:iconmirage-epoque: :iconnigthmarewolf: :iconodrios: :iconrori-de-gerbera: :iconsheezy93: :iconxx-caththehedgie-xx: :iconyoshikagera:

Big big thanks for the title to my title manager :iconnigthmarewolf:
I don’t really understand her choice, but she works for free, so i won’t question it. I don't know... Maybe she tries to say something?

I hope you all get the joke ._.

Dear everybody!

I would like to talk about a few things.
Some of you may noticed that I deactivated my account a few days ago.
Perhaps some of you also noticed that before I deactivated my account, I posted a really weird picture.

But before I start, let me thank you for the nice comments, favorites, and support that I got so far,
and thanks for everyone who cared and worried about me during the last two weeks. 
Also, thank you for the watches and pageviews!
It means a lot and i truly appreciate it.


The weird drawing:

I don’t wish to talk about that picture too much, it’s enough if you know that a few days ago psychological
issues occured, and I wanted to stay away from social media for a few days, to deal with my problems.
With that drawing, I only wanted to show that I had a reason to deactivate, and that I will come back.
Since I reactivated, I deleted that drawing, there’s no point to keep it in my gallery.

The FNaF comic:

When I deactivated, some people thought that my FNaF comic called “The story behind Forgiveness”
is cancelled. Don’t worry everybody, it’s not cancelled it’s still going, and only a few pages are left.
I could never stop, and leave withouth letting you know about it being cancelled.
And honestly, I couldn’t just stop making it, and never finish.
So no worries, next page is coming soon!


Now i would like to talk about something serious. I have no idea how many people are actually interested,
but it's really important for me. Let me show you, who i am...

Who is leda456?

While I created a DeviantArt account 2 years ago, I started to upload my drawings only in October, 2015.
So it’s been almost one year since I'm active here. During this year, many of you wanted to know, who I am,
what my job is, how old I am, how I look like, ect. Some of you even wanted to know my name!

(Even tho my real name is similar to “leda”, I originally wanted to type something else,
but due to a typo, i became leda456, so it’s only a funny coincidence.)

I answered some of these questions, but most of the time I tried to be secretive and mysteryous.
But -thankfully- it turned out that being secretive is simply not my thing, and while I loved seeing
people as they try to guess my age or gender, I don’t find it a good idea anymore.
So now I would like to share a few things (not everything) about me with you, and finally show who I really am.

                                                -I live in Hungary
                                                -I was born in 1995
                                                -it should be obvious based on the picture, but let’s just make sure no one misunderstands; I'm a female
                                                -i have dreadlocks, for more than 5 years now
                                          (you can’t see every dreads, maybe the half of it, the rest is behind my back, also, it almost reaches my knees)

Every other facts about me are in other journals already, for example here:

My title manager is uselessBig thanks to my title manager :iconNigthmareWolf: for the funny and creative title.

So i have been tagged again, by :iconLuisMilla: this time.
Seems like you people never learn...
If you really want to know actual facts about me, you could even stop reading now, you won’t read anything useful. 
You have been warned.
-1. You have to post ALL the rules 
-2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
-3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer
-4. Choose 13 people
-5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people
-6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags
-7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED
-8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry
-9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the cre
     Behold my job!
My dear watchers!
Since recently literally everybody wants to know my job, i decided to write a journal about it, to answer your questions.
Let's start!

I'm a graphic designer, and i work for a local art gallery. I make posters, rollups, billboards, ect.
Besides this, i work at a -very new, very small- local animation studio, as a character designer and animator.
But we usually dont make 3D or other computer made animations.  Instead, we make TRADITIONAL animations.

And by traditional... I mean REALLY traditional...

