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Testament WIP

Thought I'd release this one early just to show how it starts out... with big swash's just to get the shape, and then some simple shading... Again, this is a practice coloring using dvd-1-one's excellent line art. Here is the gorgeous line art original:

Edit: Trying to fix up the face and add some details.
Edit: I had enough, not much free time. I'm moving on...
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This is really cool! He's one of my favorite character! ^^
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Damn that's sweet! Testemant was awsome as a fighter and a character ^^'
Dan-Vazquel's avatar
my favorite character
zzzzxx's avatar
The master of puppets!
letsseeaction's avatar
Great coloring! Creepy, and very Testament like, for sure!
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That original ... not seen as good a job on this character.
Especially in the creatures that come out of his clothes
Desdaemona's avatar
This is just great!
I luv the blood running down the scythe *.*
Soundout's avatar
Truly Amazing. Awesome coloring and idea.

Testament is my second favorite, after Bridget.
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You captured Testament beautifully, great work.
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Good color job then.
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oooOOOooooh.....very nice work with the colors and shading. Testament is cool ^_^
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I just noticed his gloves are wrong,his right hand is suppose to have a long glove...
VarrentSchrodinger's avatar
either way it's a easy fix up for you anyways... *~^
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*giggles* yeah but if you ever can? Just put it on your things to do when your bored list *~*
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