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Happy Birthday Dean

By LeaWiggins
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"Both optimists and pessimists contribute to society.
The optimist invents the aeroplane, the pessimist the parachute."
~ George Bernard Shaw

Happy Birthday Dean aka :iconyereverluvinuncleber:  Dean, I don't know how many you are today but I hope this Birthday was an awesome one for you and you spent it with those you love.
I had to find a quote I thought you would like and chose the one by GBS; complete with British English spelling.  :rofl:

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- Lea Wiggins

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This is lovely, Lea, and the quote made me laugh out loud!!!!!!Clap Love :happybounce: Heart 
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Thanks, I loved it too and :iconyereverluvinuncleber: has a cool sense of humor so i knew he would like it too!
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I shared this quote with my sister, who happens to be a bit of a pessimist, and she loved it too!!!  We reference airplanes and parachutes all the time now!!!!!!Cool Smile 
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:rofl:  That is so cool! 
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I didn't pack my parachute!
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I wouldn't trust it to anyone else!  Funny man!
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Appreciate it so much!
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Ooh, that is a very interesting way to look at different perspectives on life. 
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It is, isn't it! Thanks!
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You are really most kind. I would see you as an optimist!

I may have told you this before but... when I was a boy there was a journey I regularly made by train to London using Paddington station. There I saw the very first piece of graffiti I had ever seen (we just didn't have it then) and it was painted in man-size letter on a very long, Victorian brick wall that bounded the railway yard for some distance. Each stretch of brick wall contained one letter. A sentence was contained within the whole length of the wall and it contained the following motto that had such an effect on me that it is worth quoting here - but it must be read in capitals just as the original did as the effect is much greater.

" I - A M - A N - A N G R Y - P A S S I O N A T E - S O U L - S C R E A M I N G - O U T - I N - T H I S - T O R T U R O U S - M E D I O C R I T Y "

Positive? Well I try to be but I do feel somewhat like that grafitti artist sometimes. It is my job to scream!
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You are very welcome.  Actually I used to be a pessimist and still have those thoughts but work very hard and consistently to see in optimistic ways.  :nod:  I have come to believe we see what we expect to see.  We find what we seek.  If you think you can you are right, and if you think you can't you are right too. 

The writing is very true at times too.  I have felt that, and still do feel that way from time to time.  We have the ability to choose what we do each day to change our situation. 
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I do try to influence and change by the sorts of actions that will be 'felt' rather than appreciated. They cannot always be perceived as positive especially toward those that need to listen as they may not agree. However you need to press one's own view and I have found the best way is to do it dispassionately.
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I hear you on that!  For me it is a daily choice to see the good and positive things.  It gets easier and easier as time goes on. 
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It is a very sensible approach.
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:thumbsup:  Did you hear about the B-17 Crash yet?
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