The art gallery and the studio are in the same building.
The gallery h
     100 Thruths Tag-not reallyI have been tagged by :iconUndyingWarrior772:
If you really would like to know something about me, stop reading, you won't find anything important! You have been warned!
1.) Real Name: Ohh haha, DeleteVirusCatchPKMN, you really want to know my name, don’t you?
2.) Nickname(s): Leda, Chair
3.) Zodiac Sign: Libra
4.) Male or Female: Chair
5.) Nursery: No one actually cares about this, right?
6.) Primary School: I won’t talk about it for reasons.
7.) Secondary School: The best art school in the counrty.
8.) Hair Color: Yes.
9.) Long or Short: Optimum.
10.) Loud or Quiet: I think both. Depends on my mood.
11.) Sweats or Jeans: Suits.
12.) Phone or Camera: For what? I won’t take pictures with my phone, i have a very good camera. And i won’t call my friends on my camera, because i can’t.  
13.) Health Freak: I think i’m ok, thank
     10 Facts TagTagged by: 
So i've been tagged! Here are the rules:
Each person has to share 10 facts about themselves.
Answer the 10 questions asked by the person who tagged you and make up 10 questions for your 10 tags.
Choose 10 people and put their icons in your journal.
Go to their page and inform them that they have been tagged.
NOT something like "you're tagged if you read this."
You have to legitimately tag 10 people.
No tag-backs.
You can't say you don't do tags.
You MUST make a journal entry 
I saw some people --who did this before-- ask questions, answer the questions they get, AND share 10 random facts. But others only answered the questions...
I guess i should answer them and write 10 random facts just to make sure i don't miss anything and do everything right.
But i don't want to bore you with too seriuos/sad facts

Also, here is a picture of me and my chair persona:

me by Leda456Chair by Leda456


But besides every real life drama and problems, there were my friends, who helped me get through everything.
Especially one person. I can always count on him, and he makes me the happiest chair on this world. 
He is always by my side, no matter how big my problems are, and he is always on mind,
no matter what else i have to deal with in life, or online. We found true love.
Maybe some of you (I'm sure all of you) know him already. 

You are the rising and setting sun.
I couldn't wish anyone better.
I will love you forever, Gold.
Heart Heart Heart 

Let me show you two of my drawings of me and my boyfriend:  

          goldchair01 by Leda456  goldchair02 by Leda456
Blue Emojidex Heart RevisionYellow Heart

So thank you everybody, for everything, i missed DA very much so i’m glad to be here again.

I love you all, stay fabulous~


Big thanks to my title manager :iconnigthmarewolf: for the funny and creative title.

So i have been tagged again, by :iconluismilla: this time.
Seems like you people never learn...
If you really want to know actual facts about me, you could even stop reading now, you won’t read anything useful. 
You have been warned.


-1. You have to post ALL the rules 
-2. Each person has to share 13 things about themselves
-3. Answer 13 questions asked to you and invent 13 questions for tagged people to answer
-4. Choose 13 people
-5. You legitimately have to tag 13 people
-6. You CAN'T say you don't do tags
-7. Tag-backs ARE ALLOWED
-8. YOU MUST DO THE JOURNAL ENTRY! NO COMMENTS! Unless you're talking -ABOUT the Journal Entry
-9. You have to finish within a week. If you don't finish in time, you have to do whatever the creator asks
-10. Be creative with the title. You can't mention you got tagged in the title, but can in the Journal/Journal description.

Ok, here are the 13 random facts about me:

1.) I have a talented title manager: NigthmareWolf
2.) I fell asleep at my workplace (the art gallery) not too long ago -again- and two visitors woke me up to ask how much the ticket for the exhibition costs.
3.) Uuhh, it‘s hard to find the right facts about myself...
     Let’s stay at work subject; recently i build old animation devices, like ludoscope, zoetrope or phenakistoscope, and draw short animations in them (besides the usual stuff at work).
4.) I love storms, and heavy raining, i even go out for a walk sometimes when it’s raining.
5.) I’m afraid of ice. I can’t step on it, since the ice on a lake broke under me when i was a kid.
     I didn’t fell into the lake, but i never stepped on ice since this thing happened...
     I was 5 or 6 years old, so, a REALLY long time ago.
6.) I’m very forgetful. Maybe i even mentioned it in another tag.
7.) I think the word “caterpillar”  is beautiful, and caterpillars are cute.
8.) 8 is one of my favorite numbers.
94.) I‘m in love  small heart - blue:bademoticon:
10.) That’s not a typo.
11.) I’m fabulous.
12.) I don’t like to celebrate my birthday.
13.) I love astronomy, i have a telescope and lots of books about it.

And my answers for the questions:

1. Favourite method of transportation (of yourself)?
Could this question be more complex? Well, i guess, car. And boat. I should buy a boat...

2. your most used method of transportation (of yourself) ?
Walking. And bus, i travel by bus almost every day.

3. when you cant sleep you do?
I do what?
Doesn‘t matter tho, i could ALWAYS sleep. Because i never do...

