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In August of last year, I started doing a strip for Richie Pages at  It… about a human kid (Cory) growing up on another planet far from Earth. Cory is adopted by a family with a kid about the same age named Tweezle. Together, they explore, play, and get into mischief as any two 9 yr old kids would. It was easy to get into the characters as they combined sci-fi, fantasy, humor, and aliens all into one strip. The characters are likeable and I like the challenge of trying to imagine life on their planet. Even though it resembles ours very closely, it was to keep some sort of familiarity with the jokes and punchlines.

   The first strip I did was an homage to Calvin and Hobbes so I started in a way I wouldn't normally draw the characters. As I post more of the strips you will see the style evolve into my own style as I get used to drawing the characters and settle with what I feel works best. A breakdown of the characters and their relation to each other can be found on my site here… Just click on the click-for-info button and the info will appear.

- Mike