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February 16, 2021
Snowy Linen Land by LeaWiggins
Featured by Ellysiumn
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Snowy Linen Land


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Snowy Linen Land
Winter Flame Game
JWildfire 6.10
Script Credit: Michael Bourne Heavens Scripts…

Flame file pasted…

Title from the song Vincent by Don McLean…

My 2nd submission in the "Winter Flame Game":…

Created using jwildfire 6.10  software created by  Andreas Maschke aka :iconthargor6: His incredible software is available here:

I did postwork here that I didn't do in the original I posted on Facebook other than brightness and contrast to the one I posted at Facebook.

Paint Shop Pro Ultimate 2020:
NIK/Solarization/Color Enhancement
Flaming Pear/Kyoto Color/Color Enhancement
JixiPix Premium/Texture
JACo Watermark/Watermark & Signature

Free Download for Personal Use

Bigger is better,
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See what you would miss.
- Lea Wiggins

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© 2021 Leanndra51
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Tate27kh's avatar

You are very welcome.

He was truly a unique soul , His Art is timeless and is still touching people to this day.

The lyrics in the song are so deep I cannot help but get emotional.

Your piece is a beautiful tribute, and a well deserved DD.

Be well my friend. :hug:

Leanndra51's avatar

I believe so too! I so appreciate you and it pleases me a great deal that you enjoy this!

Tate27kh's avatar

One of my all time favorite songs, a beautiful work of art Lea, congrats well deserved.

Leanndra51's avatar

Thanks so much, mine as well. Every time I listen to it, it makes me cry. Some people feel more deeply, see things others don't see at all and I truly believe that Vincent was that kind of a person.

ElenaLight's avatar

Beautiful  work! :love:Congrats on the DD, Lea!

Leanndra51's avatar

Thanks so much Elena

ZenoZi's avatar

So Beautiful! Keep it Up!! :3

Leanndra51's avatar

Thanks so much!

ZenoZi's avatar

No Problem :3

Stunning work.

Leanndra51's avatar

Thanks so much!

Tinselfire's avatar

Thought your signature was a starship in the thumbnail.

Leanndra51's avatar

Nope but that is a cool idea as I am a Star Trek freak since the 1960s when I was a teenager.



Tinselfire's avatar

Probably would have been if I had been around at the time. 90's for me.

TOS, curiously.

Leanndra51's avatar

I have watched all series up to Star Trek Discovery and Picard. I have never had any desire to watch Discovery.

I really love the new Kelvin timeline movies with the new actors. Bones was always my favorite character in the original series and Karl Urban is a perfect Dr McCoy! I don't think they could have chosen any actors that could have been a better match.

Which series is your favorite of all the ones you have seen? Deep Space 9 is my top favorite, then Star Trek Voyager is next.

Tinselfire's avatar

My absolute favourite among all?

Difficult to say. Think it is no platitude saying all of the series each excel in some area where none of the others reach the same heights. The exceptions would be Discovery and Picard, which I feel have poor continuity and lack identity, and the first two Kelvin films which never really seemed to find their way.

Right now, my overall favourite is Star Trek Continues, since it feels like the most well planned and executed of the series. It seems like a natural conclusion to TOS, including that the style and quality of writing begins where TOS left off, and gradually develops until the end of the five-year mission.

Leanndra51's avatar

As odd as this might sound, I had to google Star Trek Continues! I had no idea!

I have watched some of the fan produced movies at youtube. Star Trek Of Gods and Men is a good movie with some of the Star Trek actors in it. There are other fan produced movies on youtube and there is an artist here who with a group of his friends makes episodes that they show at youtube.

I have watched a few of them even though they are not in English.

I will have to see if I can find where to watch Star Trek Continues.

For myself I felt that each series was it's own unique creation. Other than the Animated series back in 1973-74 was not one I watched. I think I might have watched a couple episodes and just didn't care for it.

I loved the Kelvin Timeline movies but wished they had continued on with them.

One of the reasons I never had any desire to watch Star Trek Discovery, or Picard, is because of CBS all access.

A lot of why Star Trek got the following it did is because of the fans who loved it. There were amazing writers, actors and actresses, all the things that made the Original Series what it was. It was a first in history in the sense of how much it changed the world and inspired hundreds of people to become scientists, and astronauts, and I feel like CBS just wanted to make money off of that history and following Star Trek had. Don't get me wrong, I fully realize that any TV show is out for popularity and to make money but they won't make any off of this gal. :)

My goal is to buy the full series DVDs of the series I love the most.


Tinselfire's avatar

I rather enjoy TAS, but admittedly I would probably not have as much if I had been around when it first aired - the contrast would probably have been too jarring. What I enjoy about it in hindsight is it spared no effort with scenarios that would have been unfeasible in live action at the time, like going all the way with the creature designs.

I hear the last Kelvin film getting a lot of flak for being "as bad as the other two", but I think a lot of the criticism it gets is unwarranted. I hear people saying it is too violent or not serious enough - but really, ST has always had both action and (sometimes hamfisted) humour. The thing is at its best, it always used those things in ways that made sense in context, and think Beyond succeeded superbly there.

The only thing I can really fault Beyond for is the same as Generations: Blowing up the Enterprise never really got any payoff.

One detail I really liked about the Kelvin films though is how they tie into STIV, with how they explain the middle aged Kirk's aversity to rock. It's not all good memories on his end...

Have dabbled a bit in ST fanart myself, mostly TOS and TMP era.

Leanndra51's avatar

I really loved the Kelvin films. I actually don't have any complaints with in of the series that I have watched. One of my favorite actors is Scott Bakula, so I looked forward to the Enterprise series. I have watched all of them but I really never cared for his Vulcan First officer, T'Pol. It took me a long time to get used to her. It is my least favorite of all the series I have seen. I loved STNG, and Data was one of my favorite characters.

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Thanks so much!

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