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Asgore -It was nice to meet you...



UPDATE: This image is being used for a few very awesome remixes as a background, and thumbnail for videos, here are the links, please check them out, like, and subscribe:………………………

More UPDATES: I decided to make every "battle screen" from UT. 
This is the first one. 
Check out the other battle screens too:


I'm so good at giving titles...    --> It has a good title now, thanks to my new title manager: NigthmareWolf

But Leda! It's not FNAF, what happened?
-I know, i know, It's Undertale. I played it, i love it, so from now i'll make fnaf AND undertale fanarts as well. 
So this one is my first try, i hope you like it :)
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this is an old piece by now but here, i made today