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headline may 1915

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- there are more newspaper headline stocks in lebstock scraps

permission is granted by leb for this texture to be used in any work submitted to da prints.
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Thank you so much!
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Hello! I used it for this poster: [link] ,but the poster didn't went to print, it was just a try.
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Hahaahah the Lusitania!! They were almost equals... Titanic was way better but Lusitania was the competitor from Cunard.
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Great great uncle Owen (the only man of that generation to be alive when I was a boy) came from Sweden on the Lusitania, was the reason he became a doughboy, years later he could remember the kindness of the officers to a third-class thirteen year old all by himself leaving home forever and two Jamaican crewmen who showed him around the neighborhoods beyond the docks before the ship left England... the world had decent folk regardless of what the movies show...
Thank you very much for the memory flash...
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holy shit over thousand
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wooow this is old. kinda interesting yet sad. where'd you get this?!
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thanks for these
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Talk about a pack rat. :p
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now im gonna hafto copy and paste that somewhere just in case. :/
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that one too. :\
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More bloody...? I believe that Titanic took about 1500 people to the other side. Lusitania about 1195. And Titanic was a bit messed up with all this oh-we-dont-need-lifeboats stuff. Lusitania was a poor victim in a war... Well, still sad.
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nice to see something about the Lusitania. :)
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..................... :bow:
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The Lusitania Disaster was so much more bloody than the Titanic... Yet the Titanic victims get all the mourning. How sad. :(
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