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Commission Info // Open!

Wed Dec 30, 2015, 9:30 PM


➤ I DO NOT accept payment with points.
➤ All payment will be done through PayPal.
  I require 50% payment with an approved sketch.
➤ If for whatever reason I cannot complete your commission, I will refund you in full.

Commission Types


A head to shoulders drawing. 
commission example2 by Lecoulte commission example1 by Lecoulte
Sketch: $5
Flats: $10
Shaded: $15


A head-to waist and sometimes-knees drawing.
commission example3 by Lecoulte Summoner by Lecoulte
Sketch: $15
Flats: $35
Shaded: $45


Luce Redesign by Lecoulte Aries II by Lecoulte
Sketch: $20
Flats: $50
Shaded: $60

Note: My commission grade sketches are simply sketches that have been cleaned up and colored, hence their higher prices compared to the average sketch. 
Also, there are lofty differences between sketches to flats because lineart can take up to 10 hours depending on the complexity of the subject!

Pixel Icons


Design Commissions

commission example7 by Lecoulte commission example6 by Lecoulte commission example8 by Lecoulte commission example5 by Lecoulte Luce Redesign by Lecoulte commission example4 by Lecoulte commission example11 by Lecoulte
➤ Human: + $15
➤ Quads: + $5
Designs are... a bit complicated.

Generally, they are human flat fullbodies and are drawn from scratch so I charge for the art! If you supply me with a base to work off of the entire drawing price will be cut off and you'll be left with just the design price to pay.

And yep! Quad designs are cheaper than human ones because it's much, much easier to slap some markings on a base than gather all my knowledge about period clothing and all that jazz~


➤ Simple backgrounds like flats or shapes are free!
➤ Please let me know beforehand if you would like your background to be transparent.
➤ Let me know if you want anything specific! 
➤ If needed, I can also work with color schemes if you desire.

Will Draw/Won't Draw

WILL DRAW humans, nudity, couples (50% extra charge), and additional props (props may add to the price depending on the complexity)
MAYBE WILL DRAW... animals (depending), sex scenes, light mecha, scenery backgrounds (with a loftier charge)
WON'T DRAW fetish art, full mecha

Order Form

Please send this form to me in a note here on deviantART or email me at!

TYPE OF COMMISSION: Let me know what you want! (ie "halfbody flats")
CHARACTER REFERENCES: Images only except for design commissions - for design commissions, give me an idea of what you want!
CHARACTER INFO: Optional, just if you want me to get a feel for their personality!
EXTRA DETAILS: Optional, let me know if you need anything specific!

Thanks for looking!

Himitsu315 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015
I like your style. :aww: If only I have cash money, I would be so happy to commission you. :iconuhuhuhuplz: I wish you the best of luck. :D
Lecoulte Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thanks! <3
Himitsu315 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2015
All the love. :heart:
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December 30, 2015