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Thanks for the watch. You're from my home town!
Haha. With all the spaceship drawings I have been submitting, maybe I should change my address to Yoyodyne Shipyards or wherever.
Leckford! You've gotta learn to publicise, man! I dropped on TOSS this morning and found that you've got a heep of new work out! featured you on TrekUnited [link]

Is it my bad memory or have you been updating earlier strips?

Thanks for the link! I’ve been mostly resisting the temptation to try to fix the glaring errors in the old strips—it would only further delay the new ones!
Oh, I wouldn't say there were 'glaring errors' your latest strips are definately better. I read through them all and some seemed new to me but... it happens all the time at my age. Killed too many brain cells in my youth and paying the price for it now! LOL! I've got RSS fixed up on my new tablet so I won't miss any more!
Amazing! You've been able to remain invisible on dA for so long? Does the recent additions of TOSS graphics mean you are thinking of picking it up again? I hope so, it was a refreshingly different look at Original Series Trek, not just because of the addition of realistic gay characters but by depicting a more multiracial / multispecies crew.


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I’m glad you like my humble scribbles. I’m sorry its schedule is so erratic.

And yes, well, I’ve been intending to carry on with the TOSS story for ages—in the usual way I have vague plans for a story of epic proportions but never seem to find time to actually buckle down and draw it. Too much work, too many other side projects! At the rate I am going it will actually be 2266 by the time I get to 2266 in the story …