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Lt Farid Singh is Second Engineer, Venkatrangan’s right-hand man and the more experienced of the two Engineering lieutenants in the comic. He’s got years of experience of running EVAs and driving work bees and the work pods that preceded them.

He’s from the same colony world as Tadahiro Honda originally, though he has now spent more of his life in flight and on stations than on any given planet.

The reason I have added a character wearing a Sikh turban was partly that turbans look cool, but also as a signal signal that not all Earth culture is been erased and replaced with vaguely Californian blandness during centuries between today and Trek. There is an obvious quibble—the future society depicted in Trek is supposed to be atheist (at least until DS9, when they suddenly discovered the concept of cultural diversity). I’m not in a position to speculate too much as to the future of Sikh thought over the next 300 years, but I can imagine Lt Singh explaining his turban to a vulcan as symbolic of a Sikh’s dedication to protecting all people regardless of caste or creed—without needing to discuss the existence or otherwise of God.
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(at least until DS9, when they suddenly discovered the concept of cultural diversity).

Thas made me laugh! :D :D :D

I like your concept, but then the overly rigourous uniforms of Trek always did get my goat, so a flash of something different works for me.
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I guess the saminess of the uniforms (and the fact that they wear uniforms rather than individual clothing) was partly to keep production costs down as much as anything—not to mention in 1965 most people involved in designing the show had served in uniform at some point so it probably seems more natural.
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They weren't atheist in TOS - in "Who Mourns for Adonais?" came the following:

Kirk: Mankind has no need of gods...we find the one quite sufficient.

But then TOS was filmed in Glorious Sixties-O-Vision, so I doubt that any actual atheist thought would make it onto TV.
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Roddenberry’s intention was reportedly that it be an atheist future but writers did not always adhere to that. Kirk also uses ‘laws of god and man’ when arguing with the computer M5. Some of this you might be able to explain away as forms of word that are not intended to be taken literally, perhaps. In early TNG (when there was a more formal series bible, I suspect, and Roddenberry had more influence) they had some episodes where they were undiplomatically contemptuous of alien cultures’ superstitions.

For the purposes of my comic, Starfleet is an explicitly secular organization—individuals serving may have their own beliefs, but their actions must be rational and justified without reference to those beliefs. Kirk’s ‘laws of god and man’ line is just one of many ways he violates the letter of Starfleet regulations.