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Favourite Visual Artist
ehehehehAHHAHAHah...too many. David Mack, Hayao Miyazaki, Yuichi Kumakura, Nuria Tamarit, Jack T. Cole, Mike Mignola, Yuki Urushibara.,,, just to name a few
Favourite Movies
The Lion King, Princess Mononoke. And many others
Favourite Writers
JRR Tolkien, Baricco, Ursula K LeGuin, Patricia McKilliph, Peter S. Beagle and, yes, many others
Favourite Games
Final Fantasy IX, Breath of Fire IV, ICO, Okami,
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
mostly pencil and ink
Other Interests
comics, anime, games (both making and playing), more comics, enviroment, biology


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Recently I was given warning about some art theft happening on this platform. The user who appears to be displaying art of other artists without proof of consent or credit is mahsan75 Here is a journal post detailing the theft: I reported the art pieces which I recognized the art of. I encourage you to do the same. Thank you
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It's Wednesday and some of you may notice a lack of updates for "the Singing Storm". This is not me forgetting to post the new page but a pause I need to take in posting the pages of this comic. My page buffer has almost been depleted and we are getting very very close to the end of the comic. Rather than skipping random weeks when I don't manage to prepare the new page in time, I much prefer pausing the publication for a moment and build the page buffer required to ensure the timely publication of the last few pages. My idea was to skip only one week (cashing in on the double spread of pages 22 and 23, if you will) but a lot of stuff has happened in he last few weeks and I may need some more time to get back on track. However I won't take more than 2 weeks of hiatus, even if, by that time, I still might not have a decent buffer... 'cause, well, I don't want to make you wait longer. So, yeah, there might be a worst case scenario in which I might have to skip a random week
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It's incredible the amount of fan made stuff that's out there regarding the G5, considering that what we officially have are 5 seconds of an animation, one screenshot from the movie and some merchandise. Must say that I quite like the movie's synopsis, I just hope it will set really far in the future, 'cause all along the G4 we've seen a constant expansion in terms of mixing of species and cultures. Having such a bleak situation as the one portrayed in the movie happen only an handful of years after the end of the G4 would be a real downer. Having a main cast of only three characters is more classic move than having a party of six, and perhaps this is the thing I will be missing the most. Must say, I already miss that. Before expressing any impression over the new art style I'd like to see something from the actual series, 'cause I'm still unsure whether both the movie and the series will be in 3D or just the movie. This is all I gotta say about the G5, for now, let's see how
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Sure! Thanks for the warning

You take requests? do you think you can help me do art for my mlp x code lyoko crossover story

I'm sorry, but at the moment I cannot take requests

Hollaaaaa Afrternoon ! Here! *The Raptor gives you a llama!*

Thank you, oh mighty Raptor! May your might never be found by the harsh light of extiction! Horay the MightyRaptorrrr!!