4. your first ever mistake you can remeber doing in a young age ? (anything allowed f.e | dawed over a line in my colering book (idk) )
I wanted to write i was born, but that wasn’t my fault...
Well, i did a lot of mistakes when i was young.
But to be honest, i don’t regret any bad/stupid things i did in the past because i’m happy with my life, and if i would have done anything differently, i would not be here now.

5. your Favourite song?
Havasi Balázs- Vihar/ Balázs Havasi- The storm -------> [link]

6. the person you hate the moste?
I try not to hate anybody. I accept if someone hates me because i did something that they didn’t like, or I’m simply just not the kind of person who they can get on well with.
I have met people who were not too likeable for me, but i never do anything seriously eliv/wrong against other people on purpose, that’s for sure.
Of course, since i have anger issues, i tend to get really mad over very little things, but i can calm down and forget about it fast.
So i don’t care if for some reason you don’t like me. I never did anything bad against you, and i still like you :3

7. Favourite NONE human living thing? ( fore exsampel : ant ore idk a whale)
Everything. I basically love everything at least as much as human beings.
But i know how people hate these answers, so Portuguese man o’ war. Go, look it up.

8. and your Favourite non exsiting thing ( fore exsampel : pokemon )
The word “exsampel”

9. would you rather meet a "brony" that is angry at you ore a "Furry" that is angry at you ?
Well, i know a few people from both groups, and i must say, (even if i think there’s no point to separate people and putting them in groups like these)
all of them are normal, very nice and wonderful people, just with different interests. But which one i would choose?
Well, i guess, the one i know more about their group, so there’s a bigger chance i can be renconciled with them because we would have more to talk about.
Sadly, i dont know too much about either of them, so i don’t know.

10. do you prefer a "digital" clock ore a "traditional" ore classig watch?
That’s my question! I dont like digital watches, but i wonder what the question means by traditional and “classig”.
So let me try to answer this question.
Let’s say you mean analog by traditional. Well, then i prefer traditional. I just can’t really see beauty in a digital watch.
I’m not saying there are not useful, or good, because they are. I had one too. It’s simply just not my thing.
I am a watch lover too, i have a lot of watches, and a few really expensive ones, but recently i bought 2 of my biggest loves, let me introduce them:
The Zeppelin 7680-1, a quartz-controlled cronograph from the 100 years Zeppelin ed.1 series
The Zeppelin 7038-3, a quartz-controlled watch with moon phase from the LZ 129 Hindenburg ed.2 series.

I ‘m not sure about what i will buy next, but it certainly will be an open-heart self-winding watch.
And i’m in a platonic love with TAGHeuer Carrera MikroPendulumS Heart 

I don’t like smart watches either. Even tho i fell in love with TAGHeuer Connected.
I feel like i’m still in love with it, but it’s a smart watch... I don’t know how to feel anymore ._.

11. do you prefer lisening to music over "headphones" ore over "loudspeacker"
Headphones. I wrote a novel about watches, so this answer is short.

12. Favourite lego block ? ( mine is the flat 2x3 )
Let’s stop here for a moment, and salute the inventor of this question. This is the best question i’ve been asked in my entire life.
Dear LuisMilla
Mine is the flat 1x2.
Thank you so much for this question, you made my day.

13. and do you use Android ore ios ? ore do you have a windows phone ? ( windows-phones are discusting)
“( windows-phones are discusting)”  <-- haha dude XD (true btw)

Done, and now, my questions are the following:

1. Why? (i saw a philosophy exam, where this was the only question, and you had to write a 2 pages long answer. So, let’s see what you think...)

2. I LOVED that question, so: Favorite lego block? (thank you again, LuisMilla)

3. What/who made you happy today?

4. What do you like to draw the most?

5. What you like in yourself? (At least 3 things)

6. (at least) 3 things that you made or did, and really proud of?

7. What is your favorite memory from this year?

8. Did you recently have a day, that you thought will be horrible but turned out to be a pretty good day?

9. What made you laugh last time?

10. Who is your role model (if you have one)?

11. What you’re the most grateful for in your life?

12. What is the funniest thing you did/were a part of in this past year?

13. Someone who you made happy?

+BONUS 14. See how wonderful you are?

Now i supposed to tag 13 people, but you know guys what a rebel i am.
I’m such a rebel i never tear the toilet paper apart at the perforation, AND last time, i opened a bag of chips on the bottom and held it upside down.
Yeah you heared that right... SAVAGE!

