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Another fallen Pin up girl.
Sometimes I think of you together.
Jealousy settles in it's course
Then I remember...
Me and her we're a like..
That round style face
The Dark hair..
The quirky interests..
The fact that she is now
What I used to be ..
And what was I ?
A pin up girl for your wall
Slightly torn-
Bent around the edges
With only time to wear me down..
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 3 1
Getting my stuff out.
The pale sky stretches out before me
Rain pings off the ground around me
As if the weather could tell me the outcome of the day
My cheeks sting as the rain strengthens
I barrel my fists into my pockets
All too soon the apartment looms infront of me
Pain and fear aches my chest.
Will she be there?
And then the world spins
My heart rushes up
Attempting to throw it's very self at the door
But I can't move.
I sink slowly and the ground runs to meet me.
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 1 0
Who am I now
Who am I now ?
Woman condemned by love
Never to trust again
Alienated forgotten distrustful
Perhaps cryptic.
Embarking into an endless hunger
Starving for sustenance
Stripped of all that was loved
Even oneself.
Because in the end it's all a story
it doesn't have to be a good one
Because I believed and made true all the lies
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 4 2
Sweat insomnia and tears
Bolt upright,
sweat pumps down,
The covers tight-en
Sixth time tonight.
How long until it kicks in
These dreams are not
My dreams once ag-ain
This beds so big and im so thin
Eye's lull, sleep takes hold
Hostage to cupids chokehold again
Shakes me rips me and leaves me
where my inner most nightmares un-fold
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 3 0
Just want to
Just want to
let it all out
Just let it all out.
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 2 1
Sweat and tears saga.
How will I ever know now ,
The times when you were home,
Where were you with your mischief,
Were you actually alone.
And what about the bed-sheets,
Who else had you there,
You claim you never brought her,
Yet still I found her hair.
Now what about the happy times,
When we walked hand in hand,
Do I try to forget them?
Where the f*ck do I stand.
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 3 0
I just can't suppress itThis
I just can't suppress it
This shadow inside
It lurks deep within me
But like the coward: It hides.
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 6 3
What day is it..
Can't comprehend what day it is...
Don't know what is the time
Only know to eat just enough to survive.....
The mirror talks shit
The scales weigh me down
I don't know where to go from here..
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 4 2
baggy jumper, please
Stand in the mirror
Glare at it. Stare.
One hour of Workout
Still so much fat there.
Open the fridge
It's all just the same
Calories sugars saturated fats
I'm loosing the game.
I want to be skinny
It's all I think of morning until late
Catch site of my reflection in the college doors
See the fat that I hate.
Don the baggy jumper.
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 4 8
I don't like you and your skinny j-genes
Everything's changed
Nothing is as before
I just
Don't recognize
Can't accept
Don't want to be
Who I am anymore.
Glass fattens
Shadows lie.
Mirrors, Cameras,
They all try
Repress me
Depress me
Force me to cry.
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 11 11
From Feint to Faint
all you need do is cry.
Let Worry subside
Crush the feeling
Lurking deep inside.
Surpress the voice that calls you fat
The little voice saying
You are What you ain't.
You stay hungry now.
And later. Faint
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 7 3
Trapped by society's claws
Strip off all your make up
What is it that you hide
Is it mearly a freckle
Or is it the ugly that lurks inside
What lies beneath the lipgloss
Your extensions Your false hair
Is it all just plastic
Or is there substance there
I see you without the fake tan
The fake lashes. Fake nails
I watch the stripping of your bronzer
And so gradually your face pales.
I'm the one who sees you
Your insecurities. Your Flaws
I see beyond the you thats trapped
Held captive. By societies Claws.
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 9 2
from your mirror.. with love
Stand at me
Glare at me
And pull
Your hair at me.
Reward me
with tears
your eyes like
daggers and spears.
I'm not cruel
Just. Honest.
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 20 8
kind regards, your faithful mirror
Your face smiles,
Your eyes don't,
Your mask outgoing,
Your heart doped.
You look to me
You search your face
Reaching, Striving
towards my base.
But like a pond in sunlight
You cannot judge,
Just how far I see beyond
your make-ups sludge.
You look to me, I quietly reflect
Your every shape disgrace and angle
All of it I inspect.
You walk away from me
forgetting I still stare
you turn and glance on departure.
Dont worry I'm still there.
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 11 15
sleighbells ring are you listening ?
Did you see us?
Did you know us?
Did you see us walk away.
I hope you know your missed
and will be Christmas day.
Sleighbells ring are you listening
In the graveyard, were you listening
A brutal fight,left you absent tonight
Missing from this Christmas wonderland
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 2 0
Mirror Mirror
Mirror mirror on the wall
You see me,
Watch me,
My every rise and fall.
Is it you who knows me best..
Seen beyond the mask
When i'm down and depressed
Seen me the downright broken mess?
I look at you
you stare no slack
Silently judging
Behind my back
My knowledge of you ends
When I go my own way
But you watch me come and go
day after day..
:iconleanscribbles:leanscribbles 39 9


