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Silver Advance Pixel Art

Silver the Hedgehog in Advance Pixel Art! And with a custom pose! I tried to make looks like he is levitating (not sure if I got it working :P). The boots were very annoying to D: good that I could make them.


Chaotia for ripping Sonic Advance Pixel Arts
Me (Leao ZX) for making it. Credit me if used!
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can I use this and edit it? I promise I'll give you credit!
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Yeah, I'm ok with that.
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Can I use this for my page?
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Awesome. I like Silver.
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can u draw a pixel art for
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can I please use this to decorate my profile an possibly the other one you made? I been told off all day an called a art thief just for asking to use pixels to decorate my profile,all I wanna do is decorate it to make it look cute..I can draw,I don't need to steal art,is it ok to use?>.<
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As long as you give the credits, for sure you can use them :D

It actually makes me happy when someone uses my art :)
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sooo going to use this, could i?
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Sure you can use ;)
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This looks real nice. :clap:
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You're welcome. :D
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Nice work, but I think you forgot his ears ^^;
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I just did not make his ears 'cause I forgot to let space between the quills.

BTW, thanks for the comment. :)
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Youre welcome, I like the picture regardless
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how do people make this stuff cuz i really want to be able to make something cool like all of you other people do
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Just open any image editor software and start drawing. Or edit an already made image (like I did here).
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Yes, you can.
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