Please help me save Sparkle.

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Hi Everyone,

For those who don't know I've been having a rough time lately with my kitty Sparkle. I was talking with my friend Ryan about how difficult it has been emotionally, physically, and financially. Yesterday, he surprised me with this. I have exhausted all other options and this seems like one last chance to get help for myself. It took a lot to swallow my pride, but I'm asking everyone here to please help and at least share my donation page for Sparkle's medical bills.

*GOOD NEWS* I'm now selling these prints at $15 a pop on my new storenvy site. The rewards are just for those interested in donating more* 

To purchase one of the four prints below: leapinglizardcosplay.storenvy.…

We discussed it and decided on a rewards system for anyone who donates $10, $25, or $50. Since I'm a cosplayer, for anyone donating $50, they will get an 11x17 print of one of the four cosplay pictures I listed below and on the donation page. This stacks, so if you donate $100 I'll give you 2 prints (up to $200). Donate $25 and I will draw a commission for you these do not stack. I have some examples of my artwork under the cosplay shots. You do not have to donate at those levels, you can donate any amount $5 or greater. Please understand that I do not intend to pressure anyone to do this. I'm not a famous cosplayer or anything like that, it was mostly my friends idea to give the prints away.

That said, if you do go to the site, and you do decided to donate I only ask that if you do want to help with a donation, please let yourself be in a financial situation that will allow for you to contribute. I couldn't live with myself knowing someone in a bad situation is even worse off now because of me.

Thank you for your time,

Liz (Leaping Lizard Cosplay)

Here is the donation page.…

The four prints you can choose from for a $50 donation are: 

My Lady Donatello. :D by LeapingLizardCosplay

My Succubus Catherine Cosplay by LeapingLizardCosplay

Dusk of Oolacile Dark Souls by LeapingLizardCosplay

My Wii Fit Trainer cosplay by LeapingLizardCosplay

For $25 donation I will draw something for you. Here are some examples of my work: 

Snorkel Zombie by LeapingLizardCosplay

Luffy and Shanks One Piece by LeapingLizardCosplay

FMA Brotherhood by LeapingLizardCosplay

Thank you again for your time. -Liz

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