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Serpants of Old Fan character - Danrean

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Name:  Danrean (nickname Danny probably) 

Gender: male

Age:  28

Primary Emotion:  fear

Default Expression:   disgust

Personality: listed above on the picture... he's not the most manly of men, in fact he can be very effeminate, to the point where he's often confused as gay by other men, (a rumor i'm sure mirabet is more than happy to indulge) but he's not... its hard to be gay when your one true love is yourself! XD though, he is very attractive, and i'm sure he has female groupies, which no doubt strokes his ego *haughty laugh* though he can be very much a gentleman and a romantic... though his gentlemanly side is reserved for pretty girls only he doesn't tend to bother with ugly girls... it makes him look like he has no taste! 
Vanity is a trait that seems to run very highly in his family, so he spends a lot of time grooming himself and is self conscious about his appearance... 
despite being a tall, muscular man, he's quite timid and insecure, though he covers this up with pompousness and an air of over confidence....  though he has a horrible fear of spiders... and bees... and basically any insect he considers dangerous... 
even though he's been forcibly placed as an umbra, he's always secretly wanted to be an artist... he's very talented, and a sensitive soul, but his father would never hear of his son taking part in such a girlish past time so he does what he's told... he is also a very excellent singer, (though his voice isn't very manly either... i imagine he has a soft effeminate voice, singing or speaking) 

he is petty and can get pouty like a scorned woman over trite details, though he actually doesn't hold much of a grudge... thats because he has better things to do than waste time focusing his attention on other people when they should be focused on more important things... like himself! 

he is not however, a bad person... he's just very spoiled and self centered... he can be very generous and indulgent of people he likes, and is a loyal and trustworthy ally. and yes, Danrean is sensitive and a cry baby, but that doesn't mean he randomly bursts into tears... but he is capable of being severly emotionally hurt and brought to tears... Mirabet and his father are two of the people who can force this kind of response from him (though for two very different reasons) he's a little wimp on the inside, and can be intimidated easily, so he's no threat to anybody... 

and yes he's enthusiastic and earnest... those traits can speak for themselves. 

hes an introvert... and he's shy. his vanity is to mask his insecurity, he's afraid of showing the real him to people, he's afraid he won't be accepted, so he puts up a front. he's unable to get into a long term, or meaningful relationship because of this. 

Brief backstory: 
 Danreans mother married Mirabets father as his first wife... however it turned out she was already pregnant with Danrean at this time, and his father was not the man his mother married! a fact that Danrean himself has no idea about... yet... though his stepfather knows all about it. however his mother died when he was small, and his father remarried and had two daughters with this new wife, the youngest being Mirabet, whose mother died giving her life. 

when Mirabet lost the use of her legs, Danrean copied his middle sister and ignored her, being resentful towards her and bullying and mocking her for her disability. he hadn't the time to give Mirabet any of the support she truly craved, he was too focused on himself, and being his fathers favorite. however Danrean was always aware his father did not like him, even if he did exalt him in front of others, and the loss of two mothers had shaken him on the inside... these things made him insecure, and he took out his fears and frustrations on Mirabet. though he and his sister where never physically aggressive to their little sister, (the most physical form of bullying was to toss dirty things at her and tell her she was barely worthy enough to dump trash on) his verbal abuse to her was enough.

Danrean however, had a very traumatic change of heart when he woke up in the middle of the night to a horrible racket and saw his littlest sister at the bottom of the stairs, crushed beneath her wheelchair, after his father had pushed her down in a drunken rage. Danrean instinctively became protective of his sister, and felt a tremendous amount of guilt for his behavior towards her, and though by no means became less selfish, or her best friend over night, he did stop bullying her altogether after that, and would check up on her frequently. 

Mirabet still does not trust or enjoy Dandreans company... nor should she, but she is aware of Danreans change of attitude, even if she doesn't acknowledge it. she does however rebuff his attempts to get closer to her, feeling as though its too late for him to start caring now she has no need of it. 

Family:  Father and two younger sisters... his aunt, and his nephew  

Relationships:  thats a secret! ;D 

Talents: he can sing very well actually, and he's a good painter, and he can cook and bake... though he won't admit to any of these things.  

and this would be his themesong (omg sorry i had to) www.youtube.com/watch?v=l1JVYm…

i figure i'd draw danrean while i was thinking about it... he and Mirabet are the only two characters i'm going to offically make for this, as they're very important to each other. and yes Danrear will find out he is not related to his family, which is a key point in his and Mirabets story. 

also, Danrean does have something that attracts him ;D a fetish if you will... he's really into freckles... though thats not something he will admit to either! 

he and Mirabet have a rocky relationship... basically the point its at is that he wants to be closer to her, and she wants nothing to do with him... 

oh and besides painting he also enjoys passing his time with light fluff novels such as romances and things like that. Mirabet has no qualms telling him he reads garbage... even though she hasn't seen the physical evidence of his reading material (he wouldn't show that to someone it would look bad!) but she suspects.

lol i imagine his good looks are a sham too XD Mirabet may one day discover a hidden stash of make up under one of the floor boards... oh she's got a jar of diiiirt! 

it would be like Mirabet to threaten to blackmail him with no intent of actually doing so... its just fun to watch him beg for his life. 

anyway, my last fan character for HeSerpenty 's Serpents of old! 

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OOohhh I like him!! He's ver handsome! LOL...and he likes freckles, hmmmm?? INTErestiiing ;D ;D ;D

I love these characters you have created!! They're wonderful!! I am excited to think about how I can include them in the story!!
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Lear-is-not-amusedProfessional Traditional Artist
he is handsome, and i'm sure he'd agree with us XD like i said, i can picture him surrounded by groupies on his breaks hehe 
yes he does, but he wouldn't admit that! freckles are unsightly blemishes on the faces of peasants! its bad taste to be attracted by- *girl with freckles walks by* by...by...by... what was he saying again? 

lol if he was on Mereks team and a girl with red hair and freckles walked by i wonder what would happen? :giggle: probably nothing, lol he'd back down from a challenge from someone obviously bigger than him... he forfeits! though i don't think Merek would challenge him over something like that obviously 

thank you! i'm starting to feel kind of fond of them myself :D :D though you don't have to go to too much trouble, honest! 

oh yeah... i should make a rough color ref for him too... i don't have an outfit designed for him (probably just a slightly frilly tunic and pants if he's not in uniform) but he should be able to get away with just being drawn in uniform. and he's got white blonde hair and pale skin and amber eyes. sta.sh/0203uisip0tv
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HeSerpentyHobbyist Digital Artist
Lolol!! Well you're right Merek isn't the type to challenge someone over a girl, buuuut I could definitely see them both looking over XDD

HeheheheheH I think his preference is adorable! For freckles <333- -SO CUTE! DOn't be ashamed Danrean!! DON"T BE! Awww I feel like he and Mirabet deserve their own comic! I love them <3
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Lear-is-not-amusedProfessional Traditional Artist
lol and then Danrean pretending he wasn't... and doesn't know what you're talking about

me too :giggle: well, i kind of want to write for them just a little... i'm not capable of making my own comics yet haha