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The Silver Sworn

The silver warrior scans the town slowly coming to life around her, pondering her next adventure to come...

This painting is FINALLY FINISHED!!!! *faints*

Goodness, I took way too long to get this complete, and I have to thank the commissioner endlessly for their amazing patience and understanding. I learned a lot on this piece. New techniques, new brushes, and newfound patience. Thank you so much, Krell - it has been a genuine pleasure to work with you.

Media: Photoshop CS4
Time: ~17-20+ hours

Character © Krell
Dragonborn concepts, etc. © Wizards of the Coast Inc.
Art © 2014 Stephanie Dziezyk. Do not redistribute, copy, alter, etc., any portion of this image without personal permission from me, the artist, and the owner of the character in the image.
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© 2014 - 2021 LeccathuFurvicael
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Awesome to see a dragon knight. B-) (Cool) 
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Oooooooh!  Fantastic!  Beautiful dragonborn and even better armor!  Gorgeous!  <3
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The light and metal effects are amazing! I believe that you put a lot of time and effort into it. :heart:
You really did a great work. I love the realistic face and the shadows and colours. :3
Just one thing. Does the character have no tail? o.o
LeccathuFurvicael's avatar
The character has no tail - that is correct. It seems that with Dragonborn in the Dungeons & Dragons universe, they were originally humans that have decided to undergo a transformation to better represent their fealty to the dragon god Bahamut. They can decide between certain traits, which include wings, a special breath of some sort, or a tail, and this individual went with wings. I am sure that all of my input is not fully accurate, but I am going from what is off the top of my head. I would have preferred a tail on Dragonborn most of the time myself, but she is what she is I suppose. :3

Thank you so much for your ardent support! : D I love receiving input on my work. Cheers!
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Wow, the armour looks great in this. So shiny looking! Brilliant work. :)
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Thank you very much! : D
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Where is the tail?
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She has no tail - this particular race are individuals that used to be human, but have decided to undergo a transformative process to better display their fealty to the dragon god Bahamut. They can choose whether to have a tail or special breath or wings, and this individual went for wings. You can learn more about them if you search for Dungeons and Dragons Dragonborn. I am really not an expert, and have probably made an error or two in my explanation.

Thank you very much for the comment! : )
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Which is a shame if you ask me.
I always feel that the tail is somehow missing when I see Dragonborn pictures.

But as you said, thats the way they have been designed.
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*nods* I completely agree. I would have loved to put a tail on her - it would certainly balance her out some visually!
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That is an awesome piece, especially with the realistic armor. You do not see that often in fantasy.
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I am honestly surprised to hear that - I would think that realistic armor would be more prevalent. Thanks so much for the comment!
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It doesn't help that you do not find much realistic armor in the media either.

Most people are more concerned with making the the character look "sexy" by leaving out vital parts of the armor so that they can show more skin or "badass" by putting spikes everywhere.
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Aaah, you have a good point there. Somehow I had completely forgotten about what most armor looks like in fantasy! XD I'm kind of glad that I did, actually. Cheers! : D
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Dragon + armour = super badass combo :D
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