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thank you! it is very usefull

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Thank you! This was super helpful :)
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I don't get it :c I downloaded it for 10 points but the icons are all on the same file and with background. Don't they come separated?
Hi, I really like your icons design, Do you have instagram? Thanks
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You're welcome :)
Great icons! I miss one for Spotify though...
nice! soundcloud also.
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Looks familiar: [link] Not cool.
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Lol you put icons on a black circle?! How fucking original
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lol are you a full time tw@ or just trying to be a troll like any other kid without a pram
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No troll. Just laughing at the fact that you think he copied your "idea"
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-_- ! you've already commented on this! :/
I don't suppose there's any talking you into releasing these as vectors so that I can target the fills on hover using CSS?
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Okay, i'll remake them as vector :)
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Great set, thank you for creating! :)
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Great quality and design concept! But I have one criticism which prevents me from dling and using. And that is simply that the google button is too ambiguous. To my mind, and probably others as well, the question comes are you linking to Google+ with that button, or Google in general? If you were to make it a g+ instead of a g, it would be perfect.

(And I'm sorry, I know that every designer gets loads of criticism. I just hope mine was helpful :P)
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Thanks & your criticism is in order buddy! i will update it as soon as i can :)
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