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Leather Hawkgirl Helmet with Bracer by Epic-Leather
Tricorn zombie pirate hat by Skinz-N-Hydez
Assassin's Guise 2 by LordRavenOrion
Leather masks by OD Alchemy by Aycrith
Finished Masks
Little Green Dragon Mask by merimask
Colorful Anubis Leather Masks by merimask
Hamsa 1 by merimask
Rattlesnake Leather Mask 1 by merimask
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Ravenwood Masks -leather masks by Alyssa-Ravenwood
Member Shop - AngelaSasser-Artisan by Angelic-Artisan
Eirewolf Creations by EirewolfCreations
Epic Leather Shop by Epic-Leather
Challenge Features
Design Sketches
Elven Knight sketch by Azmal
Dark Knight Mask Design Sketches by Angelic-Artisan
Angel Shaman Design Sketch by Angelic-Artisan
Design Sketches: Caitlan's Star Set by Angelic-Artisan
Mask Displays
Handmade Holiday Hoedown Craft Fair Winter 2013 by nondecaf
Alyssa Ravenwood at Ravenwood Masks studio in LA by Alyssa-Ravenwood
Ravenwood Masks booth at Anime Expo 2011 by Alyssa-Ravenwood
'Staples' Mask, completed. by ryokley
Patterns and Design Templates
Unpainted Leather Harlequin Heart Mask by merimask
Generic Female Head Croquis Template by Angelic-Artisan
Works in Progress
Aku - WIP by Epic-Leather
Tokyo Ghoul Kaneki Mask - WIP 2 by Epic-Leather
WiP Cosplay Masks for AWA 2014 by Angelic-Artisan
WiP Triplet Dragon Masks by Angelic-Artisan
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Saying Farewell!

Right, so this has been a difficult decision for me and I know I mentioned earlier that I might be able to still run this group if I had Staff come on board, but honestly, I know myself and I have a bad habit of taking on more than I can chew!

I need to make a clean cut here because I have too many projects and career moves going on in my life right now.    I've had a really great run here getting to know you all, but now it's time for me to move on to other projects!

If anyone is interested in taking over this group, please send merimask a Note.

Until the point at which another Curator takes over, gallery SUBMISSIONS and JOIN requests are CLOSED.

Want to know what a Curator does?  See my previous journal entry on Staff positions.  

Don't like how things are organized?  Feel free to change the setup, though I have laid much groundwork here, including easy copy and paste templates for all staff members in the Admin area.  

Future Curator, do with the group what you will, though I hope you will treat this group with respect and maintain our professional atmosphere.  

Group Journal is OPEN to Submissions!

Until we can find a replacement Curator, I've changed the permissions here so that both Contributors AND Members can post journal entries.  Feel free to keep the discussion between mask-makers going here!  Just know that it will not be moderated at all.

If you want to join us over the LeatherMaskArt secret Facebook group for more immediate discussion, please Note me (not the group) with your real name and email and I'll add you.

Alternate Mask Groups

Until someone else takes over, feel free to continue to share your works at our Affiliates:

:iconleather-artisans: :iconmask-making-artisan:
:iconmask-makers: :iconthe-mask-club:
(Know of any other mask groups? Please share in comments!)

I hope we can keep this ship running and, if not, perhaps I'll see you around Facebook or deviantART?

Best of luck to you, my friends!
Angela S.
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Bayvey Featured By Owner Feb 27, 2020  Hobbyist Artisan Crafter
Img 20190728 144122 by Bayvey Leather cat mask  
ShadowFoxLeatherwork Featured By Owner Jun 23, 2014  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hi all, I just wanted to ask a question about finishes. I've been playing around with matte, satin, etc, etc and different brands of varnish for a while - I was wondering what you use as the finish on your mask and why? Is there a finish you know of that's truly waterproof? Just tapping into the knowledge of the group! Thanks :) 
Angelic-Artisan Featured By Owner Jun 26, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
I'll post your question in our journal this weekend, but you may also want to ask it at the new Facebook group I started for this Group, as well.  You might get a few more immediate responses!

You can find the FB group here:…

Just be sure to note the group here on dA your FB username so we know who to approve. It is going to be LeatherMaskArt members only allowed there.
ange-etrange Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2014
Another question about selling at a festival. I am allotted one table at a student art sale on campus, so there's not exactly a lot of room. I also wanted to share the table with my watercolors and pyrography work. But how many masks should I bring/make to sell? - Sorry for all the questions. Thank you! :)
Angelic-Artisan Featured By Owner Mar 23, 2014  Professional Traditional Artist
oh and this one too!
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