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:wave: :sun: Have a beautiful day Lady angel!!! :hug::music:
Sun Jan 29, 2012, 5:18 AM
I miss you already:hug:
Tue Oct 13, 2009, 9:38 AM
Sun Jul 19, 2009, 6:34 PM
Hi, good luck!
Mon Jul 13, 2009, 5:57 PM
:wave: :blowkiss: Hello my new friend, have a wonderful day!
Sun May 24, 2009, 2:35 AM
my pleasure , , , lea
Sun May 17, 2009, 4:29 AM
my full appreciation to your creativity , , , dear lea
Sun May 17, 2009, 2:55 AM
:peace::love: & Chocolate of course:D
Mon Mar 2, 2009, 4:33 PM
Hi, my friend! :wave: :hug:
Sun Mar 1, 2009, 1:59 AM
:hug: =D :heart:
Sun Mar 1, 2009, 12:07 AM

Art That Touches My Heart

Happy Birthday Lea by Applemac12

Jwf-19030 by DsyneGrafix

A flower for Lea by Dieffi

Happy Birthday Lea by cristy120377


Mature Content

Forever Beautiful by Canankk

Climbing RosesI have seen hopeless
shine in the face of
so brightly
that all sorrow slunk into the
and in its place
there was joy.
I have seen roads
paved in
They do not lead to
they never lead us
Yet from dirt and ash,
from brambles,
from black,
I have seen the rise of
faith and virtue.
I have trespassed
and been
trespassed upon;
led into
and strayed from
the path,
yet somehow
I always
found my way.
I have seen
hopeless optimism
in the face of defeat.
I have seen a rose
along the trelisse
of deceit.

Booleann IslandJust in the nick of time
My sanity caught a plane
Flew it west to Eden
Then hopped a north bound train
See Eden wasn't the destination
That it got from my brain
Rode it into a raging storm
Searching for my sweet refrain
Suddenly my Angel did appear
Like a lighthouse in the rain
Shinning on me my beacon of hope
And easing my untold pain
Booleann is my island
Where my sanity I did gain

UNFINISHED REVISIT LATER TITLEIn lifes stormy raging sea you are my lighthouse
Standing silent and alone quiet as a mouse
Helping others whenever the need be
But in my heart I know you're just for me
In all my journeys I search and there you are
Even in the night time sky it's you my guiding star
I don't knowhow or when I began to feel this way
But it scares me for what I'm not allowed to say
Through this time you've learned the real Mike
Even the one myself very much don't like
This poem right now can't end in rhyme
Only when we're together will I finish it sometime
For as god i my witness from heaven above

I Choose to Dance by LoneWolfPhotography

Honey Dreams - by GypsyH

I know my words may seem arcane
And indeed quite often appear insane
But if I lost everything everything I gain
Time is endless though life does wane
As the body dies so too memories are lain
Spirits aren't lost they just leave this plane
A journey to eternity aboard the soul train
Over me my dear I pray do not bane
You forever I'll wait MY DEAR SWEET PAIN

Today I hung a wreath upon my door
My soul collapsed onto the floor
Love was gone, my heart burdened bore
The weight of a mind, that tore
The fabric of the universe, to the core
Sand in the hour glass, time lost in the pour
Deafening the echoes, from my silent roar
Love is the legend , of yesterdays lore
Just another lifeless soul, never to soar
Strewn across, loves battle field of gore
As the raven cried out, "Never more!"

From a hospital bedwhen a star comes out
a child's world is lit up
From these hospital beds, we wait
We're waiting for a miracle
While we fly our to Heaven through our dreams
There is no pain, or sadness
There is only love, with pretty skies and sunsets
We can dream, and create
A world where everyone loves
Where everyone is kind
Where there is no hurt
And where we can be happy.
It's okay, they say.
You'll only be here a week.
I know you're lying
I say as she smiles.
Perhaps there is no meaning in life.
Still, I dream of chocolate cakes
And ice cream fountains
Moments of peace should not be forgotten
People love and care for you.
I lay in my chair
And pray for another day
To come tomorrow.

Rescue is possible by Midnite-Angel-101

Midnight studded SunlightSadly life is a road bordered with white crosses and tears. It is like midnight studded sunlight; never so dark as we cannot continue our journey but dark enough so that at times we become lost. Every now and then we may meet a kindrid spirit, a spear of light in the semi-dark that may help us some of the way but unfortunately we must shoulder most of the pain ourselves.
Every now and then we may come to a cross roads. Sometimes we find the decision easy and take the path we choose and other times we find ourselves torn into pieces. A small hill in the semi-darkness may seem like no challenge but that is what the semi-darkness does; it tricks us. By the time you reach that small hill, it may be a white tipped mountain.
Life is not easy and it is not always fun. But if we are lucky, when we look behind us upon reaching our journeys end we may find that all those trials, tears and pain will be worth it. Because behind us those spears of light will be pillars, and we will know we are who

Death can not kill love by DarkRiderDLMC


Old man by MaraDamian

By all accounts by Enord92

Crab by Hop41

We Will Remember Them by FireflyPhotosAust

My big friend by CindysArt


Mature Content

Empathy by pixelworlds

A Winter Secret by Gate-To-Nowhere

A Heart For Leann by Ann-McLaren

To Sir, With Love
I met him on the first day I arrived at training camp, me a young man of nineteen years and still naive to the ways of the world. Back then, you signed up for the service because it was your civic duty. The War was on in Europe and Uncle Sam called for brave men to fight the noble cause against the Nazis. I felt that swell of national pride sincere enough to sign my name on the papers. I never thought, though, that my greatest challenge wouldn't be holding a gun these hands.
Well, most times, anyway. We shot our rifles as many hours as it took to become proficient and listened to our instructors as, day by day, we marched for miles and participated in skirmishes. I memorized every word they told me to, singing Yankee Doodle Dandy under my breath while picturing the bull's-eye I shot wore a German uniform. It wasn't until the first time he touched my shoulder that I began to think of something else.
His hands were strong, yet gentle. They squeezed the wiry frame beneath my Army greens w


I know you're not suppose to stare
  But I just can't help myself
I've placed you on a pedestal
  And framed you on a shelf
Once you were just my fantacy
  Now you're my everything
When I gaze upon your likeness
  My heart begins to sing
My mind plays beautiful tricks
  And feeds me memories
Of things we have never done
  But vividly it sees
Like the first time we made love
  I felt just like a child
With trembling hands I unwrapped
  Your gift it drove me wild
Or of the time on my birthday
  We went skinny dipping
My favorite of you in strawberries
  Covered in whipped topping
But alas I know it can't be real
  And that makes me blue
There's no chance of me being me
  If there's no chance for you
Harsh reality begins to sink in
  And it cuts like a knife
There's never been really a you
  So I've never had a life

Sometime ago I presented a poem
That started life as two
I could never finish either one
For neither was of you
Today I present two poems
That started life as one
The more I wrote the easier it got
And on and on it run
It became so incredibly long
I had to break it in two
Well imagine that lookie there
Both parts are of you
It was the first time in my life
Well maybe the second then
Where the title came first before
A word ever left my pen




Dear Jane.. by NinthTaboo


Forest XVI by dwarfeater Forest XVI :icondwarfeater:dwarfeater 35 3 Resting Troll by dwarfeater Resting Troll :icondwarfeater:dwarfeater 132 27 The Wind Whispers by ImaginedMoments The Wind Whispers :iconimaginedmoments:ImaginedMoments 58 0 Growing Stronger by dwarfeater Growing Stronger :icondwarfeater:dwarfeater 116 17 Eremit by dwarfeater Eremit :icondwarfeater:dwarfeater 215 115 Chinese Silk by Thelma1 Chinese Silk :iconthelma1:Thelma1 89 79 Stare by Allerlei Stare :iconallerlei:Allerlei 364 40 Perfect mimicry by Allerlei Perfect mimicry :iconallerlei:Allerlei 441 53



United States
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And she is back! 
Just a quick journal entry for all my lovely friends and watchers.  As some of you who know me realize, I struggle with Seasonal Affective Disorder in the winter and this year it has been horrible.  I just decided this time to take care of my emotions and not push myself.  Other than working out on my treadmill, reading, playing my computer games, irritating my kitty-boy, and taking care of my apartment of course,  I have just slacked off.  I hadn't even felt like doing art since back in November and that is a first for me.  Usually fractal art is the one thing that keeps me centered and balanced, but not this winter.

At any rate, a special thank you to those of you who contacted me to ask why I was so quiet, (you know who you are), I appreciate it!  I will be posting some art today and hopefully will continue to do so and try to catch up on your posts. 

You all are AWESOME!


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Thank you for faving!  Untitled by Alena-48   
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shooter5154 Featured By Owner 2 days ago
noticed on the FE spot file page
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how does that work?
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Thank you for the good work Airborne 
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LeaWiggins Featured By Owner 6 days ago
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Crocus by VDragosPhotography      Crocus by VDragosPhotography 
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