So... Am I Pretty Yet? by Artistic-Edge So... Am I Pretty Yet? :iconartistic-edge:Artistic-Edge 13 5 Toys by Artistic-Edge Toys :iconartistic-edge:Artistic-Edge 17 1 Make a Wish by amylee111 Make a Wish :iconamylee111:amylee111 4 3 Girl behind the mask by noraok Girl behind the mask :iconnoraok:noraok 11 9
Always happy,
never snappy,
heart of gold,
wisdom of the old,
accepting and loving,
pick up after the fall,
they do it all,
best friends,
connection never ends!
:iconbouncyface:Bouncyface 2 2
No Rhyme No Song
worries fill me with dread,
how will i ever leave this bed,
I shake, cold, awake,
all is wrong,
the day too long,
empty and full,
no rhyme no song,
I hide,
burry it deep inside,
no one shall find,
the damage it's left behind.
:iconbouncyface:Bouncyface 1 0
little voices
Little voices.
Little voices pick us apart,
squabbling mind over heart,
It's time to restart.
:iconbouncyface:Bouncyface 1 0
Caught in the under-tow.
Caught in the under-tow,
acting as part of the great show,
I aim to fit in,
to hide what's within,
become a blank face in the crowd,
not to talk too loud,
you press your ways on me,
suppressing my originality,
But I am strong,
I'll prove you wrong,
You can put me down,
but I wont drown,
Caught in the under-tow.
:iconbouncyface:Bouncyface 1 0
What I Didn't Know.
What I Didn't Know.
It wasn't fair,
your cool stare,
When you said you see,
I know you lied to me,
I loved you so,
But you weren't to know,
My heart sinks,
My mind over-thinks,
What we could have been,
All I could have seen,
But I let you go,
Afraid of what I didn't know.
:iconbouncyface:Bouncyface 1 2
view from a hedge! by Bouncyface view from a hedge! :iconbouncyface:Bouncyface 1 0 Sycamore by kungfoowiz Sycamore :iconkungfoowiz:kungfoowiz 6 6
Childhood Memories
There you stand,
silent and still,
wind blowing your hair,
as you perch on your hill.
A soft, fur coat,
curles on your shoulder,
mourning the time
of the dead.

of those childhood days,
flood back in your mind,
Tears are spilled,
sobs breaking through
the unbearable silence,
ashes gone with the wind.

You stand so tall,
with shoulders back,
just like mother,
always asked.
A warm smile,
on those cold nights,
matched the temperature,
of the hot cider.

Turning your head,
a tear slips away,
those childhood memories,
just had to come back today.
:iconblue-ninja-hyena:Blue-Ninja-Hyena 6 0
You and I Tonight by kestrel-coalition You and I Tonight :iconkestrel-coalition:kestrel-coalition 12 17 Alone by mysterythought Alone :iconmysterythought:mysterythought 15 25 These Two Things by JackRaz These Two Things :iconjackraz:JackRaz 55 30
Old flames are really just misnomers:
too deep wax lakes and stubby black
wicks accompanied by the stench of
smoke heavy with lighter fluid.
You too are a carbon deposit:
beautiful and unable to be removed
with a single clip; I never really knew
what to do with you, love, burning at both ends.
People have reasons for not keeping old candles:
a wasted match, a flickering memory, a handful
of ash--all forgotten in time. What is there
to show for them, save hollow votives of desire?
:iconeverystupidstar:everystupidstar 6 2


Anything you want to know about me
Anything you want to know about my work
Anything you want to know my opinion on please ask?
whether it's as simple as why do I write or whats my favorite color or something that seems as silly as how long is a peace of string or simply my opinion on things people like to be opinionated on .. yano religion abortion controversial stuff see the link ^_^


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Well you could call me a writer .. somewhat. Perhaps perception is the key to defining here.. I don't write for money or anything, more than anything I write to escape.. to express myself my emotions and my day to day happenings.


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