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Aytėkoren fpi Pongu Fi'u

:groups: Eltu si!
Pay Attention!

:wave: Kaltxė, ma tsmuk. Fpi LearnNavi ayoe aytėkoren naygop. Rutxe kllfriyo' sė fay'u aytėkoren nėn.

'Ėnglėsė lu ėtalėc sė nėNa'vi lu ke. Irayo!

Hello, sibling. For the sake of LearnNavi, we created rules. Please be responsible and look at these rules.

English is in italics, and Na'vi is not. Thank you!

Eywa ngahu!
Eywa be with you!

Suteyä Hawnuyu (Mesozoical)

:target: Aytėkoren:

:bulletblue: Lu tute fpxäkėm tsun fė'u pongu txo ayfo nume neu nėNa'vi.

Anyone can join the group, if they want to
learn Na'vi.

:bulletblue: Tseo zene lu aytėkenong,aynėfyawėntxu, aynėftia, fu aytėrol mė nėNavi.

Deviations must be [written] examples, guides,
practice work, or stories/songs that [relate to
or] are in the Na'vi language.

:bulletblue: Reltseo kxanė lu.

Visual art is forbidden (in the linguistics gallery). [Please do not submit Avatar fanart, OCs, photomanips, or any form of non-written art. Art must be written. You may, however, submit all avatar fanart to the "Fanart" section.]

:bulletblue: Teso zene ngayä tėkangkem lu.

Deviations must be your own work.

:bulletblue: Ayeyktan layu emza'u ngayä tseo frapo eo tayse'a.

Leaders will pass (approve) your art before
everyone sees it.

Learning-places (useful links)
Na'vi Pocket Guide: compiled by Karyu Amawey

Find everything you need from grammar to the vocabulary.…


Na'vi Compendium : compiled by Eywa mokriyä

A resume of the Na'vi grammar compiled into a one-page document.

English version v.3.1:…

Na'vi Glossary with Categories : compiled by Eywa mokriyä

The glossary we all know but categorized to make finding words easier.


English alphabetically-ordered v.3.0 : compacted version…

Na'vi alphabetically-ordered v.3.0 : compacted version…

The Na'vi Dictionary: compiled by Taronyu

All of the vocabulary we know but with a lot of useful information. Five appendices: A chart of all the Na'vi numbers, a list of all illegal words that shouldn't be in the language but are, a list of all of the inflections and example usages, a list of English terms used in the Trilinear Gloss, and a change log where every change to the dictionary is described.…

English - Na'vi Dictionary: compiled by Taronyu

An English to Na'vi version of the above dictionary. Very comprehensive.…

Na'vi - English Audio Dictionary: compiled by Taronyu

A small dictionary, where each Na'vi word has a link to an audio clip of someone pronouncing it.…

Inflections and their Uses: compiled by Taronyu, with lists of all inflections, and with English to Na'vi guide for terms used in the Trilinear Gloss.…

Common Phrases: compiled by Taronyu, written by Omängum Fra'uti, with a list of stock phrases useful for beginners.…

Crash course in linguistic terminology used for Na'vi: compiled by Karyu Amawey

Did you ever wonder what was the meaning of all those linguistic words and how to pronounce certain things when speaking Na'vi? Here we are.

English version:…

Pronounced Na'vi words collection v.4 : by Ftiafpi

A rapidly growing collection of pronounced Na'vi words. Enjoy listening to them.…

All above links were taken from the Learn Na'vi forums… and posted with permission by their respective authors and creators. Content may not be sold, copied, or published anywhere else without author's express permission. You're free to use it, but don't abuse it.

:highfive: Ayeylan:

:iconpand0ras-box: :iconthenaviavatars: :iconjake-x-neytiri: :icontsu-tey-club:
OK so yeah...
this didnt really get a lot of feedback, and i dont have time during school to take care of this stuff anyways, so the contest is closed
i may bring it back up early next summer
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