So i tag only them:


I actually did share some facts about myself... Too bad some people stopped reading. 
If you see this: I hope it was at least bordered to bearable, and wasn't too boring to read. 
Thank you for reading~

Dear everybody!

I want you to know that Yesterday, :iconnegaduck9: told me that someone steals my comic, along with her "Springaling" and some of Atlas-White 's comics.
Of course, without asking our permission or giving credit.

I checked it and saw that he posted almost every "The story behind Forgiveness" pages, and almost the whole Springaling!!!

Check out this *sshole:

You may have to scroll down to see my comic, but the fact that he steals Springaling is more than enough for me to get very angry and upset about it.

Also, he posted a video about my comic on youtube:

Check out his youtube profile:

As you can see, this vermin doesn't dare to share anything about himself.


UPDATE: here's his twitter:
and his vine account:

his tweet bear -or whatever:…

Thank you for helping me guys : )

I reported him, and i saw that some people recognized Negaduck9 and wrote some comments.

Now, i would like to ask you -my dear watchers- something : )

Please, help me find more informations about him. DeviantART account, e-mail address, or everything you find.

UPDATE: Don't be afraid, i just want to have a long conversation with him. Also, sorry, if i seemed too harsh, but this made me very upset, and its not easy to handle this with anger issues ^^'

Also, make sure to check out :iconnegaduck9: and  :iconatlas-white: and their amazing stuff <3

Kesz-01-01 by Leda456

My dear watchers!

Since recently literally everybody wants to know my job, i decided to write a journal about it, to answer your questions.
Let's start!

Galloping chair -animated by Leda456

I'm a graphic designer, and i work for a local art gallery. I make posters, rollups, billboards, ect.

Besides this, i work at a -very new, very small- local animation studio, as a character designer and animator.
But we usually dont make 3D or other computer made animations.  Instead, we make TRADITIONAL animations.

And by traditional... I mean REALLY traditional...

001 by Leda456006 by Leda456002 by Leda456007 by Leda456008 by Leda456

The art gallery and the studio are in the same building.
The gallery has a "The history of traditional animation" section, which is all interactive; people can come in and watch how a traditional animation was made, moreover: they can try it!

The cameras above are still working, but we don't use them anymore for actual work. They are just the part of the exhibition.
But the machnie in the middle is still working too, and we still use it. That's the... I don't know what's the right word for it in english, but projector and cutting machine.
The left picture below show's where we actually cut and glue together the film roll parts.
On the right, you can see a closer shot of the machine and the film roll.

005 by Leda456003 by Leda456

But the most important machine is this:

The animation camera stand

While it's also the part of the exhibition, it still works, and we still use it to make animation shorts. 
On the top, you can see the whole machine, then, the two pictures below show a part of the camera stand.

009 by Leda456

As you can see on the left picture, we still work with these cell papers, made specifically for animations, and we still work with hand-made background, and use the paints
which were made for traditional animation. 
On the right, you can see how the insinde of the machine looks like. 

Untitled by Leda456Untitled by Leda456

Besides i work as a graphic designer, animator and character designer, i have been hired a couple of weeks ago for a new job.
From then, i'm a heraldic designer too, who designs crests.

Since i don't own these crests, i cant post pictures of them.

Besides, i draw realistic human and animal digital portraits without refs -all by imagination- and sell them. This eagle (Eagle head -2012.) below is a good example, (and sold).
And, -like it wasn't enough- i'm a photograper too. My favorite subjects are nature, lights, and old, rustic places -like this shoemaker workshop. You can see two photos by me:

Sas by Leda456001 by Leda45603 by Leda456

I hope i answered every question. If something is not clear, feel free to ask anything in a comment :)

The pictures in this journal are mine, please, don't download, use, or re-post them, Thank you!


I have been tagged by :icondeleteviruscatchpkmn:

If you really would like to know something about me, stop reading, you won't find anything important! You have been warned!

