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my deviation is awaiting approval...( :
Hey, did anyone get back to you about this? This group only has light moderation these days so I've seen a number of deviations expire. Still really like your work and I'm glad to see you've uploaded some things more recently than 2015!
Sadly nobody replied. Glad you did. Glad you still like my work. 
Hey there!
Does anyone happen to know whether there is a difference between common acrylic paint and acrylic paint for leather (e.g. Fiebing's)?
I haven't had any experience with it, it may be that it's more flexible than your typical acrylic to allow for the paint to move with the leather.
This was also what I thought.
It would mean it does not really matter what type you use as long as you don't want to stretch the piece too hard, right? Like masks and maybe armor?
Right, that would be a correct assumption