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The Deadly Acrobat

This is a semi-quick 4 hour painting of a photo caught by :iconlivingwild:

I just could not stop ogling this beautiful bird caught in such a stunning pose, and had to paint a likeness. I never found Bateleur Eagles to be all that interesting, but all I needed was a unique new perspective to reveal some of their hidden intricacies. For instance, I never knew before that these eagles have some of the shortest tails of all accipiters, and has the name 'Bateleur' from the French, meaning 'street performer' due to its unstable, rocking motion as it glides. Being snake-eaters, I imagine that these raptors are quite agile, and wouldn't be surprised to see them 'dancing' about as they go about catching a meal.

I had to ask the photographer about its tail, thinking it to be a juvenile or a molting individual (which I found strange if molting were the case, as all tail feathers don't fall out at once to retain some amount of aerobatic maneuverability, usually). Nope - it's just how the bird is. Which is awesome.

Seriously, go take a look at LivingWild's photography - they have great timing, and capture animals in unconventional, more candid postures.   : ) Beautiful work all around.

Original image: Bateleur Eagle - Posing Power and Anger by LivingWild

Photoshop CS4, ~4 hours
Ref provided by :iconlivingwild:
Art by and copyright © 2014 S. Dziezyk
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Beautiful job!  
I'm also a real fan of LivingWilds work (for the reasons you listed). From his comments, observations, and replies, he seems like a heck of a nice guy in the bargain!
Hermanus has a point pool going on his profile page, and I would encourage anyone who has some points to spare and likes his photography as much we do to send a few points his way.

Stephanie, I hope you don't mind me putting in a plug for Living Wild on your comments here.  Again congratulations on your powerful painting - stunning!
LeccathuFurvicael's avatar
Thanks for letting me know - I donated all the points that I had to them. ^^ Thank you for your comment, as well - I'm glad that you like it!
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Wow, that looks amazing *-*
You are using Photoshop for this? You are an amazing artist ^^

And another question that is not about the painting :'D
What do you think about The Binding of Isaac Rebirth?
I think it has potential and I am really looking forward to it ^^
LeccathuFurvicael's avatar
Aw, thank you! : ) Yes, I use Photoshop CS4 for this, and very 'painterly' brushes as well, so that helps with speed considerably.

And holy crap, how did I miss your question about Isaac???? I have to say, that after 170 hours of gameplay on the original, I certainly love it. I've purchased Rebirth, but I'm too chicken to actually take the plunge just yet! XD I think I prefer the original's artwork more, but perhaps seeing Rebirth's gameplay in action it will grow on me more. I'm also really afraid that the music will be irredeemably different, as I just love Baranowsky's score to pieces (to be honest I will lapse into singing the melody of the first Basement track sometimes if no one is around, haha XD). I am soaking up the anticipation of playing it for the right moment. All the reviews I've read on the Steam page for Rebirth have showered immense praises upon it, though, so I sure hope that it will be better than my cynic self thinks it might be!

Also, so awesome to meet another fan of Isaac - cheers! :heart:
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Haha, I just played it for a few hours (even if i have too less time to draw or play much at the moment T-T ) and i have to say, my first impressions were bad and it didn't feel like isaac first, but now that i played it for a few hours, the isaac feeling is getting back and i love it (even if i have no luck with the game, but that is just me, finding too less keys, sucking and dieing because of easy enemies... xD )
They changed mom and mom's heart bit, mom got harder and mom's heart changed more or less completely, but i still like it.
About the music... it is good, but i liked the old ones a bit more i think.
And now my opinion about the artwork: If you play it for a few hours it seems like the style is completely normal xD

So, it is good and it is still isaac, even if it changed a bit :'D
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Fantastic work of a magnificent bird! I like them as well, their wing shape is very interesting as well. I read that they can do loopings as well - would be gorgeous to see in the wild!
Excellent portrait :)
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Aw, thank you!! That is so neat to hear about their maneuverability!
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Wooooah, that's beautiful.
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This is soooo gooood *~*
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My goodness ... how good are you !!!  An exceptional piece, to say the least.  I like it much more than the photograph ... has more character and focus of sorts through infinite brush strokes.  Love the title too.  What an honor for me ... first time something like this has happened to me.  

Superb job, Magnificent image.  Well done a million times over.  
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Awgh.... that is exceptionally kind of you to say!! I feel humble to hear that you enjoy it more than your own photograph. Thank you very, very much for your response, and for allowing me to work from such a gorgeous image that you captured. It was my pleasure, absolutely!
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