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Vintage Poster Background

comments appreciated:heart::D
faves too:D

please feel free to use this. just comment on my page/here if you use it:) thanksbunches:D

(whoa, emoticon overload)
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Gonna use this,


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How are these used on Da webpages might I ask?
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Gonna use this. Thanks so much.
Hi thankyou will use this pic
Thanks for the pic! its a fantastic poster background :)
thank you for the pic, will use it !
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Thank you for the fancy background! I am going to use it as background of university club poster.
I love this, I'll be using it for a show poster.. when posted I'll send you the link :)
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going to use it on my event poster
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I used this here [link] :heart:
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Hey! Thanks for allowing people to use it! I'll be using it in like bookmarks! :)
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Hello. I used this for my wordrpress. It's beautiful. Thanks! :)
Im using this for a show flier!
Thanks a bunch,May use it for academic purposes :)
Thanks a bunch.May use it for academic poster :)
<3 using it as my poster background for school thanks a lot =)
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Hi, I love this. :D I'm no graphic artist, but I used it in a poster for my university's student events club. Thanks for letting people use it!

Here's the poster, just so you know: [link] (fail magic wanding, but nobody will notice because it's 100 times more subtle than my uni's previous MSPaint cutouts! D:)

Thanks again~
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(this is my new account:))
thankyou so much, CloakedMimic! :'D you're welome!
This is sooo nice >:D<
love the colour.... would u mind if i use it in a project of mine... all credits to this design will go to you of course...
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nope, i don't mind at all! :D nyawww thankssss:') :')
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this is so cute! I'm gonna use it for my project. do i need to put credits?
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awwww thanks, honoured! uptoyou;)
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