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There were a lot of creative designs for this contest. Great job, everyone! And the winners as voted on by our members aaaare:

:winner: 1st Place: Scotnvin!
FourHorsemen by Scotnvin

-  A Journal Feature showcasing their work at Angelic-Artisan's tumblr (a blog with 141 followers!) and Facebook Fan Page (with 308 followers!)
-  Choice of an original mask from Angelic-Artisan's selected items
-  Choice of custom ACEO (art card) or custom ink drawing from AngelaSasser
-  Choice of an eye patch from this section of EirewolfCreations's shop, whatever happens to be in stock at the time of the contest's end.
-  A $20 gift certificate to Beadmask's bead shop.

:winner: 2nd Place: Silverman-Workshop
Bog Mummy by Silverman-Workshop

-  An original leather accessory from Angelic-Artisan.
-  A feature on Beadmask's Facebook page.

:winner: 3rd Place: LordRavenOrion
Faces of Death by LordRavenOrion

-  A medium sized box stuffed with leather scraps for small projects from Angelic-Artisan.
-  Your choice of an exclusive stock art set or premium version of any existing set in themuseslibrary's gallery.

I'll be contacting our prize pot providers and they'll be getting in touch with you all momentarily.:D  It's always exciting to see what creative work you all turn out.  Just amazing, guys!  Winners, if you don't want your prize or have no use for it, feel free to offer it to another member or just refuse it entirely.  It is all YOUR CHOICE!  We will not be offended!

This is the last contest I'll be hosting here.  Thanks for making it a super special one, everyone!  Once all the prizes are handed out, I'll be making another post about the fate of this Group.  For now, let us simply bask in how amazing you all are.:)
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BeadmaskProfessional Artisan Crafter
Congratulations, all!

1st & 2nd place winners, please be sure to check your notes. I PM'd you both regarding prizes :)
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Angela, thank you for your time which made this group and contest possible. Congratulations to all! I'm blown away.
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Angelic-ArtisanProfessional Traditional Artist
PS don't forget to check your Notes! I sent you info about your grand prizes.:)
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Angelic-ArtisanProfessional Traditional Artist
Thanks, Scot.  Congrats on the win!  Ironic since I gave you so much trouble about it being multiple masks until I figured out it was all ONE haha.  Goes to show your creative thinking really impressed!;)
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Congrats everyone! 
It was awesome to see what everyone could come up with, all the entries were phenomenal!
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Ya, I liked the spinning mask design!
Congrats people!
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Wonderful entries, all. Congrats to the winners! 
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ParkersandQuinnProfessional Artisan Crafter
Congrats all!
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LordRavenOrionHobbyist Artisan Crafter
Congratulations to everyone!
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