1.) Real Name: Ohh haha, DeleteVirusCatchPKMN, you really want to know my name, don’t you?
2.) Nickname(s): Leda, Chair
3.) Zodiac Sign: Libra
4.) Male or Female: Chair
5.) Nursery: No one actually cares about this, right?
6.) Primary School: I won’t talk about it for reasons.
7.) Secondary School: The best art school in the counrty.
8.) Hair Color: Yes.
9.) Long or Short: Optimum.
10.) Loud or Quiet: I think both. Depends on my mood.
11.) Sweats or Jeans: Suits.
12.) Phone or Camera: For what? I won’t take pictures with my phone, i have a very good camera. And i won’t call my friends on my camera, because i can’t.  
13.) Health Freak: I think i’m ok, thank you.
14.) Drink or Smoke: Never smoke, don’t drink anymore.
15.) Do You Have A Crush On Someone: Haha, this question changed my life XD Yes, i have...
16.) Political orientation: This quationnaire gets more and more interesting with every question...
17.) Piercings: Haha, never.
18.) Tattoos: Not yet, maybe later.


19.) Airplane: Not yet, but maybe soon.
20.) Car Accident:  Yes, but i wasn’t a big deal, just some rookie bumped into the car in Croatia.
21.) Fist Fight:  *sigh* Yes...


22.) First piercing: Never happened.
23.) First Best Friend: I won’t talk about it for good reasons.
24.) First Instrument played: Clarinet.
25.) First award: I can’t remember which was the first, but many years ago i got the first award on National Ceramics and Sculpting Competition.
26.) First Crush: Should i tell their name or what? I don’t want to talk about this.
27.) First Language: Hungarian.
28.) First Big Vacation: Ohh pff, it was when i was a little child, i can’t remember when and where it was. But we went to Croatian, Bulgaria, Greece, Romania several times when i was a kid, so it was at one of these.


29.) Last Person you talked to: My boss at work.
30.) Last Person You texted: Ramonmasterphillips
31.) Last Person You Watched: bumnum
32.) Last Food You Ate: Fried chicken and rice.
32.) Last Movie You Watched: I think it was Star Wars 7. I’m not sure tho.
34.) Last Song You listened to: Let’s call it last music: Balázs Havasi - The storm.
35.) Last Thing You Bought: Food. But that’s not too interesting, right? I bought a Zeppelin 7038-3 a few days ago.
36.) Last Person You Hugged: Mirage-Epoque. Oh, in real life? Haha, i can’t remember.


37.) Food: Beef stew. Hungarian style.
38.) Drinks: Water.
39.) Clothing: Like i said: Formal clothing only, every day!
40.) Book: The shack. While i’m atheist, i find it very interesting, plus it’s not about religion anyway. It’s about a killer and about forgiveness. Oh well...
41.) Color: Purple, Blue, Black, Green.
42.) Flower: Snowdrop.
43.) Music: Balázs Havasi - The storm and Spring wind
44.) Movie: Star Wars. No questions here.
46.) Subjects: None.


47.) [X] Kissed in the rain --There was no rain. UPDATE: Oops, i was wrong ;) 
48.) [   ] Celebrated Halloween. --We don’t celebrate is sadly :(
49.) [   ] Had Your Heart Broken --Not in the past year. I don’t even know the time when it wasn’t broken. But with every sunrise, it gets better and better.
50.) [   ] Went Over the Minutes on Your Cell Phone
51.) [X] Someone Questioned Your Sexual Orientation. --Don’t ask.
52.) [   ] Used a Weapon
53.) [   ] Breathed fire  
54.) [   ] Had an Abortion.
--What is it with this quastionnaire? It’s a really sensitive thing to talk about, who had one, probably made one of her hardest decisions of her life! It’s not somtheing that has place here. Didn’t have one by the way, but here is a new question instead: 54/B.) Punched a microwave so hard that i broke it [   ] --Yeah, but not in the past year.
55.) [X] Done something you've Regretted  --Yes i have this talkative neighbor, and when she aksed how am i doing, i answered: I’m fine, what about you?
56.) [   ] Broke a Promise  --Nope.
57.) [X] Kept a Secret  --So many secrets XD
58.) [X] Pretended To Be Happy
59.) [X] Met Someone Who Changed Your Life --Haha yeah, and they are on DA.
60.) [   ] Pretended To Be Sick
61.) [X] Left The Country  --Yes, i traveled to Venice, Rome, Athens, ect..
62.) [   ] Tried something you normally wouldn't like, and liked it.
63.) [   ] Cried Over The Silliest Thing
64.) [X] Ran a Mile
65.) [X] Went To the Beach
66.) [  ] Stayed Single
 Hahahahaha... oh well...


67.) Eating: I just ate that fried chicken with rice, what i bought an hour ago.
68.) Drinking: Water.
69.) Getting Ready To: Go home from work.
70.) Listening To: The radio.
71.) Plans For Tomorrow/Today: Being fabulous.
72.) Waiting For: The end of my shift.


73.) Want Kids: No, to be honest.
74.) Want To Get Married: It’s difficult.
75.) Careers in minds: Well, i have some jobs, and i’m ok with them for now.


76.) Lips or Eyes: Again! For what? I don’t want to kiss someone’s eyeballs.
77.) Shorter or Taller: I don’t mind either.
78.) Romantic or Spontaneous: A bit both.
79.) Nice Stomach or Nice Arms: I know someone who has both, why would i choose then?
80.) Sensitive or Loud: Sensitive i think. But sometimes it’s ok to be loud.
81.) Hook-up Or Relationship: Relationship.
82.) Troublemaker or Hesitant: The mix of these.


83.) Lost Glasses/Contacts: No, i always make sure to handle them properly.
84.) Ran Away From Home: No, thankfully.
85.) Held A Weapon, For Self Defense: Yeah, but luckily nothing bad happened.
86.) Killed Somebody: What the actual hell is this question? No, of course not, jeez...
87.) Broken Someone's Heart: I don’t know, but i really hope not. Being your heart broken is worse than death.
88.) Been Arrested: Nope.


90.) Yourself: That’s the only thing i believe in.
91.) Miracles: Miracles exist. I don’t have to believe in them. What counts as miracle anyway?
92.) Love at First Sight: It exists, i know.
93.) Heaven: Nope, sorry.
94.) Santa Claus: Oh, yeah, i killed someone, and i believe in Santa Claus, what are these questions?
96.) Magic: Umm, no, i don’t think so.


97.) Is There One Person You Wanna Be With, Right Now: Yes. There is.
98.) Are You Seriously Happy With Where You Are In Life: Yes i am right now, but i have lots of plans for my future.
99.) Are You Happy With The Person You're With: I couldn't be happier <3

100.) Post as 100 Truths and Tag five People: Nope, only one! I'm such a rebel! This is what happens when you tag the king of secrets...

Hi, my dears!

I need you to know about something ipmortant:

I'm gonna do a LIVE STREAM ON FRIDAY, 15th April, 9:00 pm


--Grosmont NYMR Station, England 
A little help:
(22:00 Magyarország, 4:00 pm New York)

Since more and more of you demand it.
Especially the lighing! Everybody who asked me to do another livestream said that they really want to see how i do the lighting.
It's not that interesting tho, but i'm gonna show it to you on friday!

I'm going to work on the next party image called:

The ultimate fabulous glitter forest party!

Yeah, there is a contuniation of that madness...
I already finished the lineart and colors, and i plan to make a really spectacular lighting on that one. 
In case you haven't seen the previous fabulous parties:
The most fabulous glitter birthday party by Leda456 The even more fabulous glitter dance party by Leda456 The fabulous glitter dance party by Leda456

Hey, everybody, i need your help! This is very important!

My great-awesome-fabulous friend; :iconsheezy93: works on her personal project (a game),  and she needs more people!

She wrote a journal about this, check out the journal here:

<da:thumb id="585641490"/>

Also go to her DA page,  watch her, fav her artworks and spread this!

She needs a writer, a pixel artist, and a music composer!
So please, if you are good in one of these or know someone who knows any of these stuff, let sheezy93 know about it and help her!

Maybe you will be the one who makes someone’s dream come true!…

Just click there!
I bought it already :)
Hi everyone!

This time i would like to introduce someone!

She is a really great friend of mine who is a fan of Jacksepticeye, she has some really good fanarts about him, and she just started a comic about his adventures.

This artist is NigthmareWolfand i think she deserves way more attention than she got so far.

She has an interesting story and a neat way of representation.
Let me show you some of her artworks:

Ghost of deer

Tale of the BOSS -the first page of her comic

Chica's revolution

I hope you'll like her artworks as much as is liked them!

So go check out her DA page, fav her artworks, watch her, write a comment, and encourage her!

First of all, Happy New Year to Everybody!

What i wanted to talk about is that in the last two days a lot of people added me to their deviantwatch for some reason, but sadly i couldn't thank all of them one by one.
I feel guilty because of this, since i'm so happy when i see that someone likes what i do!
So thanks to everyone who watches me, and sorry if i don't respond or i don't give a thanks for something i really try to do my best, but i don't have enough time :(
Anyway i'm gald you like my stuff and i'll try to respond all of your questions, to thank you for the favs and watches :) 

Besides this, there are some other things i wanted to talk about. First: The live streams. I did one, on the last monday, and a lot of people came, it was fun, we had a great time, and today i also did one, but you are still telling me, you missed my livestreams, so i guess i should do another one! I don't know when, but i'll definitely do it. 

The other important thing is the comic. In case you are new here and you don't know what i'm talknig about, click here: The story behind "Forgiveness"
Since many of my watchers are new passengers on this "feels train", i'd like to tell you a few things:
1. No, page 15 is not the last one, and neither page 16 (the next page)
2. A few weeks ago i wrote a journal in which i asked my watchers to give names for PG and for his first victim. I got the "winners", i chose two names, and I'm going to use them soon.
    You can read that journal HERE.
3. This comic based on one of my older fanarts called "Forgiveness" 
    If you want to know more abot this, click HERE or HERE for more journals, or HERE for page 14, where you can find some more informations in the description.
4. There's going to be an alternate ending, i made a poster for it, you'll see it soon. ;)
5. I'll write another joural, where i'll tell you how i made the comic, how,when and why this story occured to me, because lots of you don't know this, and the story makes more sense if you know about these things.

Hey guys, Thanks for everyone who came, for those who missed it, maybe next time ;)

It was Today (Tuesday, January 05. 2016.) GMT 19:15

If you don't know when it will be, check out this website:

It was on again.

Here is my personal link:

My code is: leda456live

I worked on my second Undertale fanart this time (Mettaton).

My First Livestream started on:

Monday 28th December (2015.)          19:30 GMT 

                                     You don't know when it will be? Check out this website:

Here is my personal link:

My code is: leda456live

I'm going to draw "The story behind Forgiveness" page 15  
(It's semi-finished, i already worked on it because it's a really long process to make a comic page, --16-20 hours-- but i'll try to show you the most interesting parts)
and something esle -sheezy93 you should know what else ;) -
Hi everyone!
Since many of you asked how i draw the trash that you can see in my gallery, i have made some "the making of" images, but i know it's not the same as when you actually see someone drawing.
--And you still asking me how i draw my stuff anyway--

So i decided to give it a try and do a livestream.

I successfully figured out how this thing works -i hope- so i guess i'm ready for my first livestream. 
Like i said it'll be on 
Herer is my personal link:
My code is: leda456live

When does it start? Monday 28th December (2015.)          19:30 GMT 

                                                                                                                                                                                     You don't know when it will be? Check out this website:

BUT until then you should decide what would you like to see? 
I plan to make the next page of "The story behind Forgiveness", a single image called: Fireworks lights (kind of sequel of Christmas lights ), and demdragon's FNAF OC with Springtrap. 
Or if you have any ideas, live a comment, if i find a good idea, i'll do it.

So, what do you guys think?

Has anyone read it?
Because i just read the book and i have some questions for those who also finished it!

Hey guys! Quickly CLICK HERE!!!!


Sorry for that short and quick journal, i was at work, and i checked amazon (because we all know Scott well enough to expect a sooner release) and i saw it!
I had to use my boss's computer to write this journal while he smoked a cigarette. Then i said him that something happened and i have to go home immediately.
He said i can go home if it's important. <--Of course it is DUH!
So i ordered the paperback version but since i have to wait two weeks until it arrives i bought the kindle version too!

Now about the novel: If you CLICK HERE you can see the paperback edition.
If you want the kindle edition, you should CLIKCK HERE   <--You can download the Kindle App for free HERE


Based on the bestselling horror videogame series, Five Nights at Freddy’s. 

It’s been exactly ten years since the murders at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, and Charlotte (Charlie for short) has spent those ten years trying to forget. Her father was the owner of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza and the creator of its four adult-sized animatronic animals, and now Charlie is returning to her hometown to reunite with her childhood friends on the anniversary of the tragedy that ripped their town apart. 

Curiosity leads Charlie and her friends back to the old pizza place, and they find it hidden and sealed, but still standing. They discover a way inside, but things are not as they once were: the four mascots that delighted and entertained them as children have changed. The animatronic animals have a dark secret, and a murderous agenda.