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The 15 minutes of mr. Wowikel
My brother is a great player and a even greater GM. He plays mainly Pathfinder and, beside fully-fledged campaigns, he also wrote a few very interesting one-shots. 
"The 15 minutes of mr. Wowinkel" is one of such one-shots and is packed with action, athmosphere and riddles. It's also quite deadly, to tell the truth. 
Anyway, he finally decided to write it down in a serious format, so that he coul share it with other players out there and I was more than happy to help him out and work on this cover. Hopefully the adventure will come out soon :)  
In the last few days the confirmation of the show's ending with season 9 has sparked a ton of responses, comments, and goodbye messages from both members of the community and the show's creators. Although the news has been in the air for quite a while now, only last week things got... well, really real, let's say.
I have mixed feelings about this.

MLP:fim and its community is not going to end with the end of the show, that much I'm sure of, and I'm not the only one having this kinda thoughts. 
What I really wished, tho, and I realize is now perhaps too late to do, is to get more involved with the community.  Would be great if could manage to go the last BronyCon, but it's on the other side of the ocean so i don't really think it's gonna happen :(

Anyway I finished the storyboards of "Storm's Song", another MLP fan comic I've announced quite a while ago. While for "Gemmed Rarity" i could dedicate the most part of my days to its realization, now things have changed quite a lot and i do not have the financial resources to dedicate myself entirely to that comic project, therefore its release is going to be quite slow, i'm afraid. 
Furthermore there is another comic project titled "Shadows of the True Light" that will have to see the light in the upcoming weeks and, for now, it has the priority.

So, yeah, i guess S9 is going to be a whirlwind of emotions uh? Better brace ourselves. 
However it goes I will never stop being amazed by the MLP community. As any other community out there it has its lights and shadows but i believe there is something truly magical and unique at its core. 
Derpy and Fluttershy
It the distant 2012 EQD had this "Derpy smiles" event. It was the first time i engaged actively with the mlp community although i had been following the serie since s1. From there i decided to make a serie of pictures with Derpy being hosted by all of the main6.
So much time has passed since than and so many things have changed...
The original studies for this piece date a few years ago, but i decided to bring it to a real finish only recently. The serie, as originally intended, would still be missing a coupla pieces that should give the story an ending but the real core of it is finally complete. 
The dropouts
Quite some time ago i announced i was going to make a new pony fancomic. Had to interrupt the work on that project a few times and than halt it all together because i needed to work on other projects of mine that i could try show publishers. But i didn't really want to stop working on "The Storm's song" and these days i managed to get back to this project and keep working on it. I'm getting close to the pencil stage, but i thought i would share this little sneak peak to some of the original characters created for this story.
Busted! (test)
Still working on devising new coloring processes using traditional medias. This one is the most promising so far. it does require a bit more hustling and bustling in cleanup phase, but it's totally worth it. Need to do tons of exercise with this technique and get a few materials...
The project from which this little sequence is taken will be revealed in mid february. Hopefully.


Marco Palombelli
Current Residence: Italy, or somewhere in my mind
Favourite genre of music: rock and soundtracks (which is not a kind of music...)
Favourite style of art: why comics, of course
Operating System: windows
MP3 player of choice: none
Favourite cartoon character: probably Ginko, from Mushishi (one of the greatest anime ever!)
Personal Quote: i shall